With Public Anger Boiling Over Trudeau Blames Everyone But Himself

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It’s like something taken from a Monty Python skit, or Theatre of the Absurd. With each passing day, Canadian society becomes more angry, bitter and resentful. All of it met with a cornucopia of lame excuses and erroneous accusations.

At the heart of the social dynamic is the behaviour of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He sets the tone; it flows downhill from here. How unfortunate that media are willing– or paid– to transition responsibility away from its primary source, and toward secondary issues Trudeau claims are responsible for social calamity.

The first thing PM Trudeau wants Canadians to know is that climate change is responsible for our anger:

This week, he blamed the frustrations of Canadians on “climate change” and “transformations of our economy.”

It’s a lie, of course. Climate change is not the reason. Above all, the impetus is derived from government decision-making, whose ultimate responsibility is found in the actions of the prime minister.

Media say nothing of the sort. If the PM says the fault lies with climate, white supremacy or women-hating, media reflect his opinions. The result is a deception of the Canadian people.

“What do you think is behind the rise in threats that politicians are facing?” asks a reporter.

“Obviously the pandemic, increasing anxiety because of climate change, transformations of our economy, um, rise in mental health and addiction problems – particularly with the opioid crisis that has been ravaging communities right across the country,” replied PM Trudeau. 

The answer, quite obviously, is the unfortunate Opioid crisis. Not. The truth is, Canadians have come to despise Justin Trudeau. Not all, but enough to create a situation of social chaos unprecedented in society. It occurs when a national leader comes along whose behaviour is unprecedented. No PM has spent so much energy dividing Canadians as this Trudeau character.

Dear Prime Minister: Open letter urging government to take action on harassment and abuse of journalists in Canada signed by 48 media organizations:

“This joint letter signed by 48 media organizations and outlets was sent to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, cabinet ministers and other political leaders to demand action on the growing harassment and abuse of journalists in Canada.”

“Public instances of threats and intimidation of women in public life have intensified in recent weeks, with significant examples of abuse targeted toward politicians — most recently, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland — as well as activists and journalists, says the CBC.

Translation– the fault lies with women-hating white males.

“For weeks, a group of journalists, particularly journalists of colour, have publicly shared a series of private, anonymous emails they’ve received. Those emails contained specific, targeted and disturbing threats of violence and sexual assault, as well as racist and misogynistic language.”

Translation– the fault lies with racist “Old Stock” Canadians.

It’s a falsehood. When government decision-making becomes antithetical to public will in a democracy, such is the fall-out. Angered Canadians are unable to impact political leaders, so they express their anger by proxy. Canadian journalists are the obvious target and, in fact, many of these are white males.

“What happened yesterday was wrong. Nobody, anywhere, should have to put up with threats and intimidation,” Freeland wrote.

Interesting. Perhaps Freeland and Trudeau will whip up a government bill to cancel life itself– it’s what it would take to eliminate threats in society.

“We need to be able to have that connection that we’ve always prided ourselves [on], of Canadians being able to have proximity to those who represent them.”

Taking an absurdity to new levels is a Trudeau specialty. Canadian pride, you say? Isn’t that the thing you just spent six-years working to destroy? According to your woke rhetoric, Canada has nothing on which to base collective public pride upon.

Founded by racist colonists, our nation is a model of hatred toward non- European communities. Trudeau omits Quebec from the picture because he is Quebecois. Apart from this, for nearly seven years the PM and buddy-boy NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh have been running down Canadian identity, history and heritage.

Then Trudeau turns around and speaks of Canadian pride. What a hypocrite.  What’s even worse lies in the balance: it makes not a speck of difference what he does, when he does it, or what he says, for that matter. It’s the stuff of political despots, of which Trudeau is one.

Canada is on a pre-meditated path for transition to authoritarianism. Justin Trudeau is the leader of the transformation. Written-in-stone as if an ancient religion, our country continues to be zapped by an erasure of freedom and democracy at the hands of government.

Trudeau said episodes of aggression against politicians will become more common if “political leaders remain silent or — worse — stoke the animosity driving these encounters.”

Lord help us. Was it Justin Trudeau who invent an idiom called “Doublespeak?” Who more than our aberration of a national leader has stoked animosity within  society? The whole thing verges on the laughable.

“That’s something all parliamentarians and all leaders need to stand against…to say, No, we are not going to become that toxic, polarized country that some think we should become.”

Earth to Trudeau: some people honestly believe we have become a polarized country. Those with even a modicum of common sense know that our PM is the primary driver of the polarization.

It has been done for a purpose. Justin Trudeau wants a post-modern Canada. On a political level, it involves transition from democracy to authoritarianism. From a social perspective, our ruling government want New Arrival Canada to supersede Old Stock Canada.

“A 2020 report by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, obtained by CBC News through an access to information request, reported that political figures in Canada are facing threats of violence and online abuse with increasing regularity.”

In May, 2022, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh had to endure an episode of verbal harassment during a stop in Peterborough, Ontario.

Protesters outside an NDP campaign office followed him to a vehicle, yelling at him and calling him “a f–king piece of s–t.” Singh later said the encounter was among the most troubling experiences of his political career.

Then NDP leader Jagmeet Singh should find a new career. There must be more than one corporate board of directors who will accept a Canada-hater at the table. Besides, his sole purpose in politics at present is to ensure Justin Trudeau remains prime minister. When it comes to Canada-bashing, some say Singh is even worse than Trudeau. Some may be correct.

This week, the Toronto Sun offered speculation on the rise of hatred of Canadian politicians:

‘EDITORIAL: Trudeau Knows Why We’re Divided’

“We agree with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau urging all political leaders to avoid using incendiary rhetoric and to denounce intimidation and threats of violence against politicians. As long as he includes himself.”

This and a toonie will get you a cup of Tim Horton’s coffee. Trudeau will do no such thing, nor will our press intimate as much.

Canada’s fate is cast-in-concrete. Trudeau and the Liberals have converted our nation to one which rests on an ideological foundation. The last word in society is Wokism.

As such, all pragmatic short-comings fall by the wayside. As long as Trudeau works the will of the World Economic Forum and related international power-players, Canada will continue its path toward the stuff of dreams according to Woke Liberalism.

Justin is to fulfill the agenda set-up by presumed father Pierre Trudeau:

“What kind of country would you like to make Canada?”

Trudeau replied: “Labour Party socialist, or Cuban socialism, or Chinese socialism, replied Pierre Trudeau.

Added Pierre: “I wouldn’t be prepared to think I would be successful in arguing that communism is right for Canada at the present time. But such times might come, who knows?”

Who knows, indeed.

4 thoughts on “With Public Anger Boiling Over Trudeau Blames Everyone But Himself”

  1. I’m thinking the Queen of England warned he people to stop the reset. She said many will die and the ones who live are going to wish they died. I translate to replacing old stock Canadians. The 80 year olds are job complete.
    Lisa lafame proves French are not exempt. We watched the Africans handle the white farmers. So this is diversity at its finest.

  2. Trudeau: “Obviously the pandemic, increasing anxiety because of climate change, transformations of our economy, um, rise in mental health and addiction problems – particularly with the opioid crisis that has been ravaging communities right across the country….” Does this gold medal bulls***ing champion eat w/ that mouth? The brown stuff pours out faster than he can talk. BTW: “…[T]he opioid crisis that has been ravaging communities right across the country.” Film at 11. Opioid crisis? Ravaging our communities? This guy is hallucinating off the charts. My heavens; he needs to be admitted; for round-the-clock psychiatric/detox help. Moreover; Anyone who swallows Turdo’s non-stop crap also needs to be evaluated.


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