Will Immigration, Multiculturalism Result In Ruination Of Canada?

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If anything can be considered a “classic” of Liberal government assault on democratic values, acting against the will of the people exists at its pinnacle.

Detached from the principle of the “will of the majority,” media in Canada have yet to explicitly state the fact. Among myriad examples, the topic of immigration exists as a primary example:

“A large majority[75%] of Canadians agree that higher immigration is fuelling the housing crisis and putting pressure on the health-care system.” a new Leger poll suggests.

A whopping majority it is. Not that it will make a speck of difference. From day one in office, PM Justin Trudeau has turned a blind eye to fundamentals maintained within western democratic societies.

“The polling found that about three-quarters of respondents agreed the increase in immigrants is adding strain to both the housing market and health-care system.”

A recent article from a small-market publication in Ontario focuses on the sacrosanct issue of Canadian immigration policy. Newmarket Today at least inserts an element of skepticism regarding a country with the highest quotas for immigration intake in the world.

CAP apply our critical lens to a topic conveniently eschewed by  media:

“Is Embracing Immigration Still A Facet Of Canadian Identity?”

“Columnist Patrick Gossage discusses its roots and and links to our values, and how that’s being challenged by current economic and social issues.”

“The most prevalent and traditional attitude held by multi-generational Canadians is that we are a welcoming society, our arms are open to all kinds of newcomers that have made Canada one of the most diverse ‘tossed salad’ societies in the world.”

Traditional attitude, or traditional federal government policy? Thematic throughout Canadian media is the idea that Canadians selected immigration policy of their own free will.

They didn’t, and the same can be applied to multiculturalism, another element of Canadian “culture” deemed sacrosanct in our society.

 “The 1988 Canadian Multiculturalism Act institutionalized a growing political sense that the huge influx of postwar immigrants produced unity in diversity and promoted integration and accommodation rather than the melting pot found south of the border in the U.S.”

The key word being “institutionalized.” Meaning forced upon society without public approval. The history of Canadian multiculturalism originated with former Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau. Devoid of public input, sans any form of referendum, PET instituted the dissolution of bi-cultural English & French Canadian identity, replacing it with multiculturalism.

How often has media referenced a lack of democracy applied to an enforced transition of cultural identity in Canada. Try never, and go downhill from there.

“Multiculturalism replaced  the French-English duality of the country and became a defining and desirable national characteristic. For many years there was a minister who doled out modest sums to immigrant communities to maintain their cultural celebrations.”

That is, a defining national characteristic enforced by government at the expense of traditional Canadian communities. CBC say nothing of the sort. As far as “modest sums” go, lack of critical analysis means that few Canadians understand a basic circumstance regarding institutionalized “diversity.”

For 50 years, government has been extracting tax dollars from traditional communities- Anglophones, Francophones and others of European descent, and funneling the money to 3rd World non-profit organizations for the purpose of promoting the cultures of the countries from which they came.

Over the decades, what once existed as a fringe element of society have transitioned to politically powerful communities and associated multicultural non-for-profit organizations. Another 50-years of this structure, and Canada’s Sikh, Muslim, Chinese communities will not only outnumber Anglo-Europeans— they will usurp them in terms of political power.

Globe & Mail say nothing. Toronto Star, Canada’s nation’s leading anti-Anglophone media publication, will be popping champagne corks with wild abandon.

“The benefits of a diverse multicultural society were perhaps best expressed by Pierre Trudeau, who clearly influenced his son.” 

“Uniformity is neither desirable nor possible in a country the size of Canada.  There are few policies potentially more disastrous for Canada than to tell all Canadians that like must be alike.

 “What could be more absurd than the concept of an ‘all-Canada’ boy or girl? A society which emphasizes uniformity is one which creates intolerance and hate.”

This is a patented falsehood. Cultural Action Party offer an example of how Canada’s “great visionary leader” completely missed the mark on how multiculturalism would play out over the following decades:

“Eight teachers – five Jewish, three non-Jewish – told the National Post that working at the Peel board was distressing even before the terror attacks on Israel. But where the Jewish teachers say they once feared for their livelihood, they say they now fear for their lives,” reads an article published this week in the National Post.

Pardon CAP all to hell, but wasn’t this the circumstance that existed in Europe in the middle of the previous century? And why is it the case in Canada in 2023? Let us lay it on the line with no pulling of our punches:

At a high level, Liberal government immigration policy is the culprit. Opening doors to political agitators from countries whose governments hold disdain for Christians, Jews, and anyone else who falls outside dominant religious groups in Pakistan, Iran, Syria, Nigeria and other top sources of migration to Canada.

CTV speak not a word on the matter. As funded by the Liberals, media remain monolithic in their desire to protect what is today their number one source of income— our Liberal government.

Equally cast aside is Justin Trudeau’s obsessional support for our county’s rapidly growing Muslim communities. How the irony drips forth as we come to understand the incongruous nature of Trudeau’s community favouritism.

If the goal is a delicate balance of inter-community harmony, why did the PM go hog-wild on supporting, funding, promoting and advancing Islam within Canadian society?

Pray-tell, why would Mr. Trudeau do such a thing while at the same time branding white Canadians racist? What good does it do society for our PM to label more than 50 act of arson targeting Christian churches “understandable,” while at the same time throwing hail-mary’s at our Sikh and Muslim communities?

Not once have media juxtaposed government’s approach to Christian and Muslim-Canadians. Obviously, they want what government want.

“Recent polls suggest that a plurality of Canadians want lower levels of immigration.”

