Will Liberals Kill Proposed ‘Christian Heritage Month’ Legislation?

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Under the auspices our ruling Liberal government, religious equality in Canada has transitioned to a most spurious condition. While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks language, a closer look at government behaviour reveals blatant hypocrisy within the ranks.

By all accounts, the Christian religion in Canada is down on it’s luck:

“It’s not the stuff of headlines, Christianity having been tossed into the toxic oppression dungeon by decolonialist studies,” wrote Canadian journalist John Robson in a recent article published by the National Post.

Right. What a shame Canadians aren’t comprehending propaganda techniques being used by government to malign Canadians of European heritage. CAP mention the unmentionable: Anglophone Canadians, Christian Canadians.

As opposed to our lauded Sikh and Muslim communities, Christian Canadians have been systemically transitioned to the doghouse of society.

Colonialists we are. Genocidal, racist, homophobic, xenophobic. These designations have been flavouring Justin Trudeau’s woke globalist recipe book since day one in office.

“Even in Canada they are targets, from the nativity scene Moncton city council tried to nix along with its traditional Hanukkah menorah to the creeping ban on Christian prayer by military chaplains on Remembrance Day.”

“And the creeping ideology behind it whereby the Canadian Human Rights Commission just denounced Christmas as a toxic part of Canada’s history with religious intolerance…deeply rooted in our identity as a settler colonial state.”

Loosely translated, this dynamic spells the dissolution of traditional Canadian society. The situation is pure Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party, hell-bent on transforming Canada from democratic society to pseudo-communist state.

Our federal government maintain a lenient approach toward oppressive theocratic regimes, inclusive of a host of Christian-persecuting nations:

“Of particular concern to the U.S. State Department including Nigeria’s Boko Haram, Yemen’s Houthis, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, al-Shabaab in Somalia, the Taliban and Syria’s Tahrir al-Sham. Give credit also to Communists in Cuba, China and North Korea.”

What a can-of-worms this opens, which should be understood by all Canadians, but isn’t.

“Canada’s imports from Somalia in 2021 totalled $423,000, consisting of chemical products, vegetable products, vehicles and equipment, and machinery.”

“Canada’s international assistance to Somalia is significant– $78.3 million in disbursements through all channels in 2020 and 2021.”

What a wonderful world of foreign aid it could be. It isn’t, because Trudeau’s Liberals love donating billions of dollars to Middle Eastern governments who persecute Christians on a regular basis.

“Christians in Somalia face high social pressure and ostracism or even death when the family or community discovers the conversion to Christianity.”

Ever witness mainstream media in Canada spell out these facts? Never is the answer. With so much print space dedicated to “Islamophobia,” it must be difficult to find the band-with to cover off persecution of Christians throughout Africa and the Middle East.

Media bias becomes obvious and apparent. According to CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and the rest, Muslim-Canadians are the target, with “Old Stock” generational Canadians constituting a nasty community of oppressors.

It’s arguable that of all Christian-persecuting nations, the most extreme on the planet is Nigeria. In fiscal year 2021 to 2022, Canada’s foreign aid assistance to the African nation reached $152.2 million.

The fundamentalist nation of Iraq is also high on the list. For their troubles, the Trudeau government have coughed up $483 million in taxpayer-funded foreign aid.

Anyone else notice a Liberal pattern at play? Turns out our federal government are bending over backward for the benefit of Islamic governments and their fundamentalist religious regimes.

Media bat not an eyelash. Therefore, it’s with curiosity that we point to a bill tabled by Conservative MP backbencher:

Conservative MP introduces bill to declare December ‘Christian Heritage Month’

According to the CBC, Bill C-369, The Christian Heritage Month Act, is unlikely to be debated or come up for a vote.

Cultural Action Party believe them. This is not Islam or Sikhism. Heck, it isn’t even Hindu, Tamil or Somalian.

Did you know? Each one of these has official heritage day status in Canada. Progressing toward the Christian faith, we have nothing. And for as long as the Liberals remain in power, any attempt at religious equality for Christians doesn’t have a prayer of passing into law.

“Marilyn Gladu, the MP for the Ontario riding of Sarnia–Lambton, introduced Bill C-369, the Christian Heritage Month Act, to the House of Commons on Tuesday.”

“The bill lands as the Conservatives press a petition campaign against a Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC) paper that described statutory holidays marking Christian religious dates as discriminatory.”

Can CAP get a witness? We stand in recognition of systemic prejudice directed at a single identifiable religious community. Why is it the case? Because Canada is today caught in the midst of a post-modern incarnation of socialist revolution.

