Will World Economic Forum Board Member Freeland Replace Trudeau?

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“With Liberal polling numbers in free fall, it appears that Canadians increasingly want Justin Trudeau’s tenure as Liberal Party Leader and Prime Minister to end. Nearly three quarters (72%) of Canadians now think Trudeau should step down, up from 60% in September.

A recent poll from Ipsos speaks to the issue of a replacement for PM Justin Trudeau.  Just 25 per cent of those surveyed said they’d consider voting Liberal if current Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland becomes party leader. 

For current Minister of Foreign Affairs Melanie Joly, the number drops to 18 per cent; Global Banker extrordinaire Mark Carney came in at  16 per cent; MP Anita Anand, 14 per cent ,and pint-sized Francois-Philippe Champagne, 12 per cent.

Frankly, if squeeky-voiced Chrystia Freeland is the best that Trudeau’s strategists can muster up, the Liberal Party are dwelling in deep doo-doo.

Not only is Freeland an unappealing candidate. Trudeau’s number one side-kick is a card-carrying affiliate of every patriot’s nightmare– the World Economic Forum, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland:

As reported by the Niagara Independent, “WEF global initiatives are championed in Canada by PM Justin Trudeau who is a celebrated national figure by the Forum’s Chairman Klaus Schwab; Deputy PM and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland who sits as a trustee on the WEF Board.

As followers of Canadian politics are aware, a massive amount of consternation has built up over the past decade regarding the influence of CEO Klaus Schwab’s WEF on world politics.

Even a cursory view of their website reveals a piece of fascination held back by media. In terms of social policy, Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government reflect a near-perfect emulation of the non-profit’s “core values.”

Climate change. Carbon taxation. LGBT advancement. Obsessive attitudes toward social bugaboos like racism, xenophobia, homophobia and the like.

As with another globalist powerhouse, Open Border Society founder and international media mogul George Soros, media in Canada shy away from references to Schwab’s WEF.

Writing for the National Post in 2021, Canadian journalist Rupa Subramanya bucks the media trend:

“Chrystia Freeland’s Side Gig With The WEF Is Endangering Canadian Democracy”

“Of note on the main agenda was a “stakeholder capitalism” panel, which included Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister, Chrystia Freeland. The former-journalist-turned-politician has been a fixture at the WEF for years.”

“In her book, Freeland notes that an invitation to Davos marks an aspiring plutocrat’s arrival on the international scene.” 

It’s enough to make the average Canadian patriot reach for their blood-pressure pills. If Freeland is fortunate enough to become WEF’s chosen one to run against Pierre Poilievre’s Conservatives, CAP venture to guess that every bit of reference to the World Economic Forum will be sublimated by media in Canada.

Why so bold in our prediction? Past experience is the answer. Turns out that another WEF-affiliate is playing as big a role in a move to retain the Liberal-Globalist lock on Canadian governance.

His name is Jagmeet Singh, leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada. Like Ms. Freeland, Singh is a card-carrying affiliate of WEF:

Degree of exposure from CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, et al? Nothing–not one darn sentence. Circumstances such as these are why the Liberals are financing legacy media. For the exclusive benefit of our ruling government, the press knowingly omit critical elements of political subterfuge.

Not that all looks gloomy at this stage of the game. Objectively speaking, Justin Trudeau is in a major free-fall. Only a political development on a colossal level will save Trudeau from a due-date with destiny.

“You reap what you sow,” said a wise man of antiquity. Even to this day, after eight years of Liberal-Globalist madness, CAP cannot fathom the decision-making of the Trudeau government. Alienation, division, anger and resentment appear to be the main derivatives resulting from the weirdness that is Liberal policy-making.

Barring something catastrophic– a Liberal merger with the NDP or Bloc Quebecois, the end of the woke globalist assault on our society appears to be an inevitability.

Unlikely it is that Chrystia Freeland and her irritating presence will prevent a change in federal governance. Trudeau’ backroom strategists are likely to play the female leader card, that much we believe.

Whether or not this will result in a preservation of Justin Trudeau’s “woke socialist revolution” remains to be seen.

NDP leader and WEF-affiliate Jagmeet Singh signed on the dotted line to preserve the Liberals until late 2025. Whether it’s enough time to turn Canada’s political tables around remains to be seen.

9 thoughts on “Will World Economic Forum Board Member Freeland Replace Trudeau?”

  1. no one will vote liberal if she gets in, even liberal voters themselves. that would be suicide of the party.

    the better candidate, whether you hate or love liberals is melanie joly, even though she lacks credentials, but what does it matter when you get your policies from WEF anyways

  2. btw brad, you proved you’re a fake christian when you’re only goal with this trudeau obsessed blog is clicks/views… good job smarty pants

    • Number one purpose is the removal of Trudeau, Liberals, Singh, Freeland, etc and the rest of the democracy-haters.

      For every negative troll like you, there are 1000s that appreciate CAP’s perspective, I have heard from them every day for years on end.

      So one detractor makes not a speck of difference to me, keeping on dissing, no problem in the least!

      • For all we know ” lol ” could be an unemployed and rejected Federal Liberal digital influencer.
        When you sit at home on welfare there isn’t much to do than troll.

    • It’s simply taking the wall that is Liberal globalism as advocated by the Liberal govt, and inverting the attitude.

      Liberal govt never change, and therefore CAP remain as cast-in-stone in the opposite direction.

      Have a good day.


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