Would Trudeau Destroy Canada’s Oil Industry If Quebec Was Its Main Source?

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Leave it to provocative journalist Rex Murphy to lay it on the line. In a recent piece on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s performance at the COP26 climate summit, Murphy makes a most eloquent point:
“…lf oil and gas were Quebec’s main industry, defending it, promoting it and declaring it as being in Canada’s national interest would be sacramental imperatives…”
This one really got Cultural Action Party’s brain cells fired up. Maybe Rex is right. If one could magically invert the provinces of Alberta and Quebec, what would Liberal government positioning on Oil and Gas development look like?
Would Trudeau be playing the role of globalist god of worldwide fossil fuel reduction? Would carbon emission pitbull Stephen Guilbeault have been selected as Environmental Minister? Would the ruling government of Canada be working on a systemic agenda to devastate the economy of Quebec?
Doubtful it is. Rex Murphy is adamant in his opinion:
“Defending oil would be a requirement for Quebec citizenship. Trudeau would be preaching from the altars of Quebec’s most majestic cathedrals about the wretched and nation-breaking attacks on the central Quebec industry.”
All of which conjures up the most salient question of all:
What is the true purpose for the decimation of Alberta’s Energy Industry? The idea that the initiative is wholly infused with altruism is sketchy at best. Ulterior motives are the name of the game whenever a Trudeau family member is national leader.
Perhaps the Quebec-centric Liberals want to damage Alberta’s economy. Serving as a stronghold of independent thinking does not bode well for this western province. Alberta’s historical conservatism is something the Liberal Party would dearly love to resign to history.
Some will argue the process is already in place. For example, in a bid to mollify western conservatism, Liberal ideologues Amarjeet Sohi and Jyoti Gondek were strategically placed as mayors of Edmonton and Calgary, respectively.
“Quebec is the only province that can unilaterally alter the Canadian Constitution it did not sign, and cozily receive at the same time billions in equalization payments it did not earn — monies that come principally from a province whose product it abjures, stymies and derogates.”
Rex is really moving high gear now. Geographic favouritism abounds in Trudeau’s post-modern Canada. It has reached the point of a social malady– a political epidemic, if you will. Yet, somehow nothing changes. It is as if western alienation is pre-conceived, and written-in-stone.
As manifest in media presentation. No journalist apart from Rex Murphy writes in this manner. Interesting that many of our top press figures are Anglophones. John Ibbitson, Andrew Coyne, John Ivison, Terry Glavin. Despite personal heritage, they have not a word of condemnation regarding blatant Quebecois favouritism. The flip-side of which is a Trudeau specialty– disparagement of Anglophone peoples of our nation.
CAP agree with Rex Murphy. If the bulk of Canada’s oil production came from Quebec, Justin Trudeau would be talking out of the other side of his smirk.
According to  a report from Canada Energy Centre, our government has for the past 32-years imported 749,000 barrels of oil per day from foreign nations. Quebec is by far the largest importer of foreign oil into Canada, with $225 billion in foreign oil imports since 1988. 
Between 2010 and 2019, Canada’s oil imports from Saudi Arabia and United States totaled $100 billion dollars. 
Would this really be the case if rather than Alberta, Quebec was the hot-bed of Canada’s energy production?
— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(Est.2016)

6 thoughts on “Would Trudeau Destroy Canada’s Oil Industry If Quebec Was Its Main Source?”

  1. “In a bid to mollify western conservatism,…[Unpronounceable] “Mc”Sohi and [Unpronounceable] “Mac”Gondek were strategically placed as mayors of Edmonton and Calgary, respectively.” That’s the ticket! try to appease Albertan Conservatives w/ multicult Muslim mayors.

    Yes– were Alberta’s energy resources located in Quebec–the place would be running 24/7/365. Turdo would be ignoring the scowling teen scold.

    Greta Thunberg, and missing in action from any anti-oil and gas pow-wows. BTW–Do you think for one moment that an oil rich Quebec would be shipping bags of cash a la Alberta to the “have not” provinces. No. What a silly question!

  2. All l can say is Trudeau is a traitor to his country and does not represent Canada in any way shape or form!! He needs to be jailed and held responsible for the corruption he has committed and the devastation he has put on Alberta’s oil and gas sector and the people who’s jobs are lost because of it!!!

    • He represents many things–Quebec, Middle East, China…the most selective PM in history. Some are chosen while others are permanently shunned.

  3. He has no problem whatsoever with oil and gas.

    He has a total problem with Prairie oil and gas.

    In his view, when Alberta knows their place, Quebec is not in danger.

  4. Trudeau’s job as Crime Minister and Puppet Numero Uno is to trash this country. I don’t know why you think Butts cares about Quebec or why his lap dog would either. Without Canada, Quebec would be ‘Third World’ poor from day one. A strong Canada is in Quebec’s best interest.

    Pony considers himself a ‘Global Citizen’ not a Canadian. He believes the Cabal will sing his praises as one of their heros from Mount Olympus. I kid you not, he is that deluded.

    Trudeau is not a real boy or a real man for that matter. He has grown up in a bubble of extreme wealth and privilege, real privilege not this racist bigoted pretend “woke” BS the Establishment and their buddies spew.


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