Why The Legacy Of Pierre Trudeau Should Be TORN DOWN In Canada

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An online petition calling for the Pierre Trudeau airport in Montreal to be renamed after former PQ Premier René Lévesque has collected over 20,000 signatures.

In response, Liberal Transportation Minister Omar Alghabra’s office issued a statement that government has “no plans to change the name of Montreal’s airport, despite an online petition calling for the removal of Pierre Trudeau’s name.”

Cultural Action Party believe the name change movement will die a certain death. There is no chance that former president of the Canadian Arab Federation Omar Alghabra would ever approve such as change.

“Regarding the betrayals and the harm that he inflicted on Quebec, Pierre Elliott Trudeau absolutely does not merit that we set him up on such a pedestal – the result of a unilateral decision Ottawa made,” reads the petition.

CAP agree that the name-change should occur. But not for any reason related to the FLQ crisis of the late 1960’s.

Rather, our reason relates to Pierre Trudeau’s position as the founder of Canadian multiculturalism. When analyzing the former PM’s unilateral decision to cancel our nation’s bi-cultural English & French Canadian identity, one salient point bubbles to the surface:

The result of this policy has been the branding of Anglophone-Canadians as a racist community. Whether this was intentional is secondary to the outcome. In 2021, Canadians of European heritage find their communities on the receiving end of bitter accusations of racist intent:

As part of the “celebration” of the 150th anniversary of British Columbia, multicultural advocate  Sharanjit Kaur Sandhra from the Sikh Heritage Museum — has this to say:

“This book offers a bold, honest, historical correction to the false narrative that Canada is exempt from white supremacy and racist nation state formations.”

Indeed, racist-infused vitriol against white Canadians has become a veritable “flavour of the day” within Justin Trudeau’s post-modern society.

The roots of this phenomenon rest squarely upon the shoulders of Pierre Trudeau. It was he who forced multiculturalism upon an unsuspecting Canada in the year 1971.

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As it happens, 2021 marks the 50th anniversary of Canadian multiculturalism. CAP are somewhat perplexed as to why government, media and our powerhouse multicultural lobbies are not jumping up and down with glee over this occasion. Perhaps they have something planned for Canada Day on July 1st.  

One of many related items which sticks in CAP’s craw is the following:

Pierre Trudeau–prototype globalist that he was– invented institutionalized “diversity” in Canada. Since his election in 2015, Justin Trudeau has gone hog-wild on driving the program forward.

So much so that the outcome is the post-modern phenomenon of what CAP call “Anglo-bashing.” Seems everyone is doing it these days. Media, academia are free to trash Old Stock Canada at will–narry an accusation of reverse-racism ever results.

Are Anglophones the singular identifiable community in which it is open-season to attack and label racist? How ironic this is. Pierre Trudeau’s multicultural ideology is rooted in social and religious equality for ALL Canadian communities.

Degree to which CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star allude to a breach of the Multiculturalism Act of 1988 in terms of the treatment of Old Stock Canada?

The same extent to which a breach of Pierre Trudeau’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms is exposed in this regard–nothing at all.

Is it fair to state that Pierre Trudeau is the founder of reverse-racist hatred of Anglophone Canadian communities? CAP go “all-in” on this one.

This is the true reason why the legacy of Pierre Elliot Trudeau should be dismantled. This man set the foundation for an eventual vilification of the Anglophone peoples of Canada.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)

5 thoughts on “Why The Legacy Of Pierre Trudeau Should Be TORN DOWN In Canada”

  1. The clear and simple answer is….
    Don’t use names of people re Airports…esp politicians, as we all have negative or positive thoughts about them. Why create a problem? There is also a cost to all of this. Who pays?

  2. 1969-1978 Federal Government in charge of residential schools NOT THE CHURCH
    Lest we forget Pierre Trudeau Prime Minister in charge. His own son called it genocide when the missing aboriginal girls was investigated! Now Justin Trudeau calling it genocide again finding aboriginal school mass graves. Where is his apology for his father and call to rename all things Pierre Trudeau?

  3. Residential schools under Federal Government 1969-1978
    Pierre Trudeau Prime Minister in charge not the Churches.
    Apology for your father Justin Trudeau. Rename anything under Trudeau


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