Why Trudeau Is Overwhelming Canada With 3rd World Refugees

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According to CBC News, “they arrive with no work permit and lack the level of federal support afforded to sponsored refugees.”

Most of the claimants arriving at the Ottawa Mission are refugees arriving from Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda and Nigeria.

How did Canada’s come to be magically transformed into the number one refugee repository nation in the Western world? Did Canadians actually vote for this?  What is the purpose and/or economic benefit to Canada for functioning as designated “Salvation Army Nation” of the world?

Along with the largest per-capita immigration quota on earth, Canada has managed to get itself locked-in as the first world nation most responsible for the social problems in Africa and the Middle East.

Truth is, it began a long time ago.

‘The UN Refugee Convention at 70 and Rights for Displaced People Today’

“The 1951 Refugee Convention is a landmark international treaty that defines what it means to be a refugee, as well as the rights of—and legal obligations toward—people who have been forcibly displaced across borders. But seventy years on, the Convention deserves scrutiny, as the world grapples with new drivers of mass displacement.”

It may “deserve scrutiny,” but under PM Justin Trudeau, it will never happen. Foolishly, lacking foresight, the federal government of Canada signed on the dotted line back in 1951. Most Middle Eastern and many African governments refused to sign up.

Translation: Canada is today responsible for the problem people of backwater nations like Burundi, Burkina Faso, Eritrea, Syria, Afghanistan and Rwanda.

A fair and equitable deal it is not. But what do the oil-rich Sheiks of Saudi Arabia care? How about the government of Somalia, of which Muslim citizens comprise 99% of its citizenship.

What a trap Canada is caught in. To make matters worse, in 2017 Justin Trudeau tweeted out the following message to the 3rd World’s downtrodden peoples:

“To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength.”

In other words, come one, come all– regardless of degree of financial self-sufficiency. A presumptuous move from a silver-spoon fed globalist it is.

Who pays for this, Mr. Trudeau? That would be taxpayers, aka “the people.” Did the PM gain approval from Canadians to import hundreds of thousands of poor, uneducated refugees to Canada from the 3rd World?

Not at all. Our PM is a Trudeau-family member. Included in this packet of privilege is unilateral ability to do whatever they want to do to our society. So-called parent Pierre Trudeau had this personality, and Justin Trudeau is every bit as presumptuous.

Some seventy years after the fateful UNRC signing, we see what is presently occuring on the streets of our largest cities:

Ottawa homeless shelters are seeing a surge of asylum seekers showing up at their doors, raising fears that the refugee housing crisis overwhelming Toronto shelters could be spreading to the capital.”

Peter Tilley, CEO of the Ottawa Mission, stated that  “a record number of migrants have come to the shelter on Waller Street in recent weeks.”

After which CAP pose a question eschewed by mainstream media:

Why are the Liberal government doing this?

Pray-tell, Mr. Trudeau, what’s the long-term plan? Anticipating a non-response, Cultural Action Party[est. 2016] will speculate on the rationale. The poverty-stricken will one day have children. These children will grow up, reach age 18, and vote for the Liberal Party of Canada.

That is, if federal elections still exist at that time. In this manner, the refugees function not unlike legitimate immigrants from so-called “developing nations.” As a united force, they and their offspring(large, as opposed to Anglophones) will help to keep the Liberals in power in perpetuity.

On this basis, by the time we get to year 2050, virtually all federal ridings(338 today) will be controlled by the Liberals. Do tell, fellow patriots– what’s the point in holding federal elections when 98% of all ridings are held by the Liberal Party?

Quick Answer: There is no point. Elections become futile, to be followed by completely unnecessary.

Bingo: The reason for stuffing as many downtrodden foreigners into our country becomes clear. Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are using refugee intake and immigration policy to transition Canada to a one-party state.

The fact that refugees are living in the streets of Ottawa and other major cities is secondary. In fact, away from the media spotlight, so is every other aspect of Canadian society.

“We’re already at over capacity dealing with the homeless population of Ottawa. This would be more than triple, even quadruple, the amount of refugee claimants we would normally have.”

Justin Trudeau couldn’t give a damn, and neither could Marc Miller, Sean Fraser or Ahmed Hussen. Truth is, the Liberal Minister of Immigration portfolio is a carbon-copy regardless of which Cabinet Member holds the position.

The whole thing is nothing less than a “full steam ahead” production, regardless of short-term ramifications.

“Canada had processed nearly 60,000 applications  from asylum seekers as of June, 2023, the highest mid-year count going back to at least 2015.”

“Thousands have shown up at Toronto’s emergency shelters. The number of asylum seekers there  rose from 530 per-night in September, 2021 to 2,800 this May, and led to dozens camping out in front of an intake office downtown.”

Response from refugee workers at the Ottawa Mission:

“There’s no place to move them into. There’s just no housing.” 

There may be no place, but there darn well is a purpose. The re-imaging of Canada against the will of the public continues unabated. Justin Trudeau and his gang of neo-communists wouldn’t have it any other way.

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  1. “Canada had processed nearly 60,000 applications from asylum seekers as of June, 2023, the highest mid-year count going back to at least 2015.” Can’t understand it. The year 2015 keeps popping up. Must be a clue. Those 60,000 (and counting) “asylum” seekers are in addition to the 500,000 Turd-World migrants pouring into Bananada each year. The multi-pronged social repercussions in the months, and years ahead; will be bloody disastrous. Think wait times for necessary/urgent/life-threatening medical care are unbearably long? Just wait; we ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Canada has become a land of extreme disorder. “In extremis” is a more apt description. (In extreme circumstances; at the point of death.)


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