With Emergencies Act, Justin Trudeau Appoints Himself Dictator

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As our deeply philosophical prime minister has said, “people see things from different points of view.” On the one hand, we have the unity of Justin Trudeau and Canadian media’s viewpoint. On the other, alternate concepts which media brand conspiratorial.

Cultural Action Party espouse the latter. What legacy media see as– or are paid to see as– natural social developments are for CAP nothing of the sort. Little falls into this framework like Trudeau’s invocation of the Federal Emergencies Act.

It has the feel of a fait d’ accompli. For the past six-years, PM Trudeau has lusted after dictatorial powers. Now, with Covid as an excuse, he grants himself these powers– albeit on a “temporary” basis. Due to the nature of the pandemic, unprecedented permutations are unfolding all around us. Could a long-term extension of the Emergencies Act become another in the series?

Divergence exists regarding an incremental loss of individual freedoms as fall-out from Covid. Charter Rights have been chipped away at like never before. Under the Emergencies Act, “the law will grant Mr Trudeau’s government extraordinary powers for 30 days – including the power to prohibit public assembly, travel and the use of specific property.”

Talk about heaven-on-earth for Trudeau. We have here short-term realization of our PM’s deepest dream–to be a dictator of a democratic society. Enough of those pesky opposition Conservatives. Away with bickering over bills in Parliament. Most wonderful of all, enough of the “little people” known as Canadian citizens. At least, those refusing to worship at the shrine of Woke Liberalism.

Justin Trudeau’s father never cared for democracy. Neither does chip-off-the-old-block. His style is found in the political ashes of Mao Tse Ting and “good family friend” Fidel Castro. What nags at political heart-strings is the seeming inevitability of it all. A lack of spontaneity underlines progress toward the end-game. From the beginning of Covid to the completion of the Emergencies Act. Every bit of it of it coming from stage leftist like a 1970’s Russian theatre production.

Act One: The appointment of PM Justin Trudeau through to his inversion of Canadian society. Old Stock Canadians to the back of the bus– and no Rosa Parks to meet them there. The advancement of “new arrival” Canada to the top of the Trudeau totem pole. His branding of Canada’s Anglophone communities as racist xenophobes.

Act Two: The coming of Covid. Every excuse in the Trudeau Manifesto to strip citizens of personal rights. An establishment of a lower social strata in the unvaxxed and working class. An encore in the form of a Greek Chorus of quasi-totalitarianism. Every bit of it calculated. All of it with Justin Trudeau appointed as pied piper of the three-ring circus.

“The situation must be considered a threat to the security of Canada, as defined by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service Act.” The law outlines four possible scenarios:

Espionage or sabotage:

— Doesn’t exist via the protests.

Foreign-influenced activities:

— Exists, but perpetrated by Trudeau and the Liberals.

Threats or use of acts of serious violence for political, religious or ideological objectives:

— All of it Trudeau’s bag. No violence has been instigated by the Truckers Convoy.

Covert, unlawful acts intended to undermine or overthrow the constitutionally established government:

— Only Team Trudeau is gunning  to overthrow constitutionally established governance.

It’s always the way with authoritarian propaganda techniques. “Accuse your enemy of the  behaviour which you indulge in” as a staple of communist coercion.

“While Mr Trudeau’s government may soon be granted an almost carte blanche to respond to the protests, there is no indication the prime minister will also seek military intervention.”

Thank goodness for this. How fortunate that Canada will not be transitioned to a military-controlled police state. Perhaps it is time to put flowers in our hair and head south to San Francisco. Regardless, it looks as if the Summer of Love is over.  In its stead we have been anointed with the winter of enforced political discontent.

What happens if after 30-days, our PM’s dictatorial powers are not revoked? Could the Emergencies Act be replaced with a similar statute of permanence? Any votes for another notch being carved in our transition to the neo-totalitarian?  After all, anything is possible in “no core identity” Canada.

As labelled by Trudeau, our illustrious leader neglected to add a vital point. In due time, a nation with no core identity is bound to develop a brand-new core. Is a post-modern dictatorship waiting in the wings for an unsuspecting Canadian population?

11 thoughts on “With Emergencies Act, Justin Trudeau Appoints Himself Dictator”

  1. Trudeau is clearly a dictator.

    Many radio and TV media sources obey what the government wants to say,
    The “Illegal Blockage” is not illegal; it’s the LEGAL right of Canadians to protest against ILLEGAL dictator measurements from Trudeau government.
    COVID-19 Mandates are illegal and against Canadian human rights. I’m counting the minutes for Trudeau to finish his inefficient and destroying Canada mandate. #trudeaudictator.

    All lies. Trudeau has affected Canadians a lot more than protesters.
    I WANT TO BE VERY CLEAR that the emergency act must be against Trudeau which has been harming our economy, and endangering public safety trying to use government forces against legitimate Canadian protesters.

    Mandating lockdowns affected small and mid-size business and critical supply chains; lets just remember when supermarkets were almost empty when government announced their mandates. Vaccines under emergency approval, risking even children had affected critical supply chains and freedom of millions of Canadian families.

    These measurements are not about protecting Canadian people jobs but to harm the Canadian Human Rights. This Trudeau Government is the worst in the Canadian History ever.

    #trudeaudictator. Your time is about to end.

    • The NDP party entered this more than 2 years ago when they insisted on backing the Liberal Party no matter what the PCs requested. This allowed the PM to continue to throw money out the front door like a drunken sailor. In my opinion they are just as deep in this whole fiasco as the Liberals.

      Mr. Singh has already spoken many times against the Canadian people by agreeing with the PM that Canada is a land full of systemic racism. Time to do away with the likes of politicians that have that attitude. You notice how quiet Mr. Singh has been since the Truckers Convoy hit Ottawa. He just hides and accuses Canadians and the good trucker protesters of false accusations. IMHO Lets rid ourselves of these leeches.

  2. This is not a government for the people, it’s a government for one person Trudeau. A dictatorship. He has to stop being a drama teacher and think he knows better than all his colleagues in the house and start listening to them as they have a lot of common sense.

    The opposition are not pre-kindergarteners, they are intelligent educated people who listen to their constituents and fight for their rights. Their voices need to be heard, not squashed.

    • “I’ve had all the drama I want.” Well said. It truly has been almost seven intolerable years of bad drama. Trudeau the drama queen can take his act elsewhere. His female counterpart Freeland can get a full time job looking after Soros’ personal hygiene. She must be used to (expletive deleted.) She and princess Justine have caused enough of the stuff. It’s time for them to step in it.

  3. Trudeau’s time is at an end. Like all dictators he will be overthrown. By declaring marshall law he has merely hastened his fall. Canada is not Cuba or China. There will be no communist revolution to put him in power. Very soon he will be on his own.

  4. One of the most disgusting over-reaching arms of power I have ever seen in my life, and I live in a predominantly Blue state that also enacted much of these sake measures.

    Except we still have the ability to fight back legally. He needs to go by all means necessary. I hope his party jumps off the sinking ship of Trudeau Tyranny! And I hope some brave human rights activists and lawyers show up and take him down and charge him for his crimes.

  5. The stores, shops and businesses he claimed were affected by the Convoys are the very same stores, shops and businesses he shut down with threats of fines and incarceration.

    How is it possible someone so stunned could ba allowed any authority?


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