Why The Term “Minority Community” Should Be Retired In Canada

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The etymology of the word “minority” is as follows: its meaning– “state of being under legal age” is from 1540’s; that of smaller number or part, smaller of two aggregates into which a whole is divided numerically” is from 1736.”

The word’s interpretation as “the smaller division of any whole number of persons” was first established in the year 1789. The meaning “group of people separated from the rest of a community by race, religion, language, etc.” is from 1919, originally in an Eastern European context.

Within Canadian society in the year 2021, the utilization of the word minority” should be providing serious food-for-thought. No surprise–it isn’t.

Cultural Action Party has written previously about the utilization of this word within the context of Canadian politics, as well as society in general. Here CAP speak of an intrinsic connection between “minority” and “oppressed communities.”

Since the day ex-Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau pushed multiculturalism upon the people of Canada, the minority label has served as a political weapon.

Apart from a knee-jerk mental connection todown-on-their-luck” ethnic communities, both government and media withhold a critical factor:

At some point in the future, white Canadians will themselves transition to a minority community.  Under our current Liberal government, Canada maintains the highest per-capita immigration quotas on earth. There is no indication they will ever be reduced.

In tandem, birth-rates for “Old Stock” Canadians have rapidly diminished over the past 50 years. Sublimated by CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and the rest of establishment media is the following:

According to Statistics Canada, by 2031, if current demographic trends continue, 47% of the second generation will belong to a visible minority group, nearly double the proportion of 24% in 2006.”

From 47% to 51% is not exactly a major leap. Here’s a salient question for what mainstream media never speak of–the future of Canadian society:

Will the term “minority” still be associated with 3rd World-derived Canadians after Anglophone Canadians are transitioned to a minority community?

At this point, all we have is speculation. Yet is it not a truism that our ruling government pride themselves on their “progressive” nature? If so, why not get ahead of the game, and start to wind down the minority definition for PM Trudeau’s much preferred 3rd World citizens?

A cracking idea indeed– but it won’t happen–for the very reasons illuminated above: this term is a political weapon designed to elicit sympathy for 3rd world Canadians.

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Call CAP insensitive, but we believe this association to be entirely erroneous. Within contemporary society, Canada’s 3rd World communities have been transformed to a political powerhouse.

We look to Justin Trudeau’s Cabinet for an example. Here’s something CAP will wager has never been exposed to the people of Canada:

Anglophone male MP’s from outside of Quebec account for just 19% of Trudeau’s 2021 Cabinet.

A quick analysis places the percentage of Anglophone males in Canada at 32% of the total population.

Compare this to Sikh-Canadians, who comprise 8% of Cabinet while their demographic composition is 1.4% of the total Canadian population.

Does this scenario suggest majority status for Anglophone-Canadians? 

Are CAP surprised at these outcomes? Not in the least– we believe Justin Trudeau maintains personal prejudice against Anglophones.

Another factor in the game is found within the painfully under-scrutinized area of multiculturalism.

Ever since Pierre Trudeau forced this ideology upon Canada in 1971, billions upon billions of tax-payer dollars have been handed to immigration, multicultural and refugee organizations.

The result is massive political empowerment for 3rd World Canada. Media speak not a word about this phenomenon. In 2021, the outcome is that ethnic-oriented not-for-profit organizations are among the most powerful political lobby groups in Canada.

The time has come to bury the use of the term “minority” from the vernacular of society. It’s main function is today a solicitation of sympathy for “special interest” groups within Trudeau’s post-modern Canada.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)



2 thoughts on “Why The Term “Minority Community” Should Be Retired In Canada”

  1. It is so sad that special groups (minority) have such priority and are considered in more need than Whites!! Whites must stop being so “nice” and start fighting back against the Aboriginal/Indigenous and Black Supremacists as ALL LIVES Matter not just that of the so-called “minority” who are fast becoming anything but and are still being taken care of by those they show disdain and racism towards while playing the blame/victim/race card game and reaping the benefits!! Enough!!!!!!

    • The White/Non-white social dynamic existed previous to Justin Trudeau as PM, but there is no question is it Justin himself who drove the conflict to its highest point in the past 50 years.

      This is what destroyers do.


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