Trudeau Establishes Canada-China Globalist DECISION COMMITTEE

“The parliamentary committee on Canada-China relations can now hold virtual meetings as coronavirus cases around the world continue to climb and tensions between Beijing and the West continue to worsen.”

“Regular House of Commons proceedings have been suspended since March when the federal parties agreed to suspend them in a bid to limit the spread of the highly contagious coronavirus.”

CAP Commentary: The source is Global News Canada— an outfit which in our opinion share a dedication to communist China along with CBC, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star and the rest. Therefore, patriots must have an ability to effectively “read between the lines.”

What This Means To CAP:

Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have established a virtual meeting structure inclusive of two main entities–the Liberal government of Canada, and the communist government of China.

The link is now tangible. What has happened is that our ruling government has leveraged the Covid-19 pandemic— straight outta Beijing–to empower China’s government within Canadian society.

Seems just about daily within our Post-Democracy Pandemic society China is making HUGE gains within Canada on just about a daily basis.

Here is another–from just this past week:

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Let CAP be crystal clear in this regard: If Justin Trudeau’s Liberals were not the ruling government in Canada, this situation would have never trans-pired.

If Justin Trudeau was not prime minister of Canada, this situation would be splashed ALL OVER Canadian media. It isn’t–because Justin Trudeau’s globalist cabal own Canadian media.

This decision “also comes as the World Health Organization continues work on the early stages of a probe into the origins of the coronavirus pandemic and the handling of the outbreak.”

Again–kindly note the “newspeak”— it says “early stages” for a darn good reason. Trudeau, China, WHO, United Nations, Bill Gates and the Clintons will push for the pandemic to be drawn out as long as humanely possible.

Pourquoi? Because Covid-19 is subterfuge for Communist Control of Canada. The local agent for the transition is the prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau.

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Such is the state-society within Covid-Controlled Canada. Please keep in mind that not only is our current PM a communist enthusiast–so is brother Alexandre Trudeau, as was Papa Pierre Trudeau before them.

Amazing that the CBC lack a cognitive ability to piece this all together, eh?

— BRAD SALZBERG, CAP Founder (est. 2016)




One thought on “Trudeau Establishes Canada-China Globalist DECISION COMMITTEE

  1. Alright who were the braineaks that have “allowed the World Health Organization do the work on the early stages of a probe into the origins of the coronavirus pandemic and the handling of the outbreak.” The were in collusion with China to hide their info and negligence
    The only trudeau spoke the truth in the last 5

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