Will Justin Trudeau END Canada’s 154-Year Relationship With Britain?

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“The Executive Government and authority of and over Canada is hereby declared to continue and be vested in the Queen.”

Thus stated in the Canadian Constitution Act,  which existed from 1867-1982, Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau brought this to an end in the final year of his rule as prime minister.

In 1982, Trudeau Sr. legislated the following:

The Canada Act 1982  is an act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom that was enacted at the request of the Parliament of Canada, to end the power of the British Parliament to amend the Canadian constitution.

Thus resulted a fundamental severing of ties between Canada and the Crown. Cultural Action Party have since our founding in 2016 maintained a belief that the Trudeau family– current PM Justin Trudeau, brother Alexandre, as well as Pierre Trudeau before them maintain a serious animus toward English Canada.

It is in this spirit that CAP propose the following question: Is Justin Trudeau’s goal to permanently sever ties with Britain, and therefore the British Crown?

A significant clue is found is a recent poll which informs us that the desire among Canadians to drop the monarchy is at the highest level recorded in the past 12 years.

For astute political observers, this should be as shocking as snow on a Nunavut winter morning. After all, pride in Canadian identity–in particular that of English Canada— has been decimated since the day Pierre Trudeau became prime minister some 50 years ago.

To fast-forward to PM Justin Trudeau is to witness an agenda in  supreme overdrive. Based upon Liberal government and media presentation, one would conclude English Canada and its Anglophone peoples are a most vile identifiable community.

Have you heard the news? Anglophones are racists, bigots, xenophobes and genocidal toward Aboriginal Canadians. To make matters worse, it is not necessarily “radicals” who say so. It is the prime minister of Canada, his Cabinet and Caucus, in addition to our powerhouse multicultural industry.

Here’s an “alternate media” theory which may resonate: Justin Trudeau’s selection of Julie Payette for Governor General is the poorest appointment for the role in Canadian history. Was this intentional? The fact is that Ms. Payette has an extremely sketchy background.

Julie Payette was charged with assault on November 24, 2011. At least one source alleged that the victim was her then-husband, Billie Flynn. 

In 2016, Toronto Star reported that as she was driving home one day, Julie Payette killed a pedestrian with her car. Also in 2016, Ms. Payette resigned from the Montreal Science Centre following complaints about her poor treatment of employees.


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So why did PM Trudeau selected Julie Payette for the GG position? Fact is, this lady had no experience in constitutional law, or any form of education qualifying her for the role. Experience in traveling through outer-space she does have, as a professional astronaut.
Did Justin Trudeau’s experience as a professional space cadet serve as the motive for her appointment? Other theories begin to percolate: Trudeau chose her because she was perfect for “puppet-like” capacity our PM so desired.
Even more nefarious is the thought that Trudeau wanted to make a mockery of the Governor General position. Considering his obvious disdain for all-things British in Canada, who is to say this is an impossibility?
So where is Trudeau’s action on an appointment of a new Governor General? It could come tomorrow, as no one can predict the future.
If, however, this delay becomes a long-term reality, perhaps the next stage of Justin Trudeau’s erosion of democracy is now underway in the form of a divorce from Britain.
— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)

5 thoughts on “Will Justin Trudeau END Canada’s 154-Year Relationship With Britain?”

  1. While we must acknowledge our British and French heritage, and our First peoples, it is time that we take LEAVE from the Queen and to become a Sovereign Free Strong and Free Canada!

    Drafting and ratifying our very own authentic Constitution, using the framework of the BAN Act; We must dissolve the Corporation of the Government of Canada;

    And we must Declare our Independence and Neutrality among the Nations of the world.

    Our government(s) will govern with the Consent of the Will and Leadership of a Real Majority of Canadians

    Elected Members of Parliament will SERVE Canadians, and must SWERA an Oath to the Citizens of Canada.

    • No, We came from Britain and we are from Britain. Those of us, who have been here for more than 10 minutes anyway, realise that when the relationship between a people and their history is severed, you get a schizophrenic nation. You want a republic, go south.

  2. We are independent mr hickey…I notice you have a french last name…would that be a reason for you to want to get rid of her !

  3. Yes we need to leave the monarchy it is such a joke, so outdated and racist. Now that the governal general is gone it makes it easier for Trudope to get rid of the monarch and roll us right over to CCP control.

    It amazes me how people can not see that this Chinas virus was started to do what china has said for years. We will rule the whole world now they have Trudeau in their pocket and now they have Biden.

    • How is the Monarchy racist? Maybe read a book into the geneology of H.M, she is a descendant of Mohammed. Thats not a theory, its a fact. So much judgement on appearances these days backed by little to no education.


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