Why THREE Ethics Violations — Or Any Number– Will NOT BRING DOWN PM Justin Trudeau

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“Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion has launched an investigation of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau over the government’s decision to task the WE Charity — which has ties to Trudeau’s family — with administering a $900 million summer student grant program.”

Trudeau and his government have been under fire since announcing the contract because of the charity’s close association with the Trudeau family.

“Trudeau and his mother, Margaret, have appeared at a number of WE Day events, while Trudeau’s wife, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, hosts a podcast for the group called “WE Well-being.”

No other charity was considered for this contract, and this particular charity has some rather close ties to Trudeau himself.

It’s the third conflict of interest complaint NDP ethics critic Charlie Angus has made to the watchdog about the prime minister.

“Angus also wrote to the office about prime minister’s role in the SNC-Lavalin affair and the Trudeau family vacation to the Aga Khan’s private island in 2016, both instances where Trudeau was found IN VIOLATION of the federal Conflict of Interest Act.”

 “Now he’s up for a hat trick,” Angus said.

How fitting a hockey metaphor is for Canada’s “Teflon-Boy” prime minister, PM Justin Trudeau. Nothing appears to stick as recent poll results affirm:

“Governing parties across Canada are enjoying a surge in support as they confront the COVID-19 pandemic. Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are no exception.”

“For a party heading up a minority government to be in such a position is rare. The Liberals’ polling bump is the biggest for a minority government in over 60 years.

Talk about an incongruous political reality! Does it maker a difference if Mr. Trudeau is convicted of breaching protocol by the Canadian ethics commission for the 3rd time?

CAP will respond first: Not at all. As in, not ONE SPECK. Pourquoi?

Because in the opinion of Cultural Action Party of Canada— ours is a “dead democracy.” And we are not joking around in any Cap-acity.  

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Justin Trudeau could stand on his head and spit nickels–and he will still remain prime minister of Canada. After all, he came close– by dressing in blackface on multiple occasions, and prancing around Bollywood stages in those pointy-satin shoes so favoured by India’s film industry.

So why is it that Trudeau is fully indemnified as the leader of our nation? Here is why:

Because PM Justin is unique. He is not simply PM of Canada–which in many ways, CAP believe to be falsehood.

Rather, JustnTrudeau is the leader of 3rd World Canada–a giant difference. Additionally, the man is leader of Sikh Canada, Chinese Canada, Muslim Canada, and LGBT Canada.

Any citizens who fall out side of a Liberal-3rd World Elitist Bubble do not qualify. Meaning our old school communities– Anglophones, Christians, Conservatives, and to some degree Francophones–are in 2020 second-class citizens–they just do not KNOW it yet.

Canada continues to be turned inside-out and upside down as Justin Trudeau’s pseudo-dictatorial presence becomes fully ingrained within Canadian society.

In the meantime, CBC, CTV, National Post, Toronto Star and the rest of the Liberal-Socialist Media Conglomeration continue to cover-up Trudeau’s covert transformation of our country from democracy to dictatorship.


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