Will China Keep The Liberals In Power Permanently?

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In one form or another, Cultural Action Party of Canada has been preaching the word on a Liberal Party-Chinese Government partnership for the past 35 years.

Due to the volume of anecdotal evidence provided in the past, we choose to speak about a taboo topic within mainstream Canadian media: the political future of our country.

It will come as no surprise that CAP do not see a light at the end of the political tunnel. The recent exposure of China’s interference in previous federal elections by CSIS serves as point zero of our prognostication.

If CBC and Globe & Mail weren’t in the pocket of PM Justin Trudeau, a front-page headline might look like this:

‘Trudeau, Liberals Busted On Long-Term Partnership with Government of China’

Due to calculated media obfuscation, CTV, Toronto Star and rest are playing spin the communist bottle with 38 million Canadian citizens. If not outright denial, the methodology goes like this:

“PM Trudeau previously warned Parliament about Chinese interference.” “China’s election interference in no way jeopardized our rigorous voting system.” 

Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs Melanie Joly:

“When it comes to China, we think it is more and more a global disruptive power. […] We will challenge China when we ought to and we will cooperate with China when we need to.”

From which CAP extrapolate our conclusion: The Liberals are lying. Every move they are making falls into the category of damage control. Do tell, fellow patriots– if the Liberals are so diligent regarding the election interference, why did it take until the point of exposure for government to speak up?

In other words, it wasn’t until Trudeau’s Liberals got busted that the issue was introduced to our collective consciousness. Truth is, the Liberals hid away the covert relationship, and have been doing do for– gasp– the past half century.

The catalyst was ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau and a fateful series of meetings with Chairman Mao Tse Tung in the early 1970’s. Beyond the knowledge of the Canadian people, the meeting served to reorient our nation in a fundamental manner.

Thus began Canada’s path toward a tacit partnership with China’s communist government. When we say “Canada’s,” we really mean a covert understanding between Canada’s Liberal Party-Chinese government.

Today, in 2023, the culmination of the partnership has been exposed. Upon which we recognize a potential truism. If the status quo remains, China may control all future elections in Canada.

It’s not as paranoid a concept as many would imagine. One must understand the nature of so-called “liberal” politics in our country. Irony drips forth as we recognize a profound truth:

While the Liberals and their media partners  brand their politics as “progressive,” the very opposite is the truth. Considering Liberal government fundamentals, we pick up on a salient fact: they never change.

No matter the degree of public anger and resentment, Justin Trudeau and team keep their woke liberal revolution rolling. There is no give-and-take. Like a political fundamentalist religion, Liberal dogma remains cast-in-stone and immutable.

As this is the case, why would it be different regarding China’s infiltration of Canadian politics? Here’s a ghastly thought– the situation could actually get worse.

CAP warned Canadians about this years ago. In 2023, we witness the incremental socialist seduction of our nation. Covid, Digital ID,  and the China-derived Social Credit system that is coming our way.

Individual rights have been radically compromised. Pending internet censorship will eventually duplicate China’s Great Internet Firewall. All of this should be obvious to Canadians. It isn’t, due to another replication of communist machinations: the Liberal government control over Canadian media.

China is the world’s most powerful communist society. Can it be that an actual integration of the behemoth nation of the Far East into Canadian society is the true end goal at hand? Was Justin Trudeau, admirer of Chinese communism, hand picked to serve as catalyst for our transition to a satellite nation of the communist powerhouse?

Do yourselves a favour. Take a look at China’s paper currency. Then think of Canada’s. The colour coordination of the bills align perfectly. The Green, Pink and Beige hues of China’s currency are identical to Canada’s $20, $50, and $ 100 dollar bills.

A premonition of the future? CAP will sit back as accusations of “conspiracy theories” flow from the pens of woke Liberal snowflakes. Yet, one thing cannot be denied. Years, even decades ahead of our time, Cultural Action Party predicted the Liberal-China political dynamic would one day destroy freedom and democracy in Canada.

The Liberal Party of Canada as government in perpetuity? It’s the way politics roll in China, so why not?

Founder, Pierre Trudeau. Facilitator, Justin Trudeau.

1 thought on “Will China Keep The Liberals In Power Permanently?”

  1. Trudeau; if you will pardon the off-color expression; is Xi-Jin Ping’s bumboy. The malleable Trudeau bend bends over for Xi, AND grasps his ankles for Klaus Swab’s (sic) WEF–An organization that can’t control China. Turdo is the Manchurian candidate of our time. In a sense; the WEF wants to remake the West into China’s image. In another sense; the WEF is doing Zi’s dirty work for him. Canada is Zi’s satellite; with the West (proper) his ultimate prize. Clueless dunderhead Western “leaders” are in the initial stages of collectivizing our farmland….How communist of them. Meanwhile; Xi licks his chops, and the ankle grasping Trudeau…ahem….has trouble sitting, and walking.


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