Why The Word “Anglophone” Is Absent From Canada’s Political Narrative

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Taboo, noun:

 “A social custom prohibiting or forbidding discussion of a particular practice or forbidding association with a particular person, place, or thing.”

Those who read Cultural Action Party’s daily discourse on Canadian politics have heard it on many occasions. The word “Anglophone” and related themes has been banished from political discourse in our country.

All the more unnerving when considering the flip-side. Each and every day, mainstream media in Canada rant and rave about the sorrow and pity in regards to our “racialized” communities.

Long term citizens recognize that it wasn’t always this way. On an historical basis, the advent of Justin Trudeau as prime minister served as the catalyst for this most curious social condition.

Simply put, our Liberal government has established a systemic agenda for a  disempowerment of Anglo-Canadians and those of European heritage. In 2015, PM Justin Trudeau transitioned this community to the “fall-guy” of Canadian identity. We have been stuck in the position ever since.

To magnify the movement, Canadian media, academia and corporate business interests exacerbate what Cultural Action Party refer to as “the running of the Anglophone.”

The fact that terms such as “Anglophone,” “English Canada” and associated wording are banished from political discourse should concern all Canadians of European heritage.

As it stands, our major media outlets– Anglophone-controlled in the main– whisper not a word regarding the woke Liberal assault on this identifiable community. How strange it is. Perhaps due to a payment plan set up by PM Trudeau under which publishers, editors and journalists must adhere to a strict code of obfuscation:

Feel free to verbalize any and all hardships related to Canadian citizens of colour. In stark contrast, Anglo-European perspectives on society are rendered null and void.

Why? Few issues concern CAP more than this social condition. We think back to examples of historical communities corralled into this position.The outcome is never good. Upon which we recognize an ominous correlation.

No one speaks of persecuted communities at the time in which they are under attack by a ruling government. We have this witnessed time and again, when systemic policies of racial prejudice emerged from fascist governments and communist revolutions.

One sign-post along the way to the marginalization of Anglophone-Canadians should be sending chills up Canada’s social spine. Justin Trudeau is entering his eighth year as PM, and not once has he publically spoken of our Anglophone communities.

For him, it’s as if we don’t exist– a red flag if there ever was one. Think about it– how many media articles have you read which tackle the topics of immigration, multiculturalism, diversity and the rest from an “Old Stock” Canadian perspective?

The answer is zero times. Not once since Pierre Trudeau forced multiculturalism have pertinent questions like these been debated, asked or answered:

How do generational, Canadian-born citizens feel about their country being transitioned to a 3rd World-majority society? We hear plenty about how awful Canada is from government-funded special interest groups like National Council of Canadian Muslims. Additionally, the woke snowflake brigade never tire of telling us how awful and racist our country is.

But never– as in not once— has government, media or academia considered the antithesis: how do white Canadians feel about government-enforced policies designed to marginalize and disempower our people?

Caucasians in Canada are not just a silent majority. We are a silenced majority, and  despite media obfuscation, are heading directly for minority community status.

CBC say nothing. Globe & Mail print nothing. The term “Anglophone” is wiped from the map of our social and political narrative.

Not that a potential solution, or at least a method to circumvent our downfall doesn’t exist. The problem is that in a million years, Justin Trudeau and his Liberal-Quebecois supremacist will never consider it.

Under the circumstances, a federal Ministry for Anglophone-Canadian Rights must be established. Chances of such a thing occurring in our lifetime: zero — it will never happen.

Quebec, go ahead and retain your cultural identity. The Liberals are a Quebec-centric party, and as such work to maintain cultural and linguistic French-Canadian identity. Ditto for Canada’s Sikh, Muslim, Chinese and other 3rd World communities.

Take all the time in the world to promote your distinct cultures. Heck, we will even pay you to do so, as extracted from the general tax-base of our country.

After all, Multicultural policy as forced on Canada by ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau instructs you to do this exact thing.

What remains is a singular outlier community. It’s one that no one speaks of publicly– except when it’s time to bash us as racist, bigoted and xenophobic.

Among a plethora of systemic attacks on Anglophone Canada, the silence surrounding Anglo-European citizens remains most ominous.

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