Will A 2024 Liberal-NDP Merger Preserve Trudeau’s Dictatorship?

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When it comes to proclamations from government, astute political observers understand the power of political duplicity. How often it has occurred that when PM Justin Trudeau says “up” he really means “down.”

With this in mind, CAP consider statements emanating from the Liberal government in tandem with the New Democratic Party of Canada.

“The NDP has been supporting the Liberals in the House of Commons on confidence votes for the last two years in a deal that has kept Justin Trudeau’s minority Liberal government from falling.”

“The partnership has led Poilievre and his Conservatives to regularly refer to the two parties as the ‘Liberal-NDP government’ and to accuse them of already being part of a formal “Liberal-NDP socialist coalition.”

Poilievre is correct, but don’t tell that to mainstream media. In 2023, CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail et al work on behalf of the neo-socialist coalition government of which the Conservative Party leader speaks.

Cultural Action Party [est 2016] drill down on reasons why the Liberals and NDP are more than likely lying to 40 million Canadian voters.

First of all, the denial serves a secondary purpose. It places the merger concept in the minds of Canadians, tacitly preparing them for what could follow. How often it is that incremental implementation of specific concepts are intended to “massage” the public into an acceptance of a particular concept.

For what reason would these parties merge? Or just as pertinent, why wouldn’t they? Over the past decade, both have come out of the closet as radical eco-warriors, neo-communists, as well as virulent haters of Canadian history and heritage.

On a pragmatic level, the parties need each other in order to maintain a lock on governance, which at this point in history is functioning as form of  pseudo-dictatorship.

Dealing in skepticism is nothing new for CAP. With this in mind, we offer our take on why a Liberal-NDP merger is possible, or even likely.

According to reports, the government of China “assisted” eleven Liberal MPs in capturing their seats in the 2021 federal election. Meanwhile, the Conservatives won the popular vote. Meaning it is possible that, in reality, China won the election on behalf of the Liberals, with the eleven hi-jacked seats serving as a mechanism for victory.

 When it comes to a future election, here’s Justin Trudeau problem:

The Conservatives are so far ahead in the polls that if a Liberal victory occurred, even the most superficial of political followers could conclude that the election was rigged.

If, however, the Liberal and NDP merge, a rigged election may be acceptable to the public– the merger rationalizing the victory in the minds of 40 million voters.

Think Canadian politics couldn’t degenerate to this level of political manipulation? From our perspective, it damn well could– for reasons poorly understood within general society.

Our country, Canada, is a hi-jacked nation. Those in power and those backing them on an international level have big plans for our future. Justin Trudeau knows this— the man has been working the will of his globalist masters since the day he gained office.

Jagmeet Singh functions as his back-up. Should Trudeau fall on his face– which he now has– Singh’s job is to preserve the Liberal neo-communist dictatorship at all costs.

Within this covert schematic, we come to comprehend why the Liberal strategists do the things they do. We think back to the first ploy unleashed by Trudeau and Singh.

The running down of pride in country, in combination with branding Canadians  racist, bigoted, xenophobic, homophobic and genocidal. It’s what can be labelled “grease for the wheels”— preparation for the stealing a democratic nation from its rightful owners– “the people.”

The lower the level of national pride, the easier it is to transition Canada to is “post-modern” status. Next, Trudeau puts the program on political steroids. Canada has “no core identity,” thereby opening the door for a new core to take the place of what previously existed.

By the time eight years had passed, the wheels of subterfuge had been fully greased. With Trudeau tanking in personal popularity, Jagmeet Singh signed on the dotted line for the to extend the life of Canada’s pseudo-dictatorship.

“No, there is no consideration of merging,” Parker Lund, director of communications for the Liberal party said in a statement.

“Canadians expect parliamentarians to work together to build a better future for their families and communities.”

CAP wouldn’t believe this for all the farms in Cuba. Why should we, when lies and deception have fueled the Liberal-NDP globalist rocketship for eight years running?

We don’t believe it, because at this stage of the game, government are not to be trusted. In turn, legacy media are burying the long term plans for Canadian society.

Key among them is something called “The Century Initiative,” a plan to grow Canada’s population to the 100 million level by the year 2100.

Every Liberal Party policy exists with this goal serving as a catalyst. In the minds of Trudeau and Singh, its government’s ultimate concern.

How often does one read about the Century Initiative in the pages of the Canadian press? Never– because the Feds are paying media to keep the agenda hidden.

If media refrain from exposing the agenda, they are freed from writing about its repercussions. CAP step in with some likely outcomes:

— White Canadians to become a minority community. On this basis, and even without it, this exists as an inevitability. Media say nothing.

— The demise of democracy, and its replacement with authoritarian socialism.

— With Multiculturalism as rationalization, 3rd World communities will come to dominate society on a political basis.

If one cares to notice, they may pick up on the idea that government are in the process of the “socialization” of Canada. For example, refugees living off Liberal money are more important to government than multi-generational “Old Stock” citizens.

As we speak, Universal Basic Income is being considered by government. This program would pay citizens for doing nothing– perfect for Canada’s rapidly growing refugee community.

What does it all mean? For CAP, it means that government understand a concept of fundamental importance to a future that media are hiding from public knowledge.

Accelerating  from 40 million to 100 million within a 75-year time frame cannot be accomplished with our current socio-political structure. To do so without economic collapse means that Canada must transition to a socialist model of governance.

It’s one key reason for the out-of-control immigration policy  forced upon Canadians against their will. Add even 20 million citizens, who entered the country at a time when the Liberals are in power. The Conservatives– or any other political competitor– wouldn’t stand a hope in Hades of winning a federal election.

Presto! Canada transitions to a one-party dictatorship.

CAP are not complete fools. We understand the speculative nature of what is being presented. Hell, even 16th century visionary Nostradamus would have trouble with this one.

We go back to our original proclamation upon hearing the news of a Trudeau-Liberal victory in October 2015.

The incident marks the beginning of the end of a free and democratic society.

R.I.P Canada, 1867-2105.

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