Why Racism In Canada Is Acceptable When Targeting Anglophone Canadians

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Much consternation presently exists within Canadian society based upon the “Don Cherry” incident. When Canada’s most well-known Old Stock Canadian spoke out against a lack of Canadian patriotism(how true this is)–with a specific reference to new arrival and immigrants communities–  he was promptly dismissed from his job.

Conversely, when  CTV talk-show host Jenna Allen branded White Canadians spoiled brats indulging in “white privilege,” no punitive measures have been taken.

What a terrific microcosm this is for the state of “racism” within Canada. Hypocrisy, double-standard, media bias–the whole nine yards.

Yet, when analyzing the situation in greater depth, one can discover perhaps the most curious dynamic in modern Canadian society:

Racism in Canada is reviled on a nation-wide basis. Just go public with a statement critical of, for example, Chinese real estate buyers in Vancouver B.C. Or try to slam Sikh-Canadians who push-back against having to remove their turbans if they want to join the GTA Police Force.

Racism. Bigotry. Islamophobia!  Witness as a barrage of accusations come flying out from the pages of the Toronto Star. Watch as media-sanctioned hijab-covered Muslimas brand Canada–as in all-of-it, a white supremacist nation.

Can you spot the difference? CAP certainly can. Our conclusion? White Canadians are the singular identifiable community where by it is perfectly acceptable to bash and trash them for their “whiteness.”

How on earth did Canada arrive at this social peculiarity? The basic answer is very simple– this dynamic developed as a result of enforced Multicultural policy.

Who founded multiculturalism in Canada? Pierre Trudeau. Some forty years later, who drove the program into the stratosphere? Justin Trudeau. As a result of the “Trudeau Dynasty,” racism against Anglophone-Canadians is socially sanctioned. So is bigotry toward Christian-Canadians.

Hypocritical liberal globalist double-standard? Of course it is–we live in King Justin’s “post-modern” Canada– a euphemistic term if there ever was one.

CAP  believe the Trudeau family’s  Canada is post-“something.”  But “modern” is not the correct term. Post-Anglophone, Post-Christian, Post- Democracy-– yes, for certain.

Now, let’s move to another curiousity– Canadian media, and their approach to social issues such as racism, bigotry and xenophobia.

First of all, who are these media figures? CBC, Globe & Mail,Global News, Toronto Star, the daily “Metro” publications. What do these institutions have in common? The publishers, editors and leading journalists are, in fact, Anglophone Canadians.

Andrew Coyne, John Ibbitson, Christine Blatchford, John Ivison– all so-called “wasp” Canadians. So why is it that Canadian media support and advance a “whites only” agenda when it comes to perpetrating racism and bigotry in Canada?

Is this not an incredibly ironic situation? Yet, at the same time, not a single media article or report has ever addressed this bizarre development.

CAP has spoken about this social inversion on many occasions. Why is Anglophone Canada the singular identifiable community sanctioned for acceptability when it comes to serving as a target for racism?

CAP will inform: Because Pierre Trudeau set our communities up for this by forcing multiculturalism upon an unsuspecting Anglophone population(okay, CAP suspected it).

Multiculturalism equates with racism against Anglophone Canadians. Simple and true–and never in a million years discussed within any element of Canadian media.

Is there another element of society where this injustice is baked into the general school-of- thought? Yes there is–Canadian schools. Our universities in particular are all over this. Most Canadians are likely unaware that within the social sciences departments of our major universities, white-bashing is common as rain in North Vancouver.

McGill, York, U of T, Ryerson, UBC–take your choice and witness a comprehensive itinerary of Anglo and Christian-bashing course descriptions– many of them taught by “guest” professors from the Third World, Africa and the Middle East. Also, check the “gender studies” courses–they thoroughly enjoy trashing whitey, and all of this is 100% acceptable within Canadian society.

Okay, so both media and academia hate our people. But the truly odd-ball thing about this is that many of these “academics” are themselves Anglophone Canadians.

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What gives here? CAP shall inform– Canadian self-hatred, Pierre & Justin Trudeau-style. Why on earth does this absurd situation exist– our children are taught in school to hate the heritage they personally derive from.

Is this a natural, organic development? Or does it sound more like an actual “agenda?”

Think about it– media, our academic world, as well as our ruling government all turn a blind eye to acts of hatred toward Anglo-Canadians, while jumping all over any act which smacks of racism and bigotry toward Third World Canadians.

Why the inverted dynamic? Because Canada as a nation has been seduced by Trudeau-created multiculturalism and liberal globalism–that’s why. And frankly, these institutions are getting away with “murder.” They teach racism, and racism is a criminal code-sanctioned breach of Canadian law.

Result? Nothing at all. The injustice continues, mainly because the “three headed hydra” of liberal globalism– Government/Media/Academia CONTROL the entire situation.

Sound like democracy in action to you? Not for CAP it doesn’t–it sounds like pseudo-communism in action to us. What is the root of this sordid situation?

Pierre Trudeau. Left-wing media. Marxist Academia. Multiculturalism. Mass Third World immigration. United Nations. Refugee policy. Justin Trudeau. Gerald Butts.

These schemers are up to something, and CAP bet we know what it is:

Trans-formation, social engineering-style. Anti-Anglo propaganda, communist-style. Media control, socialist style. Universities, Marxist-style.

Getting the picture? Hope so, because 90% of Canadians certainly are not. These are the poor sods who read mainstream Canadian news on a daily basis–and BELIEVE what they are reading. This is one giant mistake.

At this stage of the game, what a person is reading is propaganda designed to direct our collective consciousness toward a certain conclusion: White people are racist bastards, and non- whites are a perpetual victim of this racism.

As a result, our people have transitioned to the nemesis community of Canada, where bashing our communities is perfectly acceptable.

Was Pierre Trudeau an Anglophone? Nope. Justin Trudeau? How about Immigration Minister, MP Ahmed Hussen? Not quite, eh? Gerald Butts is a sketchy “european-derived” communist. So is his boss-man George Soros and his “Open Society Foundation.”

And patriots should be surprised that Anglophones  are today Canada’s demonized racist community?




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  1. Double standