Will Media Play The Racism-Abortion Card To Crush The Conservative Party?

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Over the past decade, Cultural Action Party has observed a recurring pattern as promoted by the Liberal Party of Canada, in addition to mainstream media.

Utilizing a boxing metaphor, CAP describe this as a “one-two punch.” First,  label the Conservative Party and others like them racists. Follow up by branding them anti-abortion fanatics.

Why do they do it? Because it has worked every time– thus far. In this spirit we present MP Maryam Monsef. A former Liberal Cabinet member of unknown national origin, Monsef this week had the following to say:

“Tonight in Quebec, Erin O’Toole pretended to be pro-choice. But in reality, he’ll let his team bring forward legislation to restrict abortion access. That’s the same position as Andrew Scheer,” Monsef said.

If conjecture be the game, CAP put forth our own prediction– the closer we get to election day, the more accusations racism and anti-abortion sentiment will arise regarding the Conservatives.

Media did it in 2015 and 2019— and it worked like a charm. Delivering a most salient thought– CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star surely want the Conservatives to lose any and all federal elections.

“In Canada, abortion is a settled topic. The country has the most laissez-faire abortion laws in the world, allowing abortion to occur at any stage of pregnancy. It has been this way since 1988,” says Canada’s Post Mellennial News.

Abortion policy–or the lack thereof– has been sacrosanct since the days of Pierre Trudeau. Wade into these waters at your peril– it is the “sacred cow” of Canadian liberalism.

Its political partner, racism, is a more recent form of political tool. Not to say racist attitudes are new. They certainly are not, as sociologists can verify. Any element of the contemporary is found in how racism today functions within politics.

No one should understand this better than those living in Canada between 2015-2021. Indeed, they would–if media were not tasked to obfuscate the circumstances.

In our post-modern world, racism is political weaponry. As utilized in the comedown of Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper. As it applied to the defeat of party leader Andrew Scheer in 2019.

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All of which brings about a pertinent question: will this happen in the 2021 election? With a 36-day window from a drop of the writ until voting day, strategy remains critical. The chance of media jumping out-of-the-gate with this bomb is unlikely.

Better to it unfold like all Liberal-Globalist strategies– incrementally, in piecemeal fashion. Should the Conservative Party get too high on their horses, saddle up the racist accusations, and witness the political fur fly.

Liberal stalwart MP Maryam Monsef is already hinting at it. Migrating from either Iran or Afghanistan(only her hair-dresser knows for sure), the ex-Cabinet Minister understands the concept of systemic racism.

On the positive side, there is always a chance that voters could transcend abortion/racist strategic smearing. Imagine if voters were to toss aside the chains that bind in this regard.

On this basis, perhaps the unthinkable would result, as media fail to assist Justin Trudeau in winning a third term as prime minister.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder (Est. 2016)

3 thoughts on “Will Media Play The Racism-Abortion Card To Crush The Conservative Party?”

  1. O’Toole gets sucked in by the Liberals. When asked any abortion question, all he has to say is that abortion is legal in Canada. Next question.

    Instead, he pulls the Trudeau BS of spouting off all kinds of damaging word salad, and then traps himself again.

    The Conservative Party Management is a pathetic bunch of clowns. Most ads are horrible. Does anybody even bother watching them before they are approved?

  2. Of course they will, as you well know that the Liberals pay a huge amount of our money to the media, they are dependent on it.

    Why have you not bought the medias bias to the attention of the people. We are aware just by the looks on their faces when something comes up and we can read between the lines they do not even try to act unbias….call them on it sometime the true Canadians will stand behind you….name and shame.


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