Woke Educational Book Burning Fires Up In Canadian Schools

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“Ontario’s Education Minister says he has asked a school board to immediately end the practice of removing library books after concerns were raised about how it was carrying out the process of assessing and removing older books.”

Over the past decade, Ontario’s public school system has adopted a certain militancy when it comes to “educating” their students.

“Since last spring, the Peel District School Board, outside Toronto, has been weeding books from school libraries that are not deemed inclusive.”

Along with many parents, CAP recognise the hypocrisy inherent in Ontario public school education. “Inclusivity” is wholly subjective. The concept is, in fact, highly exclusive. What Canadian school boards and trustees stand against contains a laundry list of what educators consider inappropriate for students.

“An advocacy group made up of teachers, parents, students and school staff who are against the board’s process says it appears the board asked its libraries to remove fiction and non-fiction books published before 2008 while assessing collections through an equity lens.”

As in, their equity lens. A look through the woke telescope informs us that specific elements of society shall be deemed “inequitable.” Whiteness for one, heterosexuality, Anglophone-Canadian heritage, Christianity, and other traditional elements of society.

The purveyors are a nasty lot. “Educators” like Nila Kaplan-Myrth, Kike Ojo Thompson and others star in an academic show featuring the most bitter of Canada’s politically correct contingent.

“The Peel District School Board states that regardless of publication date, older books that are accurate, relevant to the student population, inclusive, not harmful, and support the current curriculum may stay within schools.”

How altruistic of them. After all, it’s Canadian tax-payers who are funding their salaries. After which they turn around and pronounce that parents best keep their noses out of propaganda content inflicted on Canadian children.

“A Peel Region landfill recently contacted his group to say they are looking to hire new staff just to help them destroy the large amounts of books they are receiving.”

After which Cultural Action Party point to a piece of the puzzle not once addressed by media: parallels with book-burning initiatives within authoritarian states of the 20th century:

“In the time of Lenin and Stalin the libraries in the Soviet Union were repeatedly purged of all books deemed harmful to society.”

Is this not the approach that school boards in Ontario are applying within their public schools?  Of course it is– and of course, no one is speaking about it publically.

O Canada– you have been hoodwinked. While parents sat around the T.V.watching Hockey Night in Canada, neo-communism scored the game winner on Canadian society.

The morphing of our education system into bastions of Canada-bashing neo-communism went undetected. In 2023, we experience the results: the erosion of “diversity of thought” in education.

As with Trudeau-brand Liberalism, woke advocates promote diversity of people at the same time they destroy diversity of opinion.

As supported by the the Feds, wokism in Canada offers up a mighty privilege: an ability to function as hypocrites devoid of societal backlash.


“The Peel board guidelines on weeding appear to direct librarians to follow a three-step process, with the first one appearing to place a 15-year age limit on books.”

Bloody well right. You mean to say that academics want a 15-year age limit on access to books, while at the same time they demand that no age limit be placed on transgender sexual identity conversion?

Yes, that’s exactly what they are saying– logic being anathema to the educational woke warriors.

“In the 1930’s book censorship in the Soviet Union did not stop; between 1930 and 1932, libraries lost sixty percent more of their stock that was already purged at least three times.”

Transitioning to 2023 Canada, we discover the following:

“A student at Erindale Secondary School in Mississauga told the CBC the number of books at the school’s library has been reduced by about half.”

50%, eh? That’s quite the bite out of placement on library shelves, is is not?

Blimey– these people sound more like communist censors with every move they make. Not that Canadians will find this theory regurgitated within the pages of the mainstream press.

“It can be seen that in the years between 1920-1940 that book censorship was based on protecting the party image of the Soviet Union and utilizing books, as well as libraries as tools of propaganda.” 

“The libraries in the Soviet Union lost almost all of their book collections due to the various purges over the years.”

Thinking again about Canada’s pioneer of wokism, Pierre Trudeau, we reference the following fact:

Brother of our prime minister, middle son Alexandre Trudeau was given the nickname “Sacha” in recognition of his father’s love of Russian culture. The name is linked to former ambassador of the USSR to Canada and Trudeau family friend Alexander Yakovlev.”

Pierre Trudeau— admirer of Soviet communism– displayed his veneration of the USSR by naming his son after a Soviet communist bureaucrat.

Some 50-years later, Canadian public school educators are emulating the behaviour of communist despots in the former Soviet Union.

One offshoot of the book burning rampage is found in the concept of historical revisionism. The woke want all books published previous to 2008 to be purged.

The purging of historical identity being fundamental to socialist revolutions of history. Mao Tse Tung did it, Joseph Stalin indulged, as did Adolf Hitler.

And here the woke educators speak of “inclusion,” “equity” and a bunch of related clap-trap. In reality, it’s not what they are about at all.

Spiteful, vengeful, bitter, angry. This is the true essence of wokism in Canada, and political correctness in general.

Thus, to the trash bin goes the children’s classic ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar.’ Fancy browsing through ‘Snow Falling On Cedars?’ Nothing doing, say Librarians of Ontario.

How low can you go? All the way to a replication of education in authoritarian states being the correct answer to the neo-communist quiz.

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