Winnipeg Lab Investigation Threatens to Expose Liberal-China Collusion

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It is often only in retrospect that Canadian voters come to understand the damaging impact of government policy. A tacit relationship between government and media defers public comprehension of the downside of social policy as established by a succession of Liberal Party governments.

Under the existing structure, what should be understood as “ground zero” in Canada’s journey from free and democratic society to quasi-authoritarian state continues to be swept under the media rug.

Fascinating it is to speak of what mainstream media refuse to divulge. To select a timeline for opening up of Canada’s political arena to nefarious global forces, we reference the founder of the format.

Ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau, and his diplomatic embracement of China in the early 1970’s. From this starting point, Canada began to morph into a vision desired not by the people of Canada, but rather by a select group of Quebecois “Laurentian Mountain” elites.

Major players include former Liberal PM’s Jean Chretien, Paul Martin, as well as big money players like the Demarais family’s Power Corporation of Quebec. The Canada-China Business Council formed in 1978, its executive consisting of Demarais family members, in addition to top-level executives from the Bank Of Montreal[BMO].

While media sublimated the development on behalf of the Liberals, the Pierre Trudeau-endorsed CCBC would go on to forge deep and lasting ties between Ottawa and Beijing.

All of it culminating in what our country has seen under the iron-clad control of current PM Justin Trudeau. Let us be crystal clear: when it comes to Chinese election interference, in addition to a Covid-related virus scandal involving Winnipeg and Wuhan laboratory in China, the Liberals appear to be hiding a political development of magnanimous proportions.

“Who calls the shots in Canada, Ottawa or Beijing? It’s becoming harder to tell, especially after this week’s shameful performance by the House of Commons Ethics Committee.”

Can you imagine positing a question of this nature previous to the Liberal Party’s embracement of communist China? A person would look at you as if you were insane. Today, in 2023, it’s no longer the case.

Not only has political orientation in Canada morphed into a condition no one asked for, or approved of. Our national psyche has transitioned from a healthy body politic to a state of mental paranoia. A half-century of “progressive” Liberal politics has tainted our national imagination.

Today, the Ottawa versus Beijing control-issue is not without validity. Media won’t tell you, but reasons why are rooted in an historical relationship between the Liberals and the government of China:

“This is a grave and serious matter,” says Conservative MP Michael Chong, whose family is said to have been harrassed by foreign forces. told the committee.

“These Winnipeg lab breaches are part of a broader pattern by this government of neglecting Canada’s national security.”

After which we hear from half-Pakistani citizen Liberal MP Iqra Khalid, who dismisses the idea, saying “It’s not necessary, it’s not urgent.”

Of course Khalid would say this. To adhere to boss-man Justin Trudeau’s will is part-and-parcel of being a “post-modern” Liberal MP. The mandate is simple: always “do the right thing” for the party, even if it means doing the wrong thing for 40 million Canadians.

“In this time of rising geopolitical instability, it’s hard to think of anything that is more necessary, or urgent, than national security,” says the source article published this week by the National Post.

CAP deliver our brand of political paranoia: in our opinion, the Liberals are in love with “geopolitical instability.”

Pourquoi? Because the phenomenon is integral to socio-political “revolution.” It’s this factor that differentiates our ruling Liberal government from all that came before.

Trudeau’s Liberals are not about “managing the economy,” or anything as traditional as this task. Their agenda is rooted in “transformation”— a morphing of society into a “post-modern” condition, as alluded to by the PM in 2015. Powering their political objective is a serious dose of “international” assistance.

China is arguably the number one player in an agenda of transition from democracy to dictatorship. It only makes sense. They exist as the elephant-in-the-room of communist governance on a international basis.

“Canadians deserve answers. When the story first broke in 2021, the Liberals refused to release the documents. CSIS warned that Qiu was collaborating with China to increase the gain of function of some of the deadliest pathogens on earth.”

What are the Feds hiding? It’s gotta be something big. Chances are it’s more important than a cover-up of China’s election interference, which Trudeau has transferred into a three-ring circus through a pre-conceived delay in the investigation timeline.

“The government may perceive the defeat of [Conservative MP Michael] Chong’s ethics committee motion as a procedural victory. It telegraphs to both our allies and adversaries that Canada does not take security threats seriously — or worse yet, that its government does not want to.” 

Cultural Action Party[est. 2016] has to disagree. The situation is not an absence of  “taking security threats seriously.”

Although the National Post do quality work, the idea is media fodder. For over fifty-years, since the days of Trudeau Sr., the Liberals have been partnering with Beijing under-the-covers.

This is what Trudeau, Chrystia Freeland, Iqra Khalid and the rest are really attempting to hide away from the people of Canada.

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  1. liberals kiss the Chinese.
    conservatives kiss the tribe.

    glad your audience is raising its awareness, but just exactly how does that solve anything?


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