Will Media Successfully Crush Pierre Poilievre’s Bid For Prime Minister?

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They did it to Stephen Harper, Andrew Scheer and Erin O’Toole. While it might be a stretch to conclude that Canadian media defeated these former Conservative Party leaders, it isn’t a far cry from the truth.

Media strategy has been obvious since the day CBC and the rest hung the racist albatross around the neck of the Conservatives. The year was 2015. The issue was the Niqab.

“The case started with a lawsuit from Zunera Ishaq, a devout Muslim who moved to Ontario from Pakistan in 2008 to join her husband. Ishaq agreed to remove her niqab for an official before writing and passing her citizenship test two years ago, but she objects to unveiling in public at the oath-taking ceremony.”

It was all CBC, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star needed to pin the racism tail on the Conservative donkey. Media were off to the races– quite clearly, the CPC are a party of racist bigots.

The fact that Zunera Ishaq wanted to circumvent 150 years of Canadian tradition was irrelevant. Ours is a progressive country, rendering ungrateful migrants fodder for a post-modern label to be pinned on the Conservative Party. Add to this media’s branding of CPC leaders as anti-abortion, and the “Con-as-racist narrative” was up and running.

Yet, to the chagrin of PM Justin Trudeau and his back-room schemers, not everything in a society can be controlled by government. Times change, and to a large extent, so have Canadian attitudes toward media.

In 2022, cynicism that didn’t exist toward the press when Trudeau was first elected is prevalent. Most of it developed as a result of the Liberal’s massive funding project for over 1000 Canadian media outlets.

The bias raged as legacy media began a project of Conservative Party polarization. Liberals are righteous and progressive, believing in equality for all communities. Conservatives are white supremacists who walk side-by-side with racists at Trucker Convoy rallies.

One target is newly-minted leader of the CPC, Pierre Poilievre. We must understand how media work. There will be no racist accusations out of the gate– that’s far too blatant a tactic. Rather, a slow build of racist connotations will ramp up as Canada heads toward a future federal election.

Will it work? Like “The Boy Who Cried Wolf,” media may have played the race-card one too often. Plus, Mr. Poilievre is being careful regarding the holy topic of “inclusivity”. Unlike Justin Trudeau, the CPC leader isn’t being found on bended knee in front of the Liberal’s ace-in-the-hole: 3rd World, Sikh and Muslim Canadians.

A changing Canada means a certain degree of focus on racialized communities is critical to success. Still, there is a fine line between reasonable support and grovelling for votes as Canada’s King of Wokism has done since day one.

If Poilievre can balance support within our pluralist society, it may work to his benefit.

“Most voters believe, according to a recent Leger/Postmedia poll, that he[Trudeau] has divided the nation because he “often favours certain groups and regions of the country over others, which has created national unity issues.”

What an odd-ball phenomenon. Is this not how a government leads a nation toward community fragmentation? Yet, for almost seven years running, this social dynamic has remained the modus operandi of the Trudeau’s Liberals.

There must be reason for this overt favouritism. It could have been different. One tiny change in strategy would have eased the pain for millions of “Old Stock” Canadians:

Justin Trudeau shuns Canada’s traditional communities– while at the same time heaping endless praise upon 3rd World peoples. The blatant favouritism angers millions of citizens, yet Trudeau does it regardless.

A healer, or a heathen? On this basis, can one safely say that our current PM is a national leader for all citizens, regardless of community identification? Not a chance in Hades. Never has a prime minister displayed such bias toward specific segments of society.

Throughout Trudeau’s political reign, media has not once referenced this dynamic. Churches have burned, pastors are thrown in jail. A recent report says that hate crimes against Catholics has risen 240% in our country.

Justin Trudeau, professed Catholic, responds by saying that “Islamophobia must be crushed.” Chances are high that Pierre Poilievre will handle things differently. Could it be that the majority of Canadians are now seeing through Liberal-Media propaganda campaigns? Have the Liberals “cried wolf” one too many times?

“According to the Reuters Institute’s 2022 Digital News Report, trust in the Canadian news media has sunk to its lowest point in seven years[same length of time Trudeau has been PM]. The study, produced by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at the University of Oxford, has found that trust in the news has dropped 13 per cent since 2016.

This is what occurs when government purchase Canada’s media, transitioning it to a communist structure integrating government and media into a singular commodity.

‘LILLEY UNLEASHED! Calling Poilievre A White Supremacist Over Use Of Anglo Saxon Disgusting.’

Let us come to terms with the present condition of Canada. Diversity–good. Anglo-Saxonbad. How did society come to be anti-Anglophone, when the majority of citizens– as well as politicians and media figures– come from a Catholic or Protestant  background?

A Canadian is a white supremacist because they spoke the word Anglo-Saxon? Do tell, fellow patriots– when has media stated, for example, that one of Trudeau’s half-citizen Cabinet members is a religious supremacist because they spoke the word “Koran?”

Why the hate-on for English Canada and its Anglophone peoples? For CAP, it’s the question of the century. It’s sources are manifold. A primary one being that whenever a Trudeau family member becomes prime minister, our society begins to slide toward communist affectations. For Cultural Action Party, Trudeau-brand Liberalism is communism.

For a half-century, media have failed to articulate an obvious fact: Liberalism in Canada is decidedly Quebecois. Is Justin Trudeau still fighting it out on the fields of the Plains of Abraham? For CAP’s money, our current PM is constantly fighting some form of post-modern battle.

Unity is not his thing. Whether Eastern versus Western, Christian against Muslim, Pro-Life and Pro-Death, Justin Trudeau is always at war with some aspect of Canadian society.

Pierre Poilievre is not the saviour of Canada. PM Trudeau and his world of wokism tried that, and failed miserably. Politically, Canada may go ’round in circles, oscillating back and forth between Liberals and Conservatives.

Yet, unlike our current PM, it is unlikely Pierre Poilievre will qualify as a destroyer of Canada’s valued institutions. He’s a far better option than the continuation of the Liberal-Communist Occupational Government headed up by Justin Trudeau.

5 thoughts on “Will Media Successfully Crush Pierre Poilievre’s Bid For Prime Minister?”

  1. LOL @ Citizenship Test😍

    Trudeau is hell bent on diversifying Canada into mayhem. Those that would fail the test because of learning impediments or the language barrier are whisked off to a private room where they are coached, coddled and a given the answers for the free ride on the back’s of the tax payer.

    Trudeau is Pol Pot, it is just done at a much slower pace.

  2. I don’t know how ANY True Canadian could EVER vote fir the Liberal party again.
    After the last few years of lies, deceit and corruption from the prime minister and his cabinet and the silence of the rest of the liberal MPs they have proven they will do Anything necessary to deceive voters to cling to power!!


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