Why The Conservative Party Of Canada Will NEVER AGAIN Form A Federal Government

Call CAP pessimistic. Brand us negative nihilists. It’s fine with us, because there is some truth in this. Yet, on the flip-side, if Canadian society was “looking good” in terms of the  future for “Old Stock” Anglophone and Francophone Canadians, we would gladly say so.

Unfortunately–in our opinion–the future for Old School Canada looks ominous as heck. CAP’s Crystal Ball maintains the following:

The Conservative Party of Canada  will never again form a federal government within Canada. For that matter, neither will any existing federal political party.

Here is why: A decades-long political agenda advanced by forces outside our nation have set us up for a “pseudo-dictatorship” under the control of globalist puppet-boy, Justin Trudeau.

How it has been accomplished is a rather long and sordid tale, so we will focus here on brevity. First of all, immigration policy is leading Canada toward a one-party state. Over one million fresh voters from Third World nations enter Canada every four years. 90% will vote Liberal. The lion’s share settle in the Greater Toronto Area–a population which today has more voting power than the entire province of Alberta.

How many seats did the Liberals capture in the GTA? 45 out of 50. Did you know? Liberal Sikh and Muslim candidates absolutely “rocked the house” in the 2019 election.Every one of Justin Trudeau’s Islamic “posse” won their seats for at least a second time–Maryam Monsef, Iqra Khalid, Omar Alghabra, Ahmed Hussen, as well as at least a dozen Sikh Liberal MP’s.

Now, we focus on another factor: Canadian establishment media. CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and the rest drove Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer into the dirt. These Trudeau government puppets literally tore this man “from limb to limb.” Never before have Canadians witnessed a pummelling of a party leader in this fashion.

Here’s where it gets deep: Scheer fell to a large degree because of his personal feelings on social issues such as abortion, Pride Parades, and same-sex marriage. In other words, media branded him a backward Christian fundamentalist, and as such all but sealed his fate as party leader.

Talk about putting the CPC in a bind. Consider this– if the next leader maintains a similar position on homosexuality and abortion, he will lose big-time against Justin Trudeau. Yet, if the leader “moves to the left” and emulates the Liberal approach to these issues, what reason is there to vote Conservative instead of Liberal?

May as well stick with what you know. So in terms of demography, white snowflaketypes will go with King Justin.  As mentioned, the 50 ridings in the GTA will be locked-down Liberal in due time.

What about new arrivals? Did you know that 90% of these nascent Canadians vote for the party in power at the time they arrive in Canada?  How about the fact that Third World folk tend to vote “en masse”–meaning families, and indeed entire communities, vote in this manner.

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Justin Trudeau and backroom Gerald Butts understand this well and good. Every four years a large increase in Liberal voters arrive on the scene. Therefore, Justin and his Liberal win again in 2023. Four more years pass, and another giant boost in Liberal voters takes place. All the while, white voters maintain their typical apathy toward heading to the polling booths.

Federal election time in 2027? Victory, Liberal Party of Canada. What is the limit for the number of consecutive terms a party can remain in power? Quick answer–there is none.

Bingo! Justin Trudeau trans-sitions to Canada’s “dictator-for-life.”

Of course, these comments are speculation. Obviously, the future has yet to arrive, so we cannot make these statements with 100% accuracy. But what CAP will say is the following:

This situation is a pre-planned, premeditated agenda of liberal-globalist seduction. Canada is to transition from democracy to dictatorship in due time. For this purpose, all federal parties competing for national leadership will be rendered 100% ineffective.

Canada then transitions into a one-party state. All establishment media fall in line, as government and media fuse into a singular entity entirely based upon media propaganda.

Sound like the Canada “of old” to you? Don’t think so. How about a communist nation-state in the spirit of Chairman Mao Tse Tung’s China?

Now we’re talkin!  Conservative Party–ineffectual, inconsequential. NDP, Bloc Quebecois, Green Party? They will never form a federal government–at least not for 100 years.

So what to do? CAP Advice: If we were calling the shots, we would put an end to the CPC as such. Disband the party. Re-brand as a new political entity. Revise party platforms–the whole nine yards– new name, new logo, etc etc.

Without doing so, the Conservative Party of Canada will NEVER win a future federal election in Canada. Yes, fellow patriots– it is this simple.


7 thoughts on “Why The Conservative Party Of Canada Will NEVER AGAIN Form A Federal Government

  1. The solution is simple. Let the #CPC die its natural death and offer voters a clear alternative to the socialist-globalist doctrine…..the #PPC @MaximrBernier

  2. You guys are full of shit .the conservative party won more votes and the next election we will wipe our feet with liberals….you like that..tracey wolfe

  3. You forgot to mention that Alberta is on the verge of leaving Canada (60% were in favour of supporting an Independence Party in early 2019 according to Angus Reid’s polling and now that Trudeau got in again that number is likely higher ) and Alberta will probably take Saskatchewan with it, which will leave British Columbia cut off from eastern Canada which gets it’s Asian imports coming in through the port of Vancouver and going though Alberta and Saskatchewan which will likely soon be a separate country able to negotiate their own freight tariffs and could then demand access for their energy products to be exported from Kitimat or Prince Rupert, this will put pressure on British Columbia to eventually join the new country. There is a commodity boom coming in the next decade according to economist Martin Armstrong’s models and with Trudeau’s regulations Alberta and Saskatchewan will not be able to participate in the boom which will be like pouring gasoline on the separatist fire. Trudeau is destroying Canada.

  4. If Trudy had changed the election rules Scheer would have one. Scheer did pretty good.

    There have only been two times in federal election history that a party that got in as a majority first time around got defeated second time around.

  5. You paint a very Dim future. My hope and expectation is that the west will achieve WEXIT by any and all means including violence. “Mark my words”, I stated to people when Trudeau got first elected that “We are in a perfect storm”, and it’s just beginning.

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