“You Are A Disgrace, Spare Us Your Presence” EU Parliament To Justin Trudeau

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In terms of divergence in media presentation, little can compare to a recent development at a meeting of European Parliamentarians. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in attendance, during which he was subjected to a torrent of name-calling.

“You are a disgrace” stated Christine Anderson, German member of the EU Parliament. Anderson accused Trudeau of admiring China’s basic dictatorship, and called out the prime minister for trampling on “fundamental rights by criminalizing his own citizens as terrorists just because they dare to stand up to his perverted concept of democracy.”

Back in Canada, state-funded CBC News has not reported on the incident. In a statement that went viral online, MEP Mislav Kolakusic of Croatia condemned Trudeau in the worst of terms:

“There are those among us who trample on those fundamental values,” a reference to some protesters’ controversial encounter with police horses near Parliament Hill.”

The statement failed to go viral in Canada. In fact, it failed to be presented by establishment media in any form– save one article from the Toronto Sun. Speaking of Mr. Trudeau, Kolakusic said “united citizens of the world can stop a regime that wants to destroy the freedom of citizens, either by bombs or harmful pharmaceutical products.”

Serious messaging it is– but not serious enough to be presented by the likes of the Toronto Star. Another MEP, Cristian Terhes of Romania, refused to join a meeting because Trudeau was in attendance. Terhes stated that the Canadian prime minister can’t come and “teach democracy lessons to Putin from the European Parliament when you trample with horse hooves your own citizens who are demanding their fundamental rights be respected.”

Getting the picture, fellow patriots? Good thing you are, because 98% of Canadians will not. Who among us believe this situation to be unworthy of coast-to-coast media exposure? Lucky for Justin Trudeau that the National Post disagree.

In an article covering the event titled “Trudeau’s Address To European Parliament Focuses On Rising Threats To Democracies,” the Post fail to mention the thrashing of our PM in any capacity. Nor do they reference the fact that Justin Trudeau himself is the greatest threat to democracy our nation has ever witnessed.

All of it due to a simple fact: our Liberal government are paying legacy media to present our PM in a positive light. The outcome is nothing short of a political travesty. It is also what astute Canadians recognize as “business as usual” in Canada.

“PM Trudeau, in recent months, under your quasi-liberal boot, Canada has become a symbol of civil rights violations. The methods we have witnessed may be liberal to you, but to many citizens around the world it seemed like a dictatorship of the worst kind.”

That is, for citizens around the world. Back on Canadian soil, most fail to recognise the realism inherent in the statement. This is what occurs under a communist political model. The press are employed by government as a unit for propaganda dissemination. Their role is to present a ruling government in positive terms, as well as to suppress negativity which sours public perception of government.

Justin Trudeau has integrated this into our society. It is far from a singular example of Canada’s transition away from true democracy. Implementation of the Emergencies Act is another. And most recently, an agreement with Jagmeet Singh’s NDP Party to maintain Trudeau’s quasi-dictatorship until 2025.

More from the EU Parliament:

“A prime minister who openly admires the Chinese basic dictatorship, who tramples on fundamental rights by persecuting and criminalizing his own citizens as terrorists just because they dared to stand up to his perverted concept of democracy should not be allowed to speak in this house at all.”

Extent to which these circumstances will impact political structure in Canada? Not a darn thing. At the same as our PM is lambasted in the EU, ideological partner Jagmeet Singh has secured Trudeau’s position as national leader for an additional three years.

Witness as Canada continues to walk down  a pre-determined path of transformation from democracy to dictatorship. With mainstream media in his pocket, Justin Trudeau continues to blaze a path for an erasure of democratic governance in Canada.

12 thoughts on ““You Are A Disgrace, Spare Us Your Presence” EU Parliament To Justin Trudeau”

  1. With the media not reporting this in canada just proves that he controls the media . That is why Canadians don’t know the truth about how bad Trudeau is for canada. Especially during elections.

  2. He is trying to destroy Canada and take away all our rights just like his hero communist China. He wants to be a full dictator and is practicing with his quasi-dictatorship now. His agreement with the NDP has made sure he can run rampant over all our opinions and the opposition in Parliament and do whatever he likes with no accountability. The NDP have sold us and themselves out to get a few things they want. I am disgusted with both the Liberals and the NDP_Liberals!!!

  3. He, Trudeau is the worst we have ever seen for our country and freedoms. He needs to be put away for the crimes he has committed.

    • China was the first hint of his basic mindset. SNC and subsequent removal of Jody R. showed his disgust for our legal system. The only prime minister in Canadian history with 3+ ethics violations.Yet he continues to waste taxpayers money on world trips where he has zero respect.

    • Veryl; I’m in full agreement–May I add one exception: J. Trudeau is in a separate class, and can’t be compared to other prime ministers. Most of our past prime ministers put as least some Canadian interests first. Not so this lawless; anti (Anglo-Euro) devil. The nation wrecking son of P. E. Trudeau makes even his father look positively patriotic. Not really; but the contrast is there.

  4. Our country is now only at God;s mercy for our future freedoms. We have been deceived and trampled by our leader and Government. We must prevail in this spiritual warfare.

  5. That visceral quote should lead every Canadian news source. “You Are A Disgrace, Spare Us Your Presence.” Trudeau should be as welcome in this country as flatulence on an elevator.

  6. This dictator has to go by any means ! It’s sad that he has tricked the immigrants into rehiring him at every vote. Can’t get Canadians to vote for you ? Import them!

  7. We as Canadians should send Ms Anderson some flowers as a Thank you for speaking up for us, I so enjoyed her speech.

  8. Thank you for speaking the truth of our dictator who truly only looks after his own image and lies to anything to to make himself look accountable and to the the government media CBC CTV fake news for supporting the fake news and being quite as a mouse about this international reputation that all seem to see over seas, but you and want to thank the Fox News in the USA and Rebel news to true coverage of the racks to these dick tators

    FU Trudumb
    Now lock up my bank accounts dictator! Canada has become complete disgrace to entire planet for your personal agendas.

    Leaving Canada and big bank money freezes democracy


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