Woke Revolution, Residential Schools And Trudeau’s War On Christianity

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To be forthright, Cultural Action Party of Canada called it from day one. Rather than sunny ways, freshly-minted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would over time bring serious trouble to society. He has done so in myriad ways– worst of all being an unprecedented form of social division.

An outcome of community disharmony is perhaps best exemplified by Justin Trudeau’s agenda of attack upon Christian Canada, in combination with an advancement of 3rd World religious communities.

Society may have now reached a pinnacle in the program. The recent discovery of mass graves filled with residential school children from Indigenous communities has become a catalyst for the burning of dozens of Canadian churches. In response, statues of Sir John A. MacDonald, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria were torn down over the Canada Day weekend.

Not that there was much of a Canada Day for 2021. PM Trudeau ordered our flag to be held at half-mast. Dozens of municipalities cancelled all forms of celebration. Indeed, Canada as a whole has fallen into a quagmire of self-loathing never before experienced.

Well, perhaps “fallen into” is not the correct term. In reality, it is more like “railroaded toward.” Of any political figure, Justin Trudeau is the number one perpetrator. If anyone feels this to be inadvertent on his part, CAP caution them to think again.

What has been established is a war upon traditional Canada. All elements of our colonial heritage, as well as connections to the British Commonwealth, are now under attack. Our country is today on the cusp of a post-modern reformation. Justin Trudeau knew this would occur. Everyday he has been prime minister is a day dedicated to the re-imagining of our country. No surprise, as Mr. Trudeau is neither an Anglophone, nor a believer in democracy.

What will ultimately transpire is the real issue at hand. No Canadian should be under the illusion that our ruling government, media, our legal “experts” or anyone else is going to inform our citizenship what this pending fate portends.

Certain clues do exist, however. The reason they remain clues is found in a lack of presentation from establishment media. Notice how neither CBC News, nor any other media entity ever speculate on the destiny of our country?

Pray-tell, where are our country’s futurists? Some may recall this archaic phenomenon. Once upon a time, there existed media personalities who wrote of Canada’s future–or at least meditated upon it. The entire dynamic has been wiped clean– for good reason: government does not want the public to have the slightest inkling as to the fate of society.

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Why not? Because we will not want what is coming. Certainly not “Old Stock” Canadians. As in, those who recognize a Canada previous to the Orwellian installation that occurred the moment  Trudeau became quasi-dictator. CAP will therefore speculate on the matter:

Christianity is a dying entity. Not that Christians won’t exist. Rather, the Church is now branded with a permanent black mark. In its stead comes Sikhism and Islam— Justin Trudeau’s religions of preference. Via the pandemic parade and residential school discoveries, Christianity now exists as a national pariah. This will find a place of permanence as the Woke Revolution— Trudeau’s version of China’s Quiet Revolution— continues indefinitely.

Also hot to trot is what one may call a “Great Reset Community Inversion” program. Here, Canadians of Anglophone heritage find themselves being shipped off to second class community status. PM Trudeau loves this. For him, it’s punitive payback time. One can only imagine Justin Trudeau’s glee as he successfully plays Pharaoh to Canada’s Anglophone slaves wandering in the desert of diversity exclusion.

Democracy itself is an obvious target. Trudeau and team do not champion democratic process. Rather, they enjoy dancing around this form of governance. As in chipping away at it through draconian measures, undermining its essence, and giving the Charter the old heave-ho when it does not suit their purposes.

In more pragmatic terms, the Trudeau transformation wouldn’t be complete without a word on a fundamental of democracy–the election process.

For the first time in Canadian history, the next federal election will be over the moment they drop the writ. Winner: Justin Trudeau. Not a single vote is necessary for this outcome. Mr. Trudeau is going to win. He is ordained to win. He will win because the United Nations say so. The victory is in the bag because China wants it this way. If his victory does not occur legitimately, it will occur illegitimately.

Such is the futility of elections–as well as democracy in general– within post-modern Canada. Our fate is sealed. Society is to be turned upside down by way of the Woke Revolution.

As for Old Stock CanadiansAnglophones, Francophones, Christians, Conservatives— the time to accept this is right now. Media are in place to obfuscate Canada’s fate for the purpose of push-back against opposition to the Great Reset revolution.

In other words–in typical globalist fashion–by the time Old Stock Canadians realize their true destiny, it will be well past the point anything can be done to reverse the process.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder ( Est. 2016)

8 thoughts on “Woke Revolution, Residential Schools And Trudeau’s War On Christianity”

  1. You sound like you’re giving up, and encouraging your readers to get used to living in a communist country, because we can’t do anything about it.

  2. If Canada Day was any indication of how troubled Canada is and how much trouble and hatred we are in because of misinformation and Trudeau, Canada will be a mess for awhile until we get some sensible responsible leader who unites the country and doesn’t cater to those who believe they are first and supreme!!

  3. If you choose to surrender your country, your culture, your civilization and your identity to avoid social disapproval you should know that all of history will curse you for your cowardice.

  4. Absolutely Correct…never before in my life on this Planet we call Mother Earth have I ever seen so much HATRED and DIVERSITY since this PARASITICAL GOVERNMENT came into play!!!

    There has been so many incidents of corruption it is unbelievable but yet the SHEEP continue to support it. There has not been any proof or documentation or evidence that this so call virus or Jabs prove to be affective but yet the Sheep line up to take without knowing the consequences!!! ALL GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS Of PAST and PRESENT are PARASITES.

    PEOPLE need to look the definition of a PARASITE and it will tell exactly what GOVERNMENTS are…

  5. Please delete the term “mass” graves. They are nothing of the sort. They are cemetaries which were populated over a period of a century!

    • True! There are no “mass graves”. Press releases from three native band chiefs allege that numerous separate graves have been found using ground penetrating radar, but not even one preliminary report on the actual data has been released. There have been no exhumations, forensic or archaeological examinations performed (and likely never will, as the natives may proclaim the sites conveniently “sacred” and never to be disturbed). Some of the alleged graves are off the grounds of the residential schools, at sites that were likely pioneer cemeteries (in one case, near an old hospital that burned down in the late 1800s) where anyone could be buried. No comparisons have been made with the infant mortality rates (from diphtheria, Rubella, scarlet fever, meningitis, tuberculosis, pertussis, farm accidents – ad infinitum) in non-native communities during the period (late 19th through mid-20th centuries) versus those in the residential schools. The implication is always that the little white kids were being treated like princes while the native children were beaten, starved and murdered.

      Ground penetrating radar CANNOT detect remains, bones or coffins. All GPR can do is detect changes in soil substrate density that might indicate so-called grave shafts. It’s a sensitive but non-specific imaging technology. All that’s indicated so far is some kind of earth works occurred at these alleged grave sites. Precious few people, even those in authority, seem to comprehend this. All we have are allegations from band chiefs, which have caused convulsions of national guilt and self-flagellation without any actual physical evidence.


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