Will Fort McMurray Become Canada’s First Islamic City?

There are approximately 10,000 Muslims in Fort McMurray said Kiran Malik-Khan, Northern Lights Health Foundation board member. Fort McMurray is the home of the largest mosque in North America, a $50 million complex sized at 150,000 sq.ft.

Fort McMurray has a total population of 66,000. The Islamic-Canadian community currently makes up 15% of the overall demographic. According to Statistics Canada(if you can believe them), Canada’s overall Muslim population is less than 4% of our nation’s total. The Muslim population in Fort McMurray is four times the national average.

How many Canadians are aware of these facts? Certainly a $50 million mosque, the largest in North America, is worthy of making the mainstream news in Canada.

Now, a hospital in Fort McMurray has become the first in Alberta to offer halal meal options. When people learned that halal options would be available at the hospital, Malik-Khan said, her phone started “blowing up.”

As it happens, Fort McMurray is Canada’s number one oil town.It is located in northeast Alberta, in the middle of the Athabasca oil sands, surrounded by boreal forest. It has played a significant role in the development of the national petroleum industry.severe wildfire in May 2016 led to the evacuation of its residents and caused widespread damage.

Is there a connection between Canada’s energy resources and the rapidly growing Islamic community in Fort Mac? We don’t know. No investigative journalist has tackled the subject. This is, after all, politically correct  territory. Within Justin Trudeau’s Canada, these issues are rendered sacrosanct. No one shall question what M103-protected folks are up to. This would be an act of racism.

Being a smaller, northern community, Fort Mac is not within the purview of the 90% of the nation living along the southern border of Canada. It is not a place urban Canada is focused upon. But it is a place oil workers and other rural Canadians are well aware of.

So Fort McMurray goes UNDER the media radar. This is exactly how Liberal-Globalist forces want things to be. Covert operations implemented  in an incremental manner always roll this way. In fact, the same principle can be applied to Canada’s general society. For example, female genital mutilation, an Islamic religious practise rooted in Sharia Law, has been confirmed to have occurred upon Canadian soil.

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What do Justin Trudeau and Minister of Status for Women, Maryam Monsef(ex-Afghani citizen), have to say about this? NOTHING. Turns out, FGM is illegal in Canada. Strange, eh?

Government and media in cahoots. Fort Mac morphs its way toward a new cultural and religious identity. Media say nothing. Now this is the true “post-modern” Canada– a nation where government and media are teamed up for a grand deception of the general Canadian population.

When government and media function as a cohesive unit, you have a move toward TRANS-forming Canada into a socialist state. That’s the way its done in China, and with Trudeau’s billion dollar injections into establishment media in Canada, that’s what he is attempting to do within our borders.





24 thoughts on “Will Fort McMurray Become Canada’s First Islamic City?

  1. How many of those 10,000 mohammedan worshipers actually WORK in Ft. Mac?? How many are Alberta taxpayers supporting??


  3. don’t care, if it isn’t English or French then it don’t belong on the government vehicles. We have established languages in Canada and our police do not have the space for arabic. sickening. Does the police car have CREE written on it? What group is larger then the Cree in Alberta?

  4. What it is is the implementation of ENVIRONMENTAL COMMUNISM where the pseudo political “scientists” threaten the end of the world if we don’t pay the carbon tax. McKenna is a radical useful idiot of Trudeau and Butts and an intelligent idiot she is. They know exactly what they are doing crippling resource industries and forcing new taxes on us. Climate change is a hoax being perpetrated globally by politicians with huge deficits and debt. The Chinese and Russians are laughing their heads off at us especially Trudeau. He is a global joke.

  5. Curious as to who funded the Fort Mac mosque? I’ve heard Saudi Arabia has funded some in Canada. Wondering if this is one of them and , if so, it wouldn’t be difficult to figure out what their agenda is all about…..taking over our oil reserves withm JTs help. Makes me wonder what they have over JTs head that he doesn’t want known that he’s willing to sacrifice our oil for the cover up.

    1. One point here is that there are no laws in Canada preventing uber-rich Islamic government from funding the rise of Islam in Canada, including funding mosques. Some European nations–France surprisingly, are trying to crack down on the process.

      In Canada, media do not even MENTION the problem, let alone work to prevent it. Under Trudeau, Canada has a Sharia friendly government.

    2. Definitely funded by Saudi Arabia Wahhabi Sect since the beginning. Approx. 2003 opened the first Mosque and Muslim School.

  6. That is why the only hope for Canada is the Peoples Party of Canada where there is no room for identity politics with a smaller government and free speech. Share the message. Bring hope again

  7. Population of 66.000,where do 10.000 Muslums work ? Thats a lot of Welfare for such a small City… Who’s going to hire a man wearing a dress. That’s the Librial mentality.

    1. Well I am lucky I don’t live in liberal Canada. Let the liberal government figure it out. That is all you can do. You voted those idiots in. Now live with it and don’t complain doggies !!!

      1. No one voted for this crap. Trudeau manipulated the ballot boxes and allowed 1000s and 1000s of voters to vote for him from eastern countries. There’s a ton of proof that shows it and elections Canada just looked away.

        1. The GTA ridings are rigged toward Islamic, Sikh MP’s winning the riding. This is a big part of Trudeau’s socialist takeover agenda for the dying Great White North.

  8. Makes you wonder if the fire was set not only to wipe out the oil industry, but to replace the Fort Mac citizens with Muslims so that they can soon control the oil themselves. If they turn this into “their own city” you can be sure they won’t be following Canadian laws and that Sharia Law will be instilled. Then what happens when the oil industry starts up again and they don’t allow whites into the area the way they don’t want whites into the areas their living in now???

    1. You are so right that is exactly how that fire was started & I wouldn’t doubt JT was behind it look how long it took him to even go there to survey the damage

  9. Of course you bunch of dupes! Imam Aga Khan controls Canada federally through his puppet Trudeau and Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi controls ‘Oiltown’. Islam now is a powerful force in Fort McMurray. Even a six year old could connect the dots as we submit.

  10. “Canada’s overall Muslim population is less than 4% of our nation’s total.” Yes, however, in 10 years it will quadruple to at least 15%. Because 12 kids per family, or 6 per wife.

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