Why Justin Trudeau, Media Puppets Are Working to CRUSH “Wexit” Movement

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CAP has maintained from moment #1 that the Trudeau government and their Liberal-Globalist media puppets will do everything in their power to crush the Western Canadian separation movement–commonly known as “Wexit.”

This should be obvious as heck. Yet, due to the communist-style media structure which “popped up” after Justin Trudeau seized control of Canada, it may be difficult for many to discern.

Simply put– the globalists want Wexit dead. Therefore, so does Justin Trudeau, Gerald Butts, Chrystia Freeland, MP Ahmed Hussen, and the rest of the Liberal-Globalist cultural assassins.

Why? Again–a basic, simple answer: It conflicts with a decades-long, pre-conceived agenda to destroy 152 years of Canadian identity, and replace it with a globalist-Islamic-socialist nation state.

Consider the state of Brexit. CAP will confess– we don’t spend a lot of time focusing on the details of Brexit. From a Canadian nationalist perspective, either it happens, or it doesn’t.

What we will say about it is that it is one giant mess. There are excellent reasons for this–the globalist movement centred in Brussels wants Brexit to fail. The dynamic regarding Canada’s Wexit is exactly the same.

Why do we says this? For the trite explanation that “globalism is a global movement.” What goes on in terms of the globalist agenda in Britain is the same for Canada. Same approach, same tactics, same propaganda.

Outcome? The powerhouse Liberal-Trudeau-Third World  hegemony will do anything and everything to prevent Wexit from occurring. CBC are thrashing it as we speak. Globe & Mail and Torstar— liberal- globalist media puppets of the highest order–will slam, condemn, and assault Wexit every day until it dies a horrid death.

Does this mean Wexit is an impossibility? In fact, it does not. What this really means is that it is up to the people--Canadians of the Old Stock variety– to develop a strong enough “grass roots” movement to free Western provinces from the Third World-Islamic-Sikh powerhouse Trudeau and Gerald Butts have created in the GTA, and surrounding areas.

Wexit is 100% a case of “power to the people.” If this movement attempts to make it happen by way of government and media, they are wasting their time. “Populism” succeeds because of people-voters-citizens, and not due to any aspect of government, media or academic influence. These forces will fight us at every turn.

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Now check this out:

“Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland is touting the country’s Ukrainian community that spans provinces such as Alberta and Saskatchewan, as well as the rest of Canada, as a great unifier in post-election Canada.”

What–Ukrainian? What the heck is this all about? We live in “post-modern” Canada now. We don’t speak about Ukrainians. Or German-Canadians, Irish or Scottish. In Justin’s Canada, the only Third World communities are permitted to promote their identity and thrive as a united ethnic group. Any of this behaviour on behalf of white Canada is racism and bigotry.

Man, does this ever show a sign of desperation on the part of the Liberal-Third World Government of Canada. Can you imagine the nerve? For four years King Trudeau remained silent as the lambs regarding Canada’s European heritage–except when bashing us as virulent racists and bigots.

Now, suddenly Ukrainian Canada matters to government. What a sham. CAP call “pathetic”on this one. The Trudeau government hate European Canada, Anglophone Canada and Christian Canada. Then, puppet Chrystia Freeland and her thighs delivers this pile of slop. What a disgrace!

“Freeland said she was inspired to see a roomful of Ukrainian Canadians representing all regions of the country.”

What the hell? This is the first time a member of the Trudeau government has ever made reference to a European-derived Canadian community. Suddenly she and boss-man Trudeau are swelled with pride over a European-oriented element of Canadian society?

CAP Conclusion? It’s a stone-cold LIE. Wanna know who is really doing the talking here? Backroom Liberal-Globalist schemer Gerald Butts–that’s who.

This man is the architect of the disintegration of English Canada. Here he instructs MP Freeland on how to best fool and deceive Canadians regarding the potential separation of Western Canada from Trudeau’s Liberal Laurentian Mountain Elite Posse of destroyers.

How much does CAP hate these forces? To the extent that we have written and reported on English Canada’s pending demise every day for the past five years.

For Trudeau, Butts, Hussen and Morneau–only one agenda exists: the decimation of 152 years of Canadian identity. Wexit “flies in the face” of their nefarious agenda–so they want it DEAD.

Expect the assault to continue indefinitely. Either the people of Western Canada make Wexit a success, or the Liberal-Globalists kill the movement.

The choice is in the hands of the people–and no one else.



8 thoughts on “Why Justin Trudeau, Media Puppets Are Working to CRUSH “Wexit” Movement”

  1. Canadians, real born and raised Canadians that love the country that they grew up in need to do something about Trudeau and his immigration and spending policies. When you bring in large numbers of people from non European based countries, they congregate in cities like Toronto and become strong voices to change our country into theirs. They do not assimilate. They could care less about our Canada. Nobody should be allowed to vote or become part of our government unless they are born in Canada. I think Canadians don’t realize what this country will become in the years to come. I will be dead and forgotten but the changes taking place under this government will make life very different for my grandchildren. God help them because Christianity will die in this country and Islamic faith will take over.

  2. I agree entirely with this article. It is what I have been seeing. There is no attempt to govern Canada only to destroy its democracy.

  3. Trudeau will now flood western Canadian conservative ridings with millions of mostly Muslim immigrants in an attempt to make it impossible to elect conservative minded governments or to have a majority vote in favour of taking the west out of eastern Canada’s control. Therefore it is very important to hold the independence vote asap. OTOH… Kevin O’Leary says that Trudeau’s minority government will only last 6-9 months and that both Trudeau and Scheer will be replaced by their parties by then.

  4. Trudeau is the absolute WORST Prime Minister Canada has ever had! He is trying to DESTROY Canada! WE CANNOT LET that happen!! The west needs to fight! If necessary, I would prefer to see the west leave Eastern Canada and become independent, but only if we cannot overrule Trudeau’s pathetic desire to totally disintegrate Canada as we have known it! He needs to be removed from office – NOW – before he does any more damage.


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