Recent reality says that Trudeau, Immigration Minister Marc Miller and the rest of the Liberals wouldn’t give a damn if all 40 million Canadians felt this way.  Pourquoi? Because Canada in 2023 is the world’s prototype post-modern woke liberal experiment.

“The other dark side of our multicultural society is that some diaspora communities bring their very traditional cultural racial history and prejudices with them.”

“Imam Calling For Jews To Be Killed In Sermon At Montreal Mosque Draws Police Complaint”

“In the video, the imam recites in Arabic the verse: “O Muslim, O servant of Allah, O Muslim, O servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.”

“CBC independently verified the speech and its translation.”

Ain’t multiculturalism grand? Boy, oh boy, did that great statesman Pierre Trudeau ever know what he was talking about. Not. Justin Trudeau and his insipid “diversity is our strength” mantra? Suitable for framing or wrapping fish?

It’s all so insane as Canadians witness the antithesis of inter-community harmony unfold within Justin Trudeau’s “no core identity” society.

“Apart from the Indigenous population, we are all immigrants.”

Bollocks– this is an additional falsehood. Paraded about by media for decades, there isn’t a shred of truth in the statement:

“In 2021, about three‑quarters (74.4%) or 27.0 million were Canadian citizens by birth, and 16.8% (6.1 million) were Canadian citizens by naturalization.”

Why lie to the people of Canada? Perhaps it’s not so much a lie as it is a purchasing of sentiment applied to society since the day Pierre Trudeau transferred Canada to the forces of woke globalism.

Propagandized to accept the degeneration of Anglo-European Canada, most “Old Stock” citizens of our country comprehend little in regards to the shafting of Anglo-European Canadians.

“We must not let falsehoods and hate go unchallenged; we must enforce anti-hate laws, value the differences in others and support those who act to bridge cultural divides.”

Forgive CAP all-to-hell, but we have yet to any form of “protection” applied to our rapidly shrinking Anglophone communities. For as long as Justin Trudeau remains prime minister, we never will.

3 thoughts on “Will Immigration, Multiculturalism Result In Ruination Of Canada?”

  1. It must be nice for immigrants. Coming to a country where there are so many of your own kind, you don’t need to learn either official language and have government services handed to you on a silver platter in your own language.

  2. (1) “The most prevalent and traditional attitude held by multi-generational [politicians] is that we are a [malleable] society, our [broken] arms are open to all kinds of [interlopers] that have made Canada one of the most [messed up] ‘[mixed] salad’ societies in the world.”

    (2) “Uniformity is neither desirable nor possible in a country the size of Canada. There are few policies potentially more disastrous for Canada than to tell all Canadians that like must be alike.” Really? Sez who? “…In a country the size of Canada.” What does size/likeness have to do with the price of tea in China? Speaking of China; try selling that “size”/”must be racially dissimilar” bilgewater to the racially homogenous (unwoke) Chinese/Japanese/Koreans/Egyptians/Indians/Russians/etc; etc.

    (3) “Canadian Multiculturalism Act institutionalized a growing POLITICAL sense that the huge influx of postwar immigrants produced unity in diversity.” (Bold caps added.) [1] Correction: Postwar “immigrants” were “lateral transfers”; mainly from the UK, and other regions of Europe. NOT immigrants in the politically revised; phony meaning. One cannot compare a Scot to an Ethiopian; or a Brit to a Nigerian. “Apart from the Indigenous population, we are all immigrants.” Uh huh. So you say. In 1971; Canada was 98% Euro-Canadian. (Statistics Canada.) In non-pc talk; White. “Unity in Diversity.” What a fatuous; flatulent joke. A cheap slogan; with no basis in reality.

    BTW–Tell me; from which continent did the “Indigenous” “peoples” originate? From the unhistorical; risible “mists of time”? (Foolishly applied to northwestern Europeans.) Did the “First Nations” pop out of the ground like potatoes? “Evolved” from the forest? There is good archeological/historical evidence that North America was often visited/copper mined, thousands of years ago. (Dr. Barry Fell; *America B.C. Ancient Settlers in the New World*.)

    It is to weep. The Big Lie: “The most prevalent and traditional attitude held by multi-generational Canadians…open to all kinds of [mostly unassimilated] newcomers.” It seems that the late; mesmerizing; forked-tongued serpent P. E. Trudeau molded the minds of several generations. (With decades of help from a complicit; fawning media; conditioning them to accept Trudeau’s social engineering pathology.) This is not immigration; it’s a planned replacement; the Left’s honey-coated lies and blindness notwithstanding. That is most assuredly the outcome. Our WWI/WWII forefathers shared the “Live free or die” spirit with our American brothers and sisters. Now? Bend over, and die. That seems to be the whimper of the severely weakened; beaten Canadian spirit….Excluding patriotic Canadians holding “unacceptable views.”

    Addendum: The indomitable American spirit is being smothered as well. Her glory days are coming to an end. Our “leaders” are busy writing our national obituary. Who will compose a requiem for the West? Certainly not the rabidly woke; self-hating people waiting to stomp on our Canadian grave. More than likely there’s a spot being dug in the Potter’s Field. Judas Trudeau has his thirty pieces of WEF silver. Like Judas; will this betrayer go out and hang himself?

  3. Canada was plenty multicultural before 1972 when the communist Pierre Trudeau inverted Canadas immigration system, he did not convert canada into a multicultural society. What he did was deploy the the chinese communist weapon of Cultural dilution and population replacement. Even the most cursory examination of canadas demographics shows this system in action. We used to be a prosperous peaceful multicultural society, now we are a fractured, soulless, unhappy, demoralized society. We are on the highway to hell in every measurable


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