Woke Leftist Attack On Canadian Hockey Should Be The Final Straw

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Like most, Cultural Action Party enjoy games. We think everyone should play this one: you show us a fundamental of Canadian identity, and we will show you a symbol of society under attack.

Canada has been playing this game consistently since October 19th, 2015–  the day Justin Trudeau became prime minister. It is also the day a poorly understood form of cultural assault began to pervade society.

Spearheaded by our prime minister, attacks on Canadiana began to proliferate. “Canada is a racist country” says Liberal leader Justin Trudeau. “Ours is a genocidal nation” says New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh.

Our entire social system is based upon bigotry, homophobia and xenophobia, say woke social justice warriors. Unfortunately, none of the accusations has brought out collective disdain from Canada’s “silent majority.”

Could this change now that the liberal left are attacking our nation’s holiest of holies? CAP speak of the sacrosanct– a Canadian institution known as the sport of hockey.

An article published this week by the Globe and Mail paints the portrait:

“Jashvina Shah: Hockey Canada needs to steer away from the idea that winning is king if it hopes to embody any meaningful change.”

Turns out Ms. Shah has a problem with hockey. Some people love to complain. None more so than those of the foreign feminism variety. Perhaps Ms. Thang should pack up her kit and head for fundamentalist shores.

For these types, there’s always something wrong with Canada:

“It should be game over for Hockey Canada if the organization doesn’t change. There may not be a future for Hockey Canada in its current form.” 

A dream come true, is it not? Just imagine it– every element of Canadiana tossed in a trash pit. How thrilling for people like Shah. For the rest of us, not so much.

It is truly amazing what Canadians will put up with. To say nothing of what media will publish. The left’s hate-on for our society appears endless. Legacy media love to play this game. How difficult is it to find, let’s say, a Ryerson University journalism graduate from the 3rd World willing to bash Canada to a pulp?

Not very. In post-modern Canada, our education systems exists as a factory for Canada-hating.  Lesson #1: never say a negative word about countries infinitely more oppressive than Canada. Followed by full scale attacks on the fundamentals of Canadian society.

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No one is in favour of physical or sexual abuse in sports, or otherwise. What CAP are opposed to is, simply put, a gang of 3rd World female whiners cluttering up our country with endless complaints.

Greater freedom in Saudi Arabia? Blimey, a female couldn’t even drive a car in this Islamic nation until the year 2017.

Yet, somehow Canada  ends up the battering ram for ingrate woke migrants of the 3rd World. Sick of it yet? Apparently not. Seems Canadians will put up with anything– even the trashing of a sacred territory called Hockey.

No wonder our country is getting pushed around with each passing day. Javina Shah needs to take a long look at Canada, and then ship out permanently.

10 thoughts on “Woke Leftist Attack On Canadian Hockey Should Be The Final Straw”

  1. “Could this change now that the liberal left are attacking our nation’s holiest of holies? CAP speak of the sacrosanct– a Canadian institution known as the sport of hockey.”

    CAP’s problem isn’t with the endless sexual crimes being reported, it’s THOSE THIRD WORLD BROADS COMPLAINING about sexual crimes.

    Hey CAP, how about Hockey Inc. stop with the attack on kids, and women.
    Or is that part of that ol’ timey hockey?

    • The article is focused on the liberal left’s attack of Canadian institutions, as perpetuated through media, and in particular, whining third world journalists.

    • Billy: Not sure if I can take your comment seriously. CAP has written hundreds of articles that focus on ALL of the major problems facing this ill-governed country. Slamming Hockey is just the latest; laziest attack on our culture. The CBC’s “Hockey Night in Canada”–until now–Used to proudly epitomize this country….As it used to do every weekend for decades. In fact; spoerts aside; the government used to “protect” our entertainment industry. Surely you are familiar with the “Canadian content” rules? They now seem to mean squat. As CAP has written; Canada has undergone an inversion. Uniquely Canadian culture/patriotism/pride is now “offensive” to the “Third World (Broads),” and must be completely expunged. Along w/ our history. Euro-Canadians….Bend forward ye non-Woke, and take your one-hundred cat-o-nine tails lashes. Pride in one’s country–One’s ancestry–One’s culture–Is now a punishable crime in the West. Euro-Canadians must pay.

      “Third World Broads”? Your term. Regardless of your interest/disinterest in professional hockey; “Third World ‘Broads’ ” defecating on our national sport is repugnant. Finally–Sex crimes is a serious issue, and the Cultural Action Party HAS written about it. The archives are there for your persusal. BTW–“Hockey Inc. stop with the attack on kids, and women….part of old timey hockey?” Say what? Who’s “attacking” women and kids? The NHL? CAP? Canadian culture? Sorry; but your (sorely misplaced) comment makes no sense. Not in this context.

  2. So Brad, would you be okay with journalists discussing the toxicity of Hockey Canada and the history of covering sexual assaults if the journalists doing so were white men who you are certain were born in Canada? Your only issue are the women covering this story are not white and you presume not born in the country (not that it matters since I suspect that they could be fourth generation Canadians and you still would refer to them as “third worlders.”)

    You really are blinded by irrational hatred aren’t you?

      • No, they are journalists bringing to light a significant problem with Hockey Canada’s history of turning a blind eye to sexual assaults. You’re less upset that these assaults are occurring than you are the fact that some Brown journalists are the ones who are bringing these stories to light.

        Also, how long a family history in Canada does a POC need to have before you decide they are no longer a “3rd world” person? Most of the journalists of colour you constantly complain about were born in the country. A lot of their parents were as well. If their ancestry goes back to, let’s say the late 1800s with the Chinese who came to work on the railroad, stayed, had families, and now have descendants who are 5 or 6 generations in, are they “Canadian” enough for you then?

        Somehow I expect not.

  3. Canadians are born cowards, their total lack of education and proudness of their ignorance and naivety makes them the perfect people to worship the government whatever it says or does.


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