Why Trudeau’s Departure Should Be Declared A National Holiday

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Simply put, what keeps him there is “wokism.” Without it, and its backing from globalist international forces, Justin Trudeau would have never gained his grip on Canadian society.

Certainly not for eight years running. Fiscally, economically, in areas of political pragmatism, PM Trudeau has been a colossal failure. Yet, as astute observers recognize, there’s “something special” that has kept him from being removed as Canada’s national leader.

On a practical level, a post-modern partnership with New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh has delivered the goods. On an ideological level, Trudeau has delivers the appropriate silver bullets from a multi-chamber weapon of wokeness. That the blueprint exists as a mirror-image of think-tank World Economic Forum ideology has been lost on Canadian society due to media presentation, or lack of.

Euthanasia, LGBT, Racism, Transgenderism, Abortion, Climate Change, Carbon Taxation— these are the bullets Trudeau and his Liberal government have been directing toward our society in perpetuity.

Every bit of it funded and administered by Trudeau, who after eight-years in office, continues to walk Canada down a yellow-brick road of national transformation.

One element of the leftist liberal psyche comes to mind for CAP. Caustically stated, “Liberals love giving out awards,” in addition to establishing annual commemorations. For crying out loud, Canadian society even features a Tamil Heritage Month.

On this basis, Cultural Action Party[est.2016] have a proposal of our own. In consideration of the damage our PM has done to society, we recommend that the day Justin Trudeau leaves office– if he ever leaves office— should be declared a national holiday.

A plethora of reasons exist for the recommendation. Unaffordable housing prices. Massive inflation. Outrageous increases in food prices. Vote-grabbing immigration policies. Carbon taxation for Canadians when our national output of emissions sits at 1.6% of worldwide output. Placing this in context, China’s carbon footprint is at least 20 times this amount, the highest on the planet. Ever hear Justin promote the idea that China should institute a carbon tax? Of course not.

Transgender promotion in elementary schools. Branding “Old Stock” citizens racists, bigots, and homophobes. 45,000 Canadians knocked off through MAiD policies. Internet censorship legislation to shut up organizations such as ours. Decimation and defunding of our military. Emergency Acts to transition our country to a neo-authoritarian state. Covid restrictions to impede individual freedoms.

Then we have Canadian media’s collective presentation of the PM.  Yes, criticism does flow from their pens, but never does it bring together multiple pieces of the pie to state that this individual deals in an agenda drawn from a political blueprint from beyond Canadian borders.

And what is the public’s recourse for democratic governance anyway? One vote every four years, after which government strip general society of any element of influence. “Okay, now you voted Liberal, so we have the right to maintain absolute control of society, regardless of public opinion and desire.”

This is how Canada came to be transformed into a globalist village of woke pretentions. No one asked for the wokism enacted, nor approved an implementation of, for example, transgender training in Canadian public schools.

In fairness, it must be stated that a prime minister cannot be held responsible for this mess in totality. Myriad forces influence a society, including global entities working in self-interest.

Still, a salient fact remains: no national leader ever opened the doors to the desires of internationalism like Justin Trudeau. The only person who comes close is prototype globalist Pierre Trudeau and his embracement of communist China, among other “contributions.”

Government won’t approve it, media won’t mention it, LGBT advocates stand aghast, immigration lawyers scoff, academia sneer, multicultural organizations remain incredulous.

But all that doesn’t mean the designation is undeserved. There is still enough freedom-of-speech remaining that such a proposal cannot be considered an illegal act.

Yet, in reality, we all know what will go down if and when Trudeau Jr. bites the political dust. CBC will praise him, throwing out undeserved accolades along the lines of “a great statesman,” and other superlatives.

Many will remember a similar situation when Pierre Trudeau took his “walk in the snow.” We see how this played out in the long run. No one is running around praising the long-haired jet setting PM in the bright white sports car today, are they?

The day Justin Trudeau departs from office becomes a national holiday. You get what you deserve, buddy-boy.

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  1. As a person of color I wish I could go back in time and tear up that damn vote. I’m sorry Canada I let you down, this one is on me please kick his ass off the stage Pierre. He is a con artist, manipulator and plain out liar. He would drive us into depravity, taxation, homelessness and ruin generations to come.


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