Will Four More Years Of Justin Trudeau As Prime Minister Break Canada Apart?

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, bent on re-election, is  playing a divisive, dangerous game with the country he claims to lead. Recently, six premiers including Jason Kenney sent Trudeau  a letter warning that Bill C-69 in its original form, as well as Bill C-48, will damage the economy from coast to coast.

Sounds rather ominous, no? Then again, Justin Trudeau’s general decision-making has been divisive from day one. Now, ironically, Trudeau turns around and proclaims it is not he, but rather Canada’s provincial premiers, who are undermining national unity with their opposition to his energy industry-destroying behaviour.

“Immediate action to refine or eliminate these bills is needed to avoid further alienating provinces and territories and their citizens and focus on uniting the country in support of Canada’s economic prosperity,” said a collective statement from six of Canada’s Premiers.

Trudeau took this caution as  treasonous. “I think it’s absolutely irresponsible for conservative premiers to be threatening our national unity if they don’t get their way,” stated Trudeau.

“The fundamental job of any Canadian prime minister is to hold this country together,” says Trudeau. Unfortunately, by pitting Alberta against Eastern Canada, Trudeau’s favouritism has resulted in polls revealing HALF of Albertans would consider a separation agreement for their province. Half–meaning half are in favour, and half are opposed. Result–even MORE divisiveness within Canadian society.

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The source of societal division is not Canadian premiers. It is not Albertans. Nor is it the general population. The source is JUSTIN TRUDEAU. The man loves to accuse others of what he himself indulges in.

The premiers–all of them conservatives or non-Liberals— urge the Liberals to accept all Senate amendments to Bill C-69, the Impact Assessment Act, and kill C-48, the so-called Tanker Moratorium. Yet, for Trudeau, it’s a national unity threat even to challenge federal legislation, point out its flaws and warn of negative impacts.

Bill C- 69 will TRANS-form the approval process for new pipelines and oil-related projects. The result will be more stringent standards, and a tougher approval process in general. Bill C-48 will prohibit oil tankers from travelling within B.C. Coastal waters. Both are an IMPEDIMENT to Alberta’s energy industry.

If passed, Justin Trudeau will have effectively KILLED any major development and expansion for Western Canada’s oil industry. Benefit: American environmental groups that are funding the shutdown of the Oil Sands. Saudi Arabia and other oil-rich Islamic nations, whose market share and revenues in Canada will increase as domestic production drops.

How King Justin this is. Albertans are furious— so much so a desire for separation from Canada has become a reality. For informed Canadians,  this should not come as a surprise. As CAP have posited from day one, Justin Trudeau is a BORN DESTROYER.

Trudeau has done more in four years to anger Canadians than any prime minister of the modern era. Apart from his father, no PM in history has worked AGAINST the will of the Canadian people. Well, not all of them. Regarding Sikhs, Muslims, Gays and the Transgendered, Justin has functioned as an absolute HERO.

For everyone else– in particular our Anglophone and Christian communities, Mr. Trudeau has functioned more like a BATTERING RAM. Slamming us for being racist, bigoted, xenophobic and genocidal appears to be his favourite hobby. Meanwhile, criminal code breaching Sharia Law, child marriage and female mutilation are completely off government’s radar.

In Britain, France, Sweden and Germany these social issues are exposed on a regular basis within establishment media. In Canada? Total SILENCE from government, media and academia.

East versus West. Environmentalists against pipeline advocates. Christians vs Muslims. Pro-Life vs Pro-Choice. This is the Canada Justin Trudeau cultivated over the past four years, and there is NO REASON to believe he will alter his methodology if elected for an additional four year term.

Why? Because globalist leaders NEVER CHANGE. Justin Trudeau has a job to do. The job is to DIVIDE the people of Canada while incrementally TRANS-forming our nation from democracy to dictatorship. Within this process, “Old Stock” Canada is to be marginalized as a community.

By way of Justin’s apologies for historical “crimes” not a single LIVING Canadian had anything to do with, our self-appointed King brands Anglophones racist. By way of Trudeau’s recent commentary regarding First Nations communities, Mr. Trudeau labels Anglo-Christians “genocidal.”

Social consternation. Branding Canada racist. Favouritism to Eastern Canada. Nepotism within Quebec’s corporate business world. Anglophones as genocidal maniacs. And STILL media will not paint a cohesive picture of the destructive, nation-dividing behaviour of Justin Trudeau.

Imagine what this man will unleash on Canada if elected for another four years. Will he destroy bi-lingualism and add Punjabi and Mandarin to Canada’s official languages? How about four more years of justification for illegal refugees to pour into our country?

For the sake of the nation, this Trudeau MUST GO.


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