Will A Signature From Jagmeet Singh Preserve Trudeau’s Neo-Dictatorship?

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“Inked in March 2022, the agreement injected what could be years of stability on Parliament Hill, seeing the NDP propping up the Liberals until June 2025—just ahead of the fixed election date in October of that year— in exchange for policy action on a suite of progressive issues.”

Positioned by CTV News in early 2022 as a bilateral inter-party agreement, a Liberal-New Democratic Party partnership may well preserve a battered Liberal minority government lock on federal leadership.

One signature– that of NDP Party Leader Jagmeet Singh, could be all that stands in the way of toppling PM Justin Trudeau’s China-infused Liberal government.

Chances of a Parliamentary vote of non-confidence would have been so much higher without it. Mr. Singh’s propping up of the Liberals is likely to function as Mr. Trudeau’s saving grace.

Without it, Trudeau and his strategists wouldn’t be blessed with a two-year grace period in which to manipulate Canadians into voting the Liberals into office for a fourth consecutive term. On this basis, a choice of strategies exists to result in the maintenance of what must be recognized as a Liberal Party neo-dictatorship:

— Ample time for the power of the Liberal-China election interference to dissipate.

— Multiple years are available for Canadian media to twist and turn the debacle into a win for their boss-man Justin.

— The Liberals could– lord forbid– replace Mr. Trudeau with another woke globalist automaton approved by the World Economic Forum, and well as the government of China.

See what an incredible service Jagmeet Singh has done for the Liberals? For Cultural Action Party[est. 2016], this serves as another low in the three-ring-circus that has become the Canadian political arena of 2023.

The three rings of which we speak are: Liberals, NDP, and mainstream Canadian media. The unspoken goal rolls like this– this triple-play of globalist seduction will do everything in their power to preserve Canada’s political status quo.

The walls could fall in Jericho, and Canada’s steady, incremental descent into authoritarian political status will continue unabated. That’s how serious the agenda is.

“I will be appointing an independent special rapporteur, who will have a wide and make expert recommendations on combating interference and strengthening our democracy,” the prime minister said Monday evening in Ottawa.

Only the most blind of Liberal snowflakes would buy this clap-trap. No political figure in history– inclusive of Pierre Trudeau— has done more to erode democracy in Canada than the current prime minister.

“The grab bag of measures buy Trudeau time to figure out how to repair the damaging perception that his minority government is a beneficiary of Beijing interference.”

Yes they do– but not nearly as much time as Jagmeet Singh has provided by working for the Liberal Party of Canada.

Public Versus Private Inquiry:

The key differentiator– the secret sauce in the globalist recipe– takes the form of a private versus public Chinese election interference inquiry. If it is private, government can announce whatever they choose as the outcome.

Trudeau is exonerated. It’s Stephen Harper’s fault. Justin knew nothing, and various other motions of media drool.

“Late in the afternoon on the week of his expected return to the House of Commons to face what will certainly be a full question period assault on his handling of the issue, Trudeau decided a flip-flop was in order and deployed the special rapporteur as cover to help him retreat into an inquiry.”

Translation: As with the Emergency Act, a quisling with covert Liberal connections is bound to get the call. Canadians have seen it all before. Aga Khan, Jody Wilson-Raybould, WE Charity, et al. Each and every time, the Liberals are cleared of wrong-doing. Or at the very least– what exists as the bottom line– Trudeau and the Liberals survive the scandal.

It is this way, because it is supposed to be this way. It takes time to convert a healthy democracy into a WEF-controlled dictatorship. With the agreement signing of Jagmeet Singh, the Liberals have what they need to preserve their political ruse.

Not that it’s guaranteed. Perhaps Trudeau will fall– no one can predict the future with certainty. Still, one conclusion seems fair and reasonable. Jagmeet Singh– leader of the New Democratic Party— has gone to work for the Liberal Party of Canada.

“No biggie,” say CBC, Globe & Mail and the rest. “It’s occurred in the past” being the obfuscation involved.

“To watch him repeatedly set off diversions by smearing the accuracy of the Chinese interference reporting and dismissing allegations raised against Liberal candidates as racist, only to suddenly spring into we’re-taking-action, this-is-serious-stuff mode on Monday, suggests the PMO is in panic mode.”

Panic mode it is. Justin Trudeau doesn’t want to break a pact he made when first elected in October, 2015. Caught in a web of political control from forces beyond our borders, the PM is scrambling to preserve the globalist status quo he so successfully established.

If Trudeau has to lie to the entire country to maintain his goal, so be it. It’s not as if it would be the first time.

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  1. RCMP won’t investigate the corruption of Justin Trudeau, the other ten traitor candidates who took illegal donations, the ethics violations etc, etc, but at the drop of a hat they will open an investigation into finding the whistleblower who exposed all this. What is Trudeau hiding?


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