Why Would Canada Have World’s Most Extreme Euthanasia Program?

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“Last year 4.1% of all deaths in Canada were due to MAiD (medical assistance in dying), according to the country’s health ministry. This amounts to a total of 13,241 people who died under Canada’s MAiD programme in 2022, marking a 31% rise on the previous year.”

All signs indicate that Canada, a country of 40 million citizens, maintains the most permissive assisted dying programs in the world. While a certain degree of criticism has emanated, media fail to address a critical question:

Why Canada? What is it about our nation which justifies this “lofty” position? Let us consider relevant statistics which set the stage for analysis:

“Canada has ranked number one overall according to the 2021 “Best Countries in the World” US News report. Canada also earned the top spot in ‘Quality of Life’ and ‘Social Purpose.’”

On this basis, why would it be that PM Justin Trudeau and the Liberal cabinet/caucus uniformly vote “Yes” in every parliamentary bill on the subject of assisted suicide in Canada?

“Countries around the world, including Canada, were ranked in a report released by money.co.uk as the healthiest countries in 2022 to live in. The report ranked Canada as the 13th healthiest country to live in.”

The United States didn’t make it into the top #20. Conversely, the most unhealthy societies on earth include African nations Somalia, Chad and Sudan.

“Both in Africa globally and in each country, Euthanasia has been roundly rejected. The focus is on making palliative care accessible to the population, and the main challenge is access to essential medicines.”

Ever witness this information being contained within media reports on the topic of MAiD in Canada? CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star? No– and you never will.

Upon which Cultural Action Party unveil a great irony. One of the planet’s healthiest societies includes a government who has successfully advanced a program of systematic population erosion. This, while poor, over-populated and unhealthy nations do no such thing.

Why would this be the case? An attempt to establish responsibility stimulate some expansive ideas. Every Liberal MP has uniformly voted in favour of every piece of legislative expansion tabled in Parliament.

As in, every one of them. Many are, in fact, dual citizens of nations like Somalia, Iran, India, Pakistan, Syria and the like. Do tell, fellow patriots:

Why should a dual-citizen MP maintain the right to promote Euthanasia for full citizens born-and-raised on Canadian soil? Is it fair and reasonable that MPs born on foreign soil should have voting power over life-and-death legislation for full Canadian citizens?

When was the last time you witnessed government or media addressing such issues? The answer, of course, is never. 

“Slow and steady increases also characterize the incidence of visible minorities elected as MPs.  Their numbers increased from 47 in 2015 (13.9 per cent of the House’s membership) to 50 in 2019 (14.8 per cent) and to 53 (15.7 per cent) in 2021.”

Of these 53, a number of them qualify as half-citizens, with the lion’s share found in the Liberal Party.

Iqra Khalid, half-citizen of Pakistan. Ahmed Hussen, dual-citizen of Somalia. There are at least a dozen others, maybe more.

Call CAP extreme, but when it comes to life-and-death for full citizens, these types should have no say at all. Naturally, this will never happen. Based on the largest per-capita immigration intake program on the planet, the numbers can only increase over time.

In the land down-under, government has taken a stand against these kinds of situations.

‘As Australia Ousts MPs With Dual Citizenship, Canada’s Parliament Embraces Many In Its Ranks’

“At least 56 foreign-born members, 22 with dual or triple citizenship, hold seats in House of Commons, Senate

Triple Citizenship? What is this, some kind of joke? Liberal MP Salma Zahid holds citizenship in Pakistan, Britain and Canada. Along with the rest, the Toronto MP voted “Yes” to assisted dying for mentally ill Canadians.

What has Canada become? Not only are we knocking off more citizens via MAiD than any nation on earth. Many of the MPs voting on related bills aren’t full Canadian citizens.

This is wrong, and it must stop. Strong words these may be, but in truth, they’re just about meaningless. PM Trudeau’s Euthanasia regime, eerily reminiscent of totalitarianism in the 20th century, is all-the-rage in post-modern Canada.

All of which brings about the “creme-de-la-creme” of questions:

Who exactly are those “expiring” under the program? Total silence from CBC. Mum’s the word at the Globe & Mail. Canada’s penultimate anti-Anglophone publication, Toronto Star, wouldn’t report on this for all the farms in Cuba.

New arrivals to Canada are statistically younger than the Canadian-born. The latter have a far more elderly median age. The Canadian-born mainly consist of three communities: Anglophone, Francophone and First Nations.

“Liberal government promoting a ‘culture of death’ with medical assistance in dying law”, says Conservative MP.

MP Ed Fast recently tabled a bill to prevent expansion of MAiD to the mentally ill. Every Liberal MP, inclusive of its “ethnic” component, voted “Nay” to the intended legislation.

Now, it appears MAiD will be expanded to include drug addicts. Who are Canada’s drug addicts and alcoholics? This would be the Canadian-born– white and Aboriginal in the main.

Why should, for example, a Liberal MP holding citizenship in Somalia have a say in the expiration of these unfortunate souls? It shouldn’t be this way–but it is.

Getting the picture? One of the world’s healthiest nations has a government who has unilaterally transitioned our country to the world’s most efficient purveyor of assisted dying.

Liberal Party MPs uniformly approve every piece of legislation that have expanded the parameters for who qualifies every time a bill is tabled, including half-citizen and foreign-born MPs.

Media say nothing. If you doubt our findings, check out this web link.

“From March 2024, those suffering from mental illnesses – with no physical ailments necessary – will also be eligible for MAID. That includes people with substance-use disorders.”

Social engineering? Demographic engineering? Systemic citizen removal? Call it what you will, but for CAP, the situation stands as Canada’s finest example of a democracy turned neo-dictatorship.

To be followed, in due time, by the real thing.

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  1. Canada’s culling of Anglo Caucasians. Unless you are Chinese, Muslim, Sikh, Québécois or LGBTQ+, Canada has nothing to offer you!


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