With A Signature, Jagmeet Singh Preserves Canada’s Democratic Decline

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In scientific terms, it’s called a “symbiotic” relationship. In colloquial terms, one would say “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.”

However it’s presented– or not presented at all– Canada’s Liberal government’s relationship with media is preventing our citizenship from comprehending a nation-transforming political development.

Are mainstream media being paid to obfuscate our nation’s greatest political transformation? Step-by-step, in incremental fashion, our country is being morphed from democracy to a post-modern form of dictatorship.

Those who follow international politics recognize an ebbing of the tide of woke liberal politics on a global basis. While uber-woke political leaders like Angela Merkel of Germany and Jacinda Ardern in New Zealand have bowed out of  globalist games, Canada exists in a state of socio-political osmosis.

Fair to say that of all western democracies seduced by self-destructive forces of political correctness, our country will be the last to fall off the globalist bandwagon– if it occurs at all.

One reason for our assessment comes in the form of a single signature from a key player in the woke war against society: the New Democratic Party of Canada.

With one swipe of a pen, current NDP party leader Jagmeet Singh holds 40 million Canadian voters hostage. A well-utilized propaganda technique fuels the socialist fire.

It’s called “subterfuge,” in which a decision is made which purports one reason for motivation, while a secondary reason exists as the actual motive.

Example: In exchange for PM Justin Trudeau’s approval of socialized dental care, Mr. Singh signs a “supply and confidence” agreement with the Liberals, which locks-in Trudeau as prime minister until October, 2025.

The dental care element isn’t the true purpose of the pact. The real reason is political preservation: Jagmeet Singh grants Trudeau a two-year extension to continue what he has been doing for the past eight years.

Media say nothing of the sort. Nor do they allude to ideological affiliation between the party leaders. For example, both despise the colonial founding of Canada.

Both men crave retribution for historical circumstances which cannot be altered. Our country’s founding is over and done with. All we can do is to learn from the past, with a goal of creating balance in a society as pluralist as ours.

Trudeau and Singh have no interest. Their “big picture” for the future of our nation remains under wraps. CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star? Forget about it– they are paid off and today function as instruments of government.

At a high level, the goal remains constant. Fiscal health, economic stability, social harmony– all exist independently of the true purpose of the Liberal-NDP pact:

The transition of Canada from free and democratic society to neo-authoritarian state. To be followed, in time, by the real thing.

CAP bring together a series of disparate developments which when synthesized, spell out the decay and eventual disappearance of democracy in Canada:

Colonialism: an academic agenda to disparage society, and over time, steal Canada from the descendants of those who founded our country.

Immigration: the transfer of Anglophone-Canadians to a minority community, in addition to weaponry to brand our people and general society racist.

Islamophobia: to portray Canadians as hateful bigots, in addition to functioning as a mechanism to remove Christian holidays from official status.

Multiculturalism: It is, and always has been, a tactic for marginalization of Canadians of European heritage. Unexposed by media since its inception in 1971 is an ominous fact: this policy only serves to damage “Old Stock” Canadians communities.

Founded by communist-admirer Pierre Trudeau, institutionalized “diversity” has been bashing away at English Canada since the day it was forced upon society.

Climate Change: Liberal government rationalization for the gutting of the Canadian economy, to be replaced with socialist governance in due time.

Carbon Taxation: Punitive in nature, this form of taxation is designed to erode business profits, impede Canadian farming, as well as result in ruination of the energy industry in Alberta.

LGBT: The feminization of the male species, method of male pacification. Abortion: minimizing birth-rates. Euthanasia: Minimizing unwanted, non-productive citizens.

The net result, you ask? Since legacy media breathe not a word of the circumstances, CAP created a term of our own:

Justin Trudeau’s “Woke Socialist Revolution.”  If one cares to delve into it, distinct parallels begin to emerge. Stalin’s Russian Revolution of 1917. Fidel Castro’s Cuban Revolution in the 1960’s. Mao Tse Tung’s Silent Revolution in China.

Here in Canada, we have our own paean to a “silent” revolution. It’s called “media’s cover-up of the entire agenda.”

Sad to think that if not for the NDP party, who control a mere 7% of seats in the House of Commons, the woke socialist revolution could come crashing down.

Because of Singh and his signature, it’s highly unlikely. At best, Canada will  be the last western democracy to abandon its woke socialist assault on society.

That is, if it happens at all.

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  1. Symbiosis?….I’d describe it as a parasitical arrangement. The lesser parasite (Singh) feeding on the Chief Parasite. (Truedolt.) The Chief Parasite, and his hand-picked host of vermin; suck the remaining lifeblood from the near-dead Canadian body. Singularly MAID in “Canada.”


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