Why The Fuss When 99% of Canadians Are Non-Transgender?

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According to data published by Statistics Canada, a scant “0.2% of the population aged 18 and older was transgender in 2021.”

Within a healthy democratic society, this fact would motivate media to drill down on reasons why a lifestyle adopted by less than 1% of the population would move centre stage among social issues in Canada.

The first thought that comes to mind for CAP relates to a basic truth: if the percentage is so miniscule, it means that non-transgendered individuals are fighting a war on behalf of those wishing to transition their natural-born sexual identity.

Remember that fascinating piece of journalism which alluded to these concepts? Neither does Cultural Action Party[est.2016], because it has never appeared in print, or among news broadcasts in media circles.

What can concerned Canadians glean from these circumstances? How about the idea that media want what our Liberal government want, inclusive of the fact that in 2023, our press function as a branch of government.

If media refuse to touch on fundamentals of the transgender debate, then they are freed from speculation on a related point. If the trans-pushers aren’t themselves transgender, then the entire affair is a political construct, as opposed to sexuality-oriented.

Globe & Mail say nothing. CTV tweet nothing. Are common sense Canadians to believe that there isn’t a mainstream journalist in our country with an ability to filter these thoughts through their “erudite” brains?

CAP offer one good reason why LGBT and its sister transgenderism are political in nature. Because under the iron-clad rule of PM Justin Trudeau’s minority Liberal government, every issue is a political issue.

Thinking more deeply about this brings a light-bulb moment to the conversation. Within communist societies, the same situation exists. A quintessential example being China, Mr. Trudeau’s go-to society in terms of political admiration.

Global News remain mum. Toronto Star, leading leftist news publication, wouldn’t touch this with an 88-foot poll. This is not “woke.” It isn’t politically correct or globalist in nature.

It is what Liberal political strategists would brand “anathema”– infusion of logic into discussions regarding an issue currently leaping at the throat of Canadian society.

Let us ask a question that has remained outside the spectrum of political discourse since the day the Trudeau government elevated Transgenderism to the centre of Canadian society:

For what purpose has transgenderism been systemically injected into the socio-political fabric of society? Can it be that, understanding the divisive nature of transgenderism, the spectacle has with intention been thrust into the cavity of our body politic?

The thought sounds counter-productive, no? Upon which we contemplate government motivation. If, hypothetically speaking, government were purposefully injecting poison into our social dynamic, would ssues like Transgenderism and Euthanasia not be two of the best choices?

Nothing stirs up human emotion like sex, race, ethnicity– as well as issues of life-and-death. Do the Liberals not indulge in these topics in an obsessive capacity? What are they really up to here?

Is there at this very moment a tacit plan of attack on our society, whereby government select the most contentious issues available in a bid to divide-and-conquer?

Create chaos within society. Get citizens hopping mad. Pit community against community. Leverage religious identity to increase angst. Divide heteros from homosexuals, Muslims from Christians and Jews. Brand Canada racist, bigoted, homophobic, transphobic, “Islamophobic” and the rest of the woke jive.

For what purpose? Dig into the history of socialist revolutions of the 20th century, and answers will appear. Check out ideologies cultivated by Mao Tse Tung, Joseph Stalin, in addition to Adolph Hitler to draw a conclusion.

Each time an attempt to break down and re-construct a “post-modern” society, social division stands at the epicentre. The greatest impediment to authoritarian take over is found in unity among a nation’s population.

Is this what lingers at the heart of the Liberal’s insane woke malarky? CAP can’t say for sure either. But the idea is worth consideration, and for the good of our country, deserves to be speculated upon with urgency.

Sad to think that establishment media will never do so. More likely is a situation found far too frequently within Canada’s media dynamic. Like Covid, as with Chinese Election interference, 40 million citizens will eventually learn the truth, or at least a component of it.

Over and over the same pattern has transpired. By the time general society comes to understand how they have been hood-winked, it’s too late to prevent it from occurring.

Now that’s government and media coordination.

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  1. [Transgenderism] “An issue currently leaping at the throat of Canadian society.” Perfect imagery. A wannabe dictator going for our jugular. All for the greater good.


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