Will Trudeau’s Islamophobia Obsession Ruin Canada For The Rest Of Us?

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There are few political hot-button issues in contemporary Canada as explosive as the issue of racism. Since PM Justin Trudeau took office in 2015, the topic of racism has been elevated to the pinnacle of social issues.

In no way is it a coincidence. A related question should have been asked years ago, but never was. It goes like this:

Has PM Trudeau personally elevated the degree of social consternation as related to racism in Canadian society? He most certainly has, and continues to do so as we speak.

Over the course of seven-plus years as PM, Trudeau and his Liberal government have elevated “Islamophobia” to the top social issue of our times. Media refuse to make the connection: it is Mr. Trudeau, more than any other Canadian, who has contributed to anger, resentment and related paranoia regarding race-relations within society.

The recent appointment of Amira Elghabaway as “Minister of Islamophobia” has brought social discord to unprecedented heights. Maintaining a similar level of animosity toward Canada as Mr. Trudeau, the appointment has fanned the flames of social trepidation.

The result is a paradoxical dynamic within society. The more so-called “Islamophobia,” the greater degree of political power for Trudeau’s select special interest communities.

Can Justin Trudeau believe that blatant favouritism toward Muslim-Canadians will not result in resentment from the rest of us? What began in 2015 as a loosely affiliated collection of Liberal politicians and non-profit organizations has transitioned to the greatest degree of community privilege in modern times.

Somehow, some way, Trudeau and his half-citizen team of religious fundamentalists keep getting what the IMAM ordered. Media exposure being top of mind. Few social issues get the mouse’s clicking like the topic of racism.

Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh, Liberal MP’s Omar Alghabra, Ahmed Hussen and Iqra Khalid. Half-citizens of Somalia, Syria and Pakistan respectively. Could these people have been “dropped” into office for a specific purpose? Once in power, they never lose their seats. The wholly unappealing Alghabra has won his Mississauga Centre ridings four times in succession. For Hussen and Khalid, also of the Liberal powerhouse Greater Toronto Area, it has been three terms straight for both.

Working closely with National Council of Canadian Muslims, these folks have transitioned to our nation’s most powerful “special interest” political players. With the mighty race-card in the pocket, an ability to push around general society defies logic.

Justin Trudeau supports the entire venture. Through an appointment of Canada-basher Amira Elghabaway, our PM once again fans the flames of social unrest. The victimization agenda pits community against community, citizen against citizen.

The result is potential ruination of Canadian society. Can this be the goal inherent in the entire production? Certainly, it’s not the only factor, yet the “race-card” ploy is fundamental within the entire structure.

In appointing Ms. Elghabaway, Mr. Trudeau has angered Old Stock Canadians. The government of Quebec are incensed by her appointment.

‘Quebec calls for resignation of federal government’s anti-Islamophobia representative’

Naturally, Elghawaby will not be fired. Trudeau wouldn’t do it for all the farms in Western Canada. Obstinate by nature, Canada’s “Islamophobia” industry are as stuck-in-the-mud as religious tenets found in holy scripture. Simply put, they never change. In this we find the key to the social consternation which springs forth.

“Ottawa must fire Amira Elghawaby immediately if she chooses not to resign, Jean-François Roberge, Quebec’s minister responsible for relations with Canada and for state secularism. Now, he said, she has to go.”

She won’t go– certainly not at this time. Trudeau’s religious posse does not capitulate–period. The ramifications will be typical as snow in Nunavut: they will win, all those who oppose will lose.

Upon which we recognize the paradoxical nature at hand: the more racism, the more power accumulated. Is this why Justin Trudeau selected a hijab-wearing fundamentalist female to lord it over our society?

By blessing one identifiable community with a unique privilege, Justin Trudeau damages life in Canada for those outside the community. Think about it. Although racism against Christians is at an all-time high, we have no Minister of Christophobia. Anti-Jewish sentiment has gone through the roof, and there exists no Minister of Judeophobia.

Why an exclusive for Islam? Furthermore, what does it say when not only anti-Muslim sentiment, but bigotry against all ethnic and religious communities has risen under the leadership of Justin Trudeau?

It tells us Canada is in trouble. Call CAP paranoid, but we say the entire situation has been done with intention. The goal buried by Trudeau’s paid-off media goes like this:

When transitioning a nation to a post-modern, “born-again” status as a authoritarian state, fragmentation of general society is the quickest path to success.

In this, Canada’s Muslim-Canadian community is being used by government. The same applies to LGBT Canada. While we are at it, make that Hindu Canada, Sikh Canada, Jewish Canada, Black Canada, Christian Canada, and every other form of identifiable community.

Justin Trudeau is a user, and nothing more. The longer he remains prime minister, the faster our society walks the plank toward the demise of freedom and democracy in the dying “Great White North.”

5 thoughts on “Will Trudeau’s Islamophobia Obsession Ruin Canada For The Rest Of Us?”

  1. Of Late I Think of Islam:
    “You, Trudeau the Younger, are a wheeler instead of a maker. A dealer instead of a leader. A financier, a pusher, a brain, a manipulator, a raider, a leech. Because you are a taker instead of a builder. A conniver instead of a designer. A user instead of a bringer.”

  2. “Somehow, some way, Trudeau and his half-citizen team of religious fundamentalists….” The (often derogatory) term “Religious fundamentalists”–Brings up images of the late preacher Jerry Falwell. (The Moral Majority.) I’ll take one-thousand men like Jerry Falwell; over this Islamic torpedo. Better to use the contextually correct term: “Islamic fundamentalists.” Unlike this interloping “paper Canadian” she devil; Christian “fundamentalists” love their country. If America had heeded men like Billy Graham/ Jerry Falwell; they might not be in the horrid; immoral mess they’re in today. “And this is the verdict: The Light [Christ] has come into the world, but men loved the darkness rather than the Light because their deeds were evil” (John 3:19, Berean Standard Bible). Hello Trudeau.


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