In historical terms, Christian communities have existed a thorn-in-the-side to socialist revolutionary despots like Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse Tung and Fidel Castro. It is only through media obfuscation that Justin Trudeau is not put in the same league.

Conservative MP Marilyn Gladhu  says “a number of religions have formal calendar designations recognized by Parliament — including Sikh, Jewish, Islamic and Hindu heritage months — and she believes that’s also appropriate for Christianity since over half of the country are Christians, per the census.”

“It’s the right month and it’s the right time,” Gladu said.

Hate to break it to you, Ms. Gladhu, but an additional 12 months could be added to Canada’s calendar year, and there still wouldn’t be a “right time” for Christian Heritage Month to join a pantheon of community heritage tributes.

“It’s not the stuff of headlines, Christianity having been tossed into the toxic oppression dungeon by decolonialist studies. Its adherents are pilloried as cruel, hypocritical and mighty despite being arguably the most persecuted religion globally.”

Let’s look at two potential outcomes for the proposal:

The Liberals endorse the bill, agreeing that such a designation is worthy of inclusion. This adds credence to government dedication to religious community equality in Canada.

The Liberals kill the bill. Christianity continues down the path systemic degeneration. Not only in religious terms, but in terms of  statistical representation:

“In 2021, over 19.3 million people reported a Christian religion, representing just over half of the Canadian population (53.3%). However, this proportion is down from 67.3% in 2011 and 77.1% in 2001.”

Translation: While Sikh and Muslim populations in Canada have doubled in the past twenty years, Christian representation among the Canadian demographic is dropping like a bomb.

“Canada’s fertility rate decreased from 1.47 children per woman in 2019 to a record low of 1.40 children per woman in 2020.”

“In 2020, Canada  experienced the lowest number of births since 2007 and the greatest year-over-year decrease in births (-3.6%) since 1997, a trend similar to several other countries.”

Since the terms “Anglophone” and Anglo-European” are taboo in Canada, no one is going to tell you that the birth-rate statistics mainly apply to white Canadians.

“The fertility rate for Muslims in Canada was higher than the rate for other Canadians (an average of 2.4 children per woman for Muslims.)”

Can we be staring the future of our country in the face? If we are, the eye-ball count is remarkably low. Media don’t deliver this kind of messaging to Canadians. Those funding legacy media, the Liberal government, don’t want what remains of “mainstream” Canada to understand where our country is headed in the coming decades.

Naturally, the writer cannot get through his article without a sound thrashing of government’s animus faith:

“It’s a well-meaning blunder for a Conservative MP to try to make December Christian Heritage Month. It turns Christianity from the foundation of our society and values to one of a dozen amusing antiquated habits.”

Antiquated, eh? As opposed to Sharia Law, the darling of “progressive” liberal politics worldwide? Public flagellation of homosexuals in Muslim-dominated Singapore? How about a call-out to female genital mutilation in Somalia?

Canadians should expect no less from media in Canada. They tow the government line, and in Justin Trudeau’s Canada, Christianity has been officially designated “persona non grata.”

Besides, how likely is it that PM Trudeau’s team of closet communists, half-citizen imports and 3rd World ethnic power-players are going to vote in favour of a Christian Heritage Month designation?

Most wouldn’t do it for all the snow in Nunavut. Certainly not Justin Trudeau. Doubtful it is for triple-citizen, MP Salma Zahid. Attorney General MP Arif Virani? National President for the Canadian Somali Congress and current Minister of Housing Liberal MP Ahmed Hussen?

Let’s not get ridiculous. This bill is going to do the greatest belly-flop in the history of “social equity” advancement in Canada.

“Practicing Christian” Justin Trudeau wouldn’t have it any other way.

5 thoughts on “Will Liberals Kill Proposed ‘Christian Heritage Month’ Legislation?”

  1. ” “Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law”

    Will Trudeau/Singh want to change the opening line in Canada’s Charter of Rights, after voting down ” Christian Heritage Month ” ??

    Will REAL Canadians accuse the Liberal/NDP government of discrimination and DEMAND that all those other religious celebrations be banned as well ??

    Write your MP if you’re a REAL Canadian ( not one that commits a major crime then runs back to the Country they ” don’t feel safe in ” ) and demand they support Gladu’s motion ??

    Enough of immigrants wanting to destroy our heritage and traditions.

  2. Jesus: “If they persecuted me; they will also persecute you.” (John 15:20). Two thousand years later; Trudeau is unconscionably working to help fulfill the latter half of this verse.

  3. Interesting how after fifty years of illegal third world mass migration of people whose cultures are the polar opposite of Canadian culture, we have gone from one of the most respected fair and decent societies on earth to being racist, blah blah blah….(insert your favorite woke commie language here).


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