Will No One Speak Up On Behalf Of Canada’s Anglophone Communities?

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It is a most curious phenomenon. While Statistics Canada has offered up data which paints a portrait of both Toronto and Vancouver as majority racialized cities, media refrain from speculation on the subject.

Why would this be? Demographic transformations of this nature are critical to a changing society. If this occurs in two of our nation’s largest cities, it is bound to replicated throughout major cities and towns throughout Canada. Why then do media remain mum on the topic?

“In 2021, 57% of the residents of the metropolitan area of Toronto belonged to a visible minority group, compared with 13% in 1981.”

Sounds like significant news to CAP. Unfortunately, CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and the rest of mainstream don’t agree. Or rather, can it be that government’s pay-off of legacy media has resulting in sublimation of such nation-changing news?

We expand on the thought. The situation is not limited to the press. Fact is, in PM Justin Trudeau’s no core identity Canada, any and all discussion regarding the future destiny  of our country is off-limits.

Regarding this topic, Cultural Action Party’s antenna went up years ago. It began when we noticed how specific terms within society are perpetually omitted. Justin Trudeau has been prime minister for over seven years. During this time, he has not once verbalized these terms: “English Canada” and/or “Anglophone Canadians.”

Let us contrast this with verbalization regarding his chosen “special interest” communities. LGBT, a thousand times. Sikhism, two thousand, and Islam ten thousand(estimates).

Why does Mr. Trudeau “enjoy the silence?” What does it say about a community certain to one day transition to a minority in our country? We may be white, but we are hardly invisible.

Turning to so-called Conservative parties and their pundits, the same applies. Pierre Poilievre doesn’t do it. The CPC may well be less woke and less globalist than Trudeau’s Liberals, but never do they go there.

Even so-called “alternate” media like Rebel News won’t touch the taboo topic. What does this have to have about our post-modern society?

None of it sounds like good news for Anglophones, including other Canadians of European Heritage. Underneath every demographic federal government policy is a common theme of damage toward “traditional” Canada.

Upon which we roll out the usual suspects: immigration, diversity, multiculturalism, euthanasia, abortion, transgenderism. Each one backed with fervor by our Liberal government; each detrimental to Anglo-European demography.

Is all this part of a calculated agenda? CAP which we knew the answer. No one talks about it. The entire ouvre bringing fresh meaning to the term “silent majority.”

“New data from the census released Wednesday shows that 54 per cent of the people in the region identified as a visible minority, up from 49 per cent in 2016.”

“That increase was predominantly due to 154,820 new immigrants who settled in Metro Vancouver between 2016 and 2021, most of them coming from India and China.”

We recognize the dynamic at hand. Media will speak of the impact of visible minority demographics, but never do they transition to the inverse of the topic: how does all this effect white Canadians, Anglophones, Christians and other elements of “Old Stock” Canada?

Pure silence. Not a speck of speculation. CAP offer a conclusion:

All of this is incredibly bad news for our communities. Within 30 years, Anglophones will transition to a minority community. To which we add a corollary. It’s one thing for whites to constitute a minority. It is quite another for these folks to transition to an oppressed minority.

Think Justin Trudeau and his Liberal-Globalists incapable of such devious planning? It’s certainly not written in the book of CAP. Considering the Liberal’s punitive approach to our people– branding us racists and homophobic– the outcome may very well prevail.

Something for our readers to think on. Truth is, we have no representation as an identifiable community. While Charter Rights exist upon which such can be based, no one is willing to take the leap.

Pourquoi? Because to do so is to invite the racist label from government, media and academia. Caught in a trap and you can’t get out of it? A premeditated set-up for Anglos to be sent to the back of Canada’s political bus?

We leave it to our readers to ponder the consequences.

4 thoughts on “Will No One Speak Up On Behalf Of Canada’s Anglophone Communities?”

  1. With no cohesive, central cultural identity in Canada, after decades of advocating for a multicultural muck, a vacuum is beginning to appear in this most important aspect of a country, a common culture to glue us together and not just nature but politics, abhors a vacuum.
    Groups will start vying for political power, emboldened by being told for decades that whites have been the problem, systemic racism, colonialism, white supremacy, et cetera.
    It will turn our once beautiful country into a craphole of competing cultural ideologies, none of which represent the once much vaunted Canadian society, born of WASP, Judeau-Christian, Greek-Roman,Western European values and principles, that immigrants used to come to this country for, in order to flourish.

  2. I’m being (sort of) facetious: One day; we may find ourselves in the terrible position of White South African farmers. Fortunately; we’re joined to the US; not Black Africa. There’s only one “Canadian” (if indeed we can call him a Canadian) who single-handedly deserves the rubber tire “necklace” treatment. It’s a terrible thing to say that about anyone; but this putz has gone beyond actual treason; a once-upon-a-time capital crime.


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