Media Begin Branding Convoy Truckers As Right-Wing Racists

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It just had to happen. It has to happen because it always happens. Each time opposition to the woke Liberal agenda grows to a substantial level, media play the “race card.”

It occured against ex-Conservative PM Stephen Harper during the 2015 election. Ditto for Andrew Scheer in 2019. The tactic was back in place during Justin Trudeau’s disaster of an in-person promotional campaign during the 2021 election.

Over and over, media play the “white Canadians as racist” angle. Thus far, it has been a success. Will the same occur regarding the Freedom Convoy of 2022?

In reality, the choice is ours. Old Stock citizens have the power to overcome the calculated sting of the Liberal’s bigotry business. In this industry, establishment media serve as the conduit:

“Peter Smith, a journalist working with the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, said he’s seeing a lot of similarities between this latest convoy and a similar truck convoy from 2019 that was meant to protest federal pipeline policies.”

They are beginning to sling the usual click-bait. Expect more as the convoy nears Ottawa. The message is clear: under the surface of the truck convoy organization is a collective of right-wing racists.

It’s a lie, and it’s high-time our communities overcome the impact. The race card is a catch-all weapon. Time and again, this has served as a panacea for rescuing Justin Trudeau from the political dole-drums. This tedious media tactic has got to go.

There are a number of ways in which to differentiate between democratic and autocratic societies. In theory, democratic governments work to improve the lives of citizens. While no one should view this through rose-coloured glasses, working to improve the lives of the people is fundamental.

In an authoritarian society, the government work to control the lives of the people. On this topic, let us pose a simple question:

Which category do Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party fall into? The answer is so obvious it is half-a-joke. Control is everything to our ruling government. From this we draw a fair conclusion: a government with a never-ending need for control must have a particular goal they are working to accomplish.

Understanding that Mr. Trudeau will never inform Canadians, and that media are paid by him to obfuscate the end-game, concerned citizens must figure it out for themselves.

We are getting there. The convoy is growing by leaps and bounds. It gains momentum with every waking hour. Whatever it is Trudeau and his backroom schemers are working toward, these people are not buying it.

Therefore, media regress to the tried and true: “these people do not represent  average Canadians— they are, in reality, hateful racists.”

It is up to our communities to transcend this propaganda. Government, media, and so-called academic experts will not do it for us. You know what an “expert” is according to mainstream media?  Anyone who has attended school and is willing to publicly endorse Liberal Party policy.

Time to cast off the yoke. We are not cattle to be contained on an Alberta beef farm. No matter what transpires in the truck convoy, patriots must cast aside the racist accusations. The time has arrived to  restore the dignity being stolen from our communities by way of Justin Trudeau’s “Silent Revolution.”

5 thoughts on “Media Begin Branding Convoy Truckers As Right-Wing Racists”

  1. Amen. It’s the wearisome “same old same old.” Notice that they’ve disinterred Butts to break wind with his odious smear tactics. These decaying racists/liars/destroyers need to come face to face with the wreckage of their criminal behavior. Moreover; these cretins have the unmitigated gall to question where the money raised for the truckers will be going. (Anyone recall the multi-million dollar Trudeau family “We” Charity” swindle?

    All neatly swept under the MSM rug.) Or this howler: The truckers will be causing problems for Canadian drivers.” No; they will not. Unlike the “special” people who blocked Canada’s main line railways for weeks.

    For weeks. unimpeded. It cost multiple millions in losses. Trudeau’s response? A shrug; like his useless father. No criminal charges. Nothing. But–Courageous truckers; on behalf of ALL Canadians?

    To try and prevent bare food/fruit/vegetable shelves? The pits of Hell open.

  2. The Trudeau government has got to go they’re dividing Canada into so many little squares it’s pathetic and as soon as somebody goes against that man and a little way the media how to jump on board and do whatever they say call it racist, call it radical, they have just got to stop Canada can’t afford anymore of their bullshit.

  3. This article is a a good laugh. I grew up in Alberta and Saskatchewan and live in Ontario. These truckers are nothing more than a bunch of redneck racists on a bender. They are a bunch of separatists thinking they are better off leaving Canada and living as a free country. They cry freedom yet live in the most free country in the world.

    Honestly they are just bored, drunk, and looking for some fun. The convoy leaders don’t give a crap about freedom or Canadians, they are selfish white supremacists just looking for some free airtime to feed their egos. And their pocketbooks. But I get it, everyone is tired of Covid, and I do sympathize.


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