With Downfall Pending, Liberals, NDP Transfer Power To First Nations

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With re-election prospects dwindling, PM Justin Trudeau is working like mad to transfer power away from the descendants of Canada’s original settler communities.

The prime minister’s animus toward Anglophones and others of European origin is as obvious as December snow in Nunavut. From day one, Trudeau has been blatant about his personal contempt for Canadian identity and heritage.

Downplayed by media in terms of historical impact is Trudeau’s recent signing on the dotted-line to transfer land control of Nunavut to First Nations leaders and communities.

“Trudeau Says Nunavut Trips With Father Helped Shape His Love for Canada”

So Trudeau Jr. is celebrating his “love of Canada” through legislated disempowerment of Canadians.

Clearly, there’s no statement too clown-like for media to regurgitate in earnest. Like Pierre Trudeau before him, Justin has nothing but scorn for the manner in which Canada came into existence. He wants it undone, and is currently in the process of making it happen.

Quebec, Islam, Sikhism, LGBT, Transgenderism, Euthanasia, Abortion.

As for what has been referenced as Canada’s “Old Stock” communities, Trudeau has nothing but animosity. Based on a recent move for the disempowerment of his nemesis peoples– non-Quebecois white Canadians– the Liberals are in a mad rush to strip Anglo-Europeans of power previous to what is predicted to be a downfall of the Liberal government.

“Trudeau is in Iqaluit to mark the signing of an agreement to hand over powers to the territorial government when it comes to their management of land, fresh water and the resources each contain.” 

After raising Islamic Canada to political prominence, advocating for Khalistani nationalism to gain the Sikh vote, Justin Trudeau makes a move toward Aboriginal community empowerment.

Looking at polls over the past six months reveals a commanding lead for Pierre Poilievre’s Conservative Party. Responding to potential downfall, Trudeau and the Liberals are driving like race-horses toward disempowerment of Anglo-European society.

At his side, as well as in his pocket, are mainstream media, who refuse to reference the long-term implications of the largest land transfer in the history of Canada.

Degree to which 40 million Canadians requested such a move? Nothing. Number of referendi to discover whether general society wants this done? Zero. Here’s one thing that Cultural Action Party[est. 2016] have always despised:

 Trudeau family arrogance. Taking into their hands that which under authentic democratic governance would be inclusive of an ancient political relic called “the will of the people.”

Pierre and Justin have always wanted nothing to do with it. The country of Canada is to be putty in their globalist hands. Fifty years of the Liberal Party defaults to a half-century of hatred for the founding of our country.

In terms of systemic woke warfare waged by the Liberals and their preferred “special interest” communities– it’s “colonialism” that holds the key to the downfall of English Canada.

Injected into political discourse, elevated to the pinnacle of academic hostility, perpetuated by media, the silver bullet of colonialism is intended to destroy Canada circa 1867-2015.

The year 2015 is when a petulant, silver-spoon-in-mouth Justin Trudeau took over as national leader. Make no mistake— this guy is cut from the same cloth as family heroes Mao Tse Tung and Joseph Stalin.

Backing him up are a political entity which, over the past decade in particular, has morphed into a “lite version” of the Liberal Party.

This week, Premier of British Columbia David Eby made moves to add to the Liberal’s unilateral legislative assault. Following the Trudeau sell-out of Nunavut and it natural resources(the main event) comes a land transfer to First Nations communities in B.C.

Well it isn’t exactly “in” British Columbia– it is British Columbia– in its entirety.

“B.C. Government’s Plan To Co-manage Public Land With First Nations Will Close Province For Business.”

See that headline? Know what it means? Together, a federal-provincial affinity of the NDP-Liberals are putting a damper on resource development in Canada. If development projects are approved, they will be lorded over by First Nations chiefs.

We stand witness as a systemic disempowerment-play comes to fruition in “post-modern” Canada.

“Which brings us back to the provincial government’s government’s plan to co-manage all Crown land with more than 200 First Nations. Within the next four months, the government hopes to introduce an entirely new regime where the government and First Nations jointly make decisions about land-use on public lands.”

“Make no mistake, this change will have massive consequences for B.C.”

As reported by independent think-tank Fraser Institute.

“Currently, British Columbians, through their elected provincial government, are the final decision-makers about what happens on public lands.”

So long, decision-makers, it’s been good to know ya. See how Canada is being systemically transitioned to an authoritarian state? See how the Liberals and NDP are working as partners to strip 40 million Canadians of their democratic rights?

See how its all being done in a mad scramble to sell-out society before the Conservatives step in? See how federal New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh let it happen by signing some bogus “supply and confidence” agreement with the federal Liberals?

A few thousand will, perhaps. Who knows, maybe 50,000 out of 40 million citizens will gain an understanding of methods government are using to destroy democracy.

The rest will likely remain in-the-dark. Why? Because like authoritarian governments of old, Trudeau’s Liberals have bought mainstream Canadian media.

“Clearly, the uncertainty and sheer magnitude of this proposal deserve closer scrutiny by British Columbians who should have a greater voice in these proposed changes.”

Let’s not be absurd, shall we? The “greater voice” will never occur. In no-core-identity Canada, greater voices drive down a one-way woke street.

Sikhs, Muslims, Gays, Transgendered– all of which have far greater voices than they deserve by way of Trudeau and his crew of Liberal neo-communists.

“At a minimum, the government should delay the implementation of these changes and allow a robust debate to occur. More fundamentally, changes of this significance ought to be decided by  through our electoral process—either an election or referendum.”

Mark CAP’s words, fellow patriots. It will never occur. The folks at Fraser Institute are dreaming if they think general public input will be interjected. Why? Because the New Democrats have degenerated into bastard sons of the federal Liberals.

The people don’t know it yet, but democracy in Canada is dying a thousand deaths. Though it is possible, and even likely, that one day our citizenship will understand what went down via Justin Trudeau’s “Woke Revolution.”

They will come to know it– after it’s too late to prevent it. Now that’s government and media coordination.

4 thoughts on “With Downfall Pending, Liberals, NDP Transfer Power To First Nations”

  1. The majority of Canadians don’t know what this arragont weasel is up to He deserves to be tared and feathered and sent to Iran so he can be with his brother he is the scum of Canada

  2. Last time I checked the people oh Nunavut First Nations were Canadians. Indeed Canadians more so than you or I. BTW my family has been here since 1774. Yours?

  3. This is happening in Australia (The Voice) and New Zealand (Co-Governance) also
    .. The Voice. Both voted down last year thank goodness. But I’m sure there is more to come. I was told from someone in Australia that Australia, New Zealand, and Canada are pushing the aboriginals to join the government. The reason being when the aboriginals join their unceded land will become legally part of the 15 commonwealth realm along with the United Kingdom. And will be turned over to the United Nations to have full control.
    “As of 2024, there are 15 Commonwealth realms: Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, The Bahamas, Belize, Canada, Grenada, Jamaica, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, and the United Kingdom.”(Wikipedia)
    I am not sure how accurate this is but we best all be waking up and supporting the Canadian Aboriginals to ensure the Crown doesn’t steal land again! Crown land means just that. Don’t be fooled.
    Something has been in the works for years. Recently records have been released to the public that show that Jean Chretien and the Liberals were trying weaken the rights of Canada’s Indigenous People some 20 years ago.

  4. Trudeau is not lawfully in office because his father pulled a coup d’etat in 1982, not a constitutional amendment. All governments since that time have been rogue, usurper governments. On top of it, the weasel has no majority in parliament and even less of one in the general population, which means he is acting undemocratically, which is how his father worked, and how the liberals-NDP work in general.


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