Justin Trudeau Has Transitioned Canada Day Into Anti-Canada Day

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It’s what a malevolent ruler will do. A national leader with hatred toward his own country is bound to infect the nation with the poison they hold inside. Such is the case when it comes to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the fall of Canada Day celebrations.

It should serve as a poignant indication. The anti-Canadian sentiment spread by Trudeau and New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh has creeped into our social core. It’s the “rotten apple effect”— peel away the surface and find the infected fruit of the loins of historical Canada.

Rather than work to heal division, our prime minister has split open Canadian history to reveal the worms within. If anyone believes his efforts lack intent, CAP has a bridge to sell you called the Lion’s Gate in North Vancouver.

“The Ottawa Police Service put out a stern warning on Tuesday saying that it will be on the lookout for racist, homophobic, misogynistic signs or speech during this year’s Canada Day celebrations.”

“A spokesperson with the force said that communicating any such messaging either verbally or in another fashion could lead to criminal charges.”

A far cry from “1-2-3 Canadians we love thee” as it emanated from Montreal’s Expo 1967.  Such interesting timing it was. The following year, Pierre Trudeau became Canadian prime minister. Unbeknownst to citizens, it was to be the beginning of the end of pride in country.

Pride in homosexuality, fine. Ethnic pride within migrant communities, perfectly acceptable. Even pride in French-Canadian culture has been permitted. But never– under any circumstances–shall pride in Anglo-European identity be acceptable in society.

Who cares if Anglophone heritage is responsible for:

Democracy, parliamentary procedure, freedom of expression, freedom of the press, legal jurisprudence, habeas corpus, court system, Charter Rights, personal freedoms and dozens more foundational aspects of society.

In Trudeau’s Canada, it makes not a speck of difference. Tossing it in the trash, country has been branded racist, bigoted and xenophobic. NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh put the cherry on the condemnation cake when labelling our nation genocidal.

The result is the consternation 38 million Canadians are experiencing regarding Canada Day in 2022. Let CAP circumvent media presentation: it is not “the people” who created this environment. The onus is not on truckers, protestors, right-wing racists or so-called “white supremacists.”

The entire condition falls on the shoulders of the federal government. Add to it  secondary players like the NDP, Bloc Quebecois, provincial governments, and special interest politicians.

“On Monday, interim police chief Steve Bell told the Ottawa Police Services Board that law enforcement would actively respond to these messages and cited concerns about Freedom Convoy-associated groups and other protest movements attending the event.”

If not for Trudeau and the Liberals, these people would not be there. They exist in reaction to government policy. Millions of Canadians want a return of personal freedoms existing previous to the advent of the Trudeau government. Our prime minister has taken these away, and average Canadians are not happy. In truth, there is nothing radical about it.

Unfortunately, it will be a long solstice day in Nunavut when media admit as much. They never will– because they work for government. The outcome is fragmentation of contemporary society. As manifest in tangible form by consternation relating to Canada Day.

To celebrate, or to denigrate? Call CAP nihilistic– we bet on the latter. Likely it is that the anti-Canada movement is too strong to be overcome. It’s leaders are Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh. Backed by media and “experts” in Canadian academia, it is a force capable of transitioning society for all-time.

11 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Has Transitioned Canada Day Into Anti-Canada Day”

  1. “The Ottawa Police Service put out a stern warning on Tuesday saying that it will be on the lookout for racist, homophobic, misogynistic signs or speech during this year’s Canada Day celebrations.”

    Who care about their fake Canada day?

    Maybe the liberals stole our flag but they didn’t steal our destiny. Not yet.

    It is now becoming possible to have our own country.

    – British Colombia.
    – Alberta
    – Saskatchewan
    – Manitoba (possibly)
    – Quebec (possibly)

    In 1974, as Quebeckers were discussing separating from Canada, many Albertans also began to consider separation.


    If we arrive at 5 provinces together. We will become blue states majority. All we need is more people to join.

    • Well I’ve been saying this for a while you know if we don’t do something like last year we’re all screwed and I don’t understand why people can’t see this is this what you want is it I mean I’m a senior I mean compared to this I’ve had The Life of Riley and believe me it hasn’t been that’s one thing it’s never been easy in my life however compared to right now and I might as well have been born with a silver spoon in my mouth now I’ve got you know basically nothing because they work their way wormed their way in there to do it.

      Now out west sounds like a mighty fine place to be and I’ve been telling my children that as long as my health stays reasonably well and if this s*** hits the fan like I believe it’s going to and I going to be moving out west so I’m going to be asking somebody out that way if they can get me and take me there because it’s old lady don’t have any extra money anyway it’s a terrible state that Canada is in right now it really is and I don’t understand how that piece of s*** and the other s*** on a stick do they continually get away with it it’s immediately yeah the media has been bought okay well so the media wants to live under that too if they want to live under that tyranny because that’s what they’re doing they need to come forth and just say screw the money we need to tell the truth because that’s what journalists are supposed to do you took that job so that you could report the wrong and hopefully get it corrected to what you guys are all going to wait till the last minute to do it it’s true though might take his money back.

      Just remember it’s not his money it’s your money to begin with and our money oh my God this is this absolutely absolutely pathetic it really is and then you look at the states and when you got there it’s not much better than here not really I mean the American can argue but I will say one thing for the American they do stand up for themselves I give them that I give them that wholeheartedly where now as Canadians we’ve always been polite and that’s the way people have always thought of us so I guess maybe we need to show the other side of the cheek and just one more thing as you folks know I don’t have a proper working tablet that I’m doing this on my abbreviations button no longer work so this appears to be one moment there’s a couple things that really pisses me off you know to get into I heard this somewhere I don’t remember where but to drive a car legally you need a license so therefore your check if you’re going to work in child care or a school even if volunteer you have to have a check a police clearance.

      Why don’t we do that with our politicians I mean we’ve got one he’s a God damn freaking pedophile and the other one that knows what the hell he is I mean he’s not permitted to step foot on his native soil even though he wasn’t actually born there and he’s not supposed to step foot on us soil so why are they in office I think that these people need to pass a very staunch check and not one that they can fluff over like Trudeau does okay especially now that he wants the age reduced for anal sex what purpose is that suit it doesn’t you know like if you’re looking at teenagers they’re going to be teenagers are going to do whatever but I think that was made so that older people don’t get charged or isn’t let out that they’re a pedophile it is it’s really become a very sick place and this isn’t normally me but I just I tried to stay away from the news and I can’t because I need to know what’s happening and anyway people we have to stand up for ourselves no I’m not talking about rioting or anything like that.

      I’m talking about stand up and take back what’s ours you know there’s how many millions of us and there’s how many of them I mean you got dates he’s an ass and then you got that swabby guy and I’m like oh my God anyway I think I’m done I I’ve had enough of that idiot

  2. If there are any swastika’s or confederate flags at these celebrations; chances are, they are being carried by undercover RCMP officers, or “Young Liberals” who are worried that their dear leader is being exposed for what he is – and it’s ruining their narrative.

  3. Ah the good old days, when apparently the NHL and it’s fans were all Racists, our past leaders (only the White guys) were all Racist and all the Indians suffered due to our colonialist attitudes. OK


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