Why Justin Trudeau Must Be The FIRST CANADIAN Inoculated With Covid-19 Remedy

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The true quality of  a national leader is found in the degree to which they lead by example. For CAP, this will never be the current prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau. 

The privilege accorded to this politician makes it impossible to believe Mr. Trudeau would be the first in line for an injection to remedy China’s pandemic output to the world.

Justin Trudeau can recommend austerity for the common people during the Covid-19 campaigns, but he cannot or will not live in an austere manner. His Trudeau Dynasty privilege means normal life is for the peasants who give Trudeau the taxpayer funds he needs to buy the narcissistic glory he desperate craves.

There is no question that Mr. Trudeau is the top political leader on planet earth in terms of adhering to the tenets of Liberal-Globalism.

You name a sovereignty-eroding piece ofinternationalism,” and Trudeau is there with bells on. This naturally extends to the latest element of globalist seduction—China’s Covid-19 pandemic output.

Shock Of The Century: For Justin Trudeau, Liberal Health Minister Patty Hadju, as well as Dr. Teresa Tam, Trudeau’s resident “Queen Of Corona”— there is no question or debate: we recommend an injection of the Covid-19 “antidote” if and when it becomes available.

CAP’s recommendation to Old Stock Canadians—do not go anywhere NEAR this unknown “elixir.” This thing has the stamp of communist China all over it—so no wonder PM Trudeau is accepting it “sight-unseen.”

Okay—so if PM Justin is all over it and confident in its “magic qualities”— even before the remedy exists—let’s see him be the first Canadian to be injected with the Covid-19 antidote.

CAP Crystal Ball: This will NEVER happen. King Justin won’t be the first because his true nature is that of a coward.

CAP Historical Series: Brother Michel Trudeau’s Drug Charges, Justin’s Bizarre Response, Death Under BIZARRE Circumstances

 Here’s something CBC will not tell you. There are few examples thus far of enforced Covid-19 related mass injections. In fact, thus far CAP has only discovered one— the provincial government of New Brunswick decreed that no elementary school children in their province can attend public school unless they are shot up with an inoculation.

New Brunswick is arguably Canada’s most Old Stock Canadian province. An enforced school children inoculation is not only draconian in nature, it is no doubt a breach of Pierre Trudeau’s definitive civil rights legislation, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Degree to which Charter-loving Liberal-Globalists have exposed this? Nothing at all. In a related incident, Justin Trudeau—along with 3rd World Globalist NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, attempted to strong-arm the provincial government of New Brunswick into accepting this legislation.

Why wasn’t this attempted in, for example, Singh’s former hot-bed riding of Brampton, Ontario? Why did both the abortion drive and the KGB-style Covid-19 injection campaigns focus on a province where 95% of residents are Old Stock Canadians?

CAP recommend Jagmeet Singh selects Brampton, ON as ground zero for the Covid-19 roll out. We also recommend that PM Trudeau begins the Covid-19 inoculation with himself, his family, the Liberal Cabinet and the Liberal Caucus.

Chance of this occurring? Zero point zero point nothing. You think Mr. Trudeau is going to serve as guinia pig for the pandemic remedy he recommends all Canadians indulge in? No–instead is it likely to be a 12-year old school boy in New Brunswick.

 Conversely, our illustrious PM will climb the podium, expose his hair and beard, and placidly recommend all Canadians get shot up with Big Pharma’s Coronavirus antidote.

CAP Advice: Do not fall for this. Do not permit your children to be injected with the Liberal-Globalist-Covid “solution.”

Pourquoi? Because no one who receives the injection knows for certain what is CONTAINED within. Ever hear CBC Ontario allude to this concept? How about Global News B.C.?

Perhaps Toronto Star? National Post? Not a frackin’ chance. Turns out Canadian establishment media are every bit as on board with the Trudeau-China banal positioning on the pandemic solution.

For the moment, it appears the citizens of Canada will not be forced—totalitarian-style— to submit to the vaccination. Lucky Old Stock Canada–for the present.


4 thoughts on “Why Justin Trudeau Must Be The FIRST CANADIAN Inoculated With Covid-19 Remedy”

  1. Great article Brad make all these eletist politicians that are pushing for the injections take the first shots. Then wait for a month before giving it to anyone else. See how they react to it first.

  2. BRAD I RAN across one of your articles this Sunday morning a nd couldn’t believe everything you have articulated about the POS /PM
    Well almost everything I have e in some way thought of .
    Yes the train has left the station Canadians have drank the KoolAid and we are on a trip without a return ticket.
    I sent your articles and truth to my large circle of friends and family I hope they see the truth in what you have written.
    Your truth needs to get out to Canada, PLEASE sign me up for your articles , and please send me information on CAP.
    Gerry Hildebrandt
    Chilliwack British Columbia
    Keep writing the truth my friend while you can .


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