Will Canada Survive Its WORST EPIDEMIC?: The Justin Trudeau Virus

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Of all the countless questions regarding the precarious state of the Canadian nation, one stands tall above all the rest:

Will the Nation of Canada have an ability to maintain its democratic governance and related western political freedoms with Justin Trudeau as the leader of our nation?

No surprise–CAP say “forget about it”–there is no chance in Hades that the fading Great White North will emerge unscathed from the Justin Trudeau-era of Canadian globalist domination.

It’s all too much. Trudeau as United Nations-puppet. Trudeau as conduit for Islam and Sikh political dominance in the GTA. Justin’s ten billion dollars sent to despotic Middle Eastern and African governments.

Carbon tax. Alberta Oil Sands decimation. Tides Corporation. Iran, Saudi Arabia, China.

You name the non-Canadian international political powerhouse, and Justin Trudeau is working for them rather than the citizenship of Canada.

Now, a fresh new globalist weapon is upon Canadian society–Covid-19–and still Mr. Trudeau sides with China by not closing the doors to 3rd World arrivals to the dying Great White North.

In fact, rather than curb foreign intake, Mr. Trudeau is importing tens of thousands of Iranian, Chinese, Indian, Iranian and Pakistani migrants into Canada as we speak. Never mind the former Coronavirus(beer sales were down), Justin Trudeau is a man with a mission:

To trans-form Canada from democracy to dictatorship, and nothing on earth–including a lethal virus pandemic–will prevent him from fulfilling this mission.

Of course, it’s a million times easier when our nation has communist-style media backing the devilish acts. CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, National Post— not one of them has suggested a most simple remedy to the spread of China’s strategic disease into Canada.

Stop the immigration intake–even temporarily– in order to minimize the spread of Covid-19 in Canada. Why, who knows? This could even prevent some folks from dying from China’s deadly disease.

CBC said so– on the 12th of Never. Globe & Mail will publish these thoughts– on a cold winter afternoon in the hot Sahara sun. Not a single mainstream media outlet even dares to suggest a temporary halt to 3rd world immigration.

Why not? CAP will go first: because the entire agenda–from “soup to nuts”– is a pre-conceived plan of globalist assault upon Canada. For this purpose, Justin Trudeau was planted into government by way of his globalist string-pullers.

TRENDING UPWARD: Alleged “Crimes Against Humanity” Afghani Refugee ALLOWED INTO CANADA

Since this day(October 19th, 2015) Mr. Trudeau has pushed the globalist agenda upon our society. How much buy-in did Trudeau receive from 37.7 million Canadians to trans-form our country from western democracy to a 3rd world-dominated dictatorship?

Zero buy-in, that’s “how much.” And still CBC cannot make the connection. Fact is, everything Trudeau backs for the future of Canada, CBC also support. Or at the very least, do not condemn or critique.

Conclusion? Trudeau and CBC work on behalf of Sikhism, Islam, United Nations, George Soros’ Open Border Empire, and the communist government of China. Media hide away every aspect of these realities.

Sound like true freedom and democracy to you? C’mon, at least the patriots of our nation can come clean on this one. Liberal-Snowflakes are just too far gone to embrace reality.

Canada is no longer a true democracy. In truth, it hasn’t been so since the year 1968, when the father of our current PM took over as national leader. What media hold back from the consciousness of the citizens of Canada is nothing short of a “social crime”:

The family Trudeau are communist. Therefore, so is establishment media in Canada. The Liberal Party are in reality controlled by a gang of Laurentian Mountain Quebecois Globalists.

It from this “cabal” that control of Canada has transitioned to the United Nations and their religious fundamentalist backers. Justin Trudeau. Bill Morneau. Francois Philippe-Champagne. The billioniare Desmarias family of Quebec. Canada-China Business Council, Trudeau Foundation.  These are the entities with the long-term connections to China and the globalists controlling Canada.

So what has actually trans-pired here? CAP has a theory: the Liberal Laurentian Mountain Elites have sold Canada “to the world.” This is why perpetual reluctance exists regarding very piece of negativity government or media would throw at China, Islam and the rest.

You know what is really going down in this regard– other than a calculated attack upon Anglophone-Canadians?

The fact that it is through the specific area of not-for-profit finance manipulation that the globalists are taking over Canada, as well as every other western nation with a “liberal sell-out” type government in power.

Non-profits like George Soros’ Open Border Foundation are today the controllers of society. To off-set banking profits, and thus pay less tax, Mr. Soros creates giant not-for-profit globalist entities dedicated to comprehensive “border erosion” within all susceptible western nations.

Naturally, Justin Trudeau bought into this “lock, stock and barrel.” This man is Canada’s consummate globalist assassin. If permitted, he will kill your country on behalf of his globalist string-pullers.

Here at Cultural Action Party of Canada, we believe PM Trudeau is a form of “lethal virus.” This man has been on a path of democratic destruction from day one, and there is no reason to believe he will ever stop.

After all, if Covid-19 will not force Trudeau to deviate from his destruction, what possibly could?







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