Will Trudeau’s “Woke Reign Of Terror” Ever Come To An End?

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The Reign of Terror was a period of the French Revolution when, following the creation of the First Republic, a series of massacres and public executions took place in response to revolutionary fervour.

While PM Justin Trudeau’s “Woke Revolution” in Canada isn’t quite as macabre, concerned citizens have to wonder about the end-game involved. With the exposure of Chinese government interference in Canadian federal elections, a grim piece of reality descends on the state-of-our-nation:

If Trudeau and the Liberals can squirm their way out of culpability regarding China’s manipulation of the 2019 and 2021 elections, they can weasel their way out of anything.

Naturally, it helps to have mainstream media in government’s back pocket, as exposed by press production regarding China’s election manipulation. It’s truly a sad spectacle to witness CBC, Globe & Mail and the rest expound excuses fed to them  by the Liberals.

Upon exposure, suddenly Mr. Trudeau is positioned as a “great protector” of democratic virtue.  “We have known about China’s attempt at election manipulation for years” runs the government refrain. If so, why didn’t the people of Canada hear about it years ago?

Upon which CAP register a thought no patriot will want to face: if the Liberal-China scandal doesn’t create a call for impeachment of our PM, than nothing will. Meaning that it is possible–and likely–that the Liberal Party of Canada will form a federal government in perpetuity.

Cultural Action Party has been preaching this ungodly position since the day Justin Trudeau was planted on Canada’s political throne. After which we recognize a “double-whammy” inherent in the political seduction of Canadian society:

Not only is communist China controlling federal elections. Based on the leadership of Mr. Trudeau, Canada is being incrementally converted to communism. Part of this being exemplified in government-media relations. The Liberals fund legacy media, media support Trudeau’s “woke reign of terror.”

Justin Trudeau:

“I think where we should be careful as responsible leaders … is not falling into some of the political partisan traps that are out there right now.”

If Trudeau is a responsible leader, seven years of leadership prove he is only responsible to international forces such as the World Economic Forum, and not the citizens of Canada. Certainly not whom CAP refer to as “Old Stock” Canadians, which today exist as a nemesis community pushing-back against Mr. Trudeau’s woke globalist regime.

“Playing political games to get a partisan advantage will undermine people’s trust in their institutions, and will only assist the efforts of countries like Russia and China that attempt to make democracies unstable.”

‘Accuse Your Enemy Of What Which You Indulge In’

Justin Trudeau has spent so much time indulging in this practice–drawn from 20th century European fascist propaganda– that the sole of his neo-communist sneakers must be worn out by now.

This form of political spin is keeping Canada’s first dictator in power. This, and a handy-dandy signature from New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh. Establishment media won’t mention it, but Singh’s move is a blatant exercise in circumventing democratic governance in our country.

“Canadians can and should continue to have faith in their institutions around this, and they need to know that everyone is taking this seriously,” stated Trudeau.

Translation: We will maintain our pseudo-democratic control of the nation of Canada. Nothing will stop us from from fulfillment of our country’s transition to an authoritarian state.

Call us nihilistic, but we believe this emphatically. Democracy is done-like-dinner in the dying Great White North. CAP knew from the gleam in Trudeau’s eye upon winning his first election in late 2015.

Our interpretation of that fateful moment goes like this:

“You people have no idea what it means to elect me as prime minister. Unknown to you is that my election is a culmination of a half-century of globalist political manipulation. Beginning with my assumed father Pierre Trudeau, Canada now begins its transition to a neo-communist society. To be followed, in due time, by the real thing.”

The French Revolution challenged legal and moral foundations of society, providing the leaders of the Reign of Terror with new concepts regarding the role and structure of government.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s Social Contract argued that each person was born with rights, and they would come together in forming a government that would then protect those rights.”

“Under the social contract, the government was required to act for the general will, which represented the interests of everyone rather than a few factions.”

If this is Canada’s Liberal government in action, then CAP are white liberal snowflakes. The political behaviour of Team Trudeau is entirely antithetical to principles espoused by pioneers of democratic governance.

Time to face the globalist music: Justin Trudeau thinks like a communist, because he is one. Chinese interference be damned. Come hell or high water, Canada will transition to an authoritarian dictatorship at the hands of the most anti-democratic politician in the history of our nation.

5 thoughts on “Will Trudeau’s “Woke Reign Of Terror” Ever Come To An End?”

  1. “Canadians can and should continue to have faith in their institutions around this, and they need to know that everyone is taking this seriously,” stated Trudeau. Indeed. Perhaps one lash w/ a cat o’ nine tails for every wild lie this poseur has told? When the lashes end; Castreau’s head would be attached to quivering pulp. This fool is a liars liar. Nobody even comes close. World champion. If lies were radioactive; Castreau’s lying head would glow.

  2. The Liberals Cabinet and all media and Bureaucrats that are involved with these crimes NEED to be charged with Treason and Nuremberg Code violations. ALL of them then maybe the Canada can heal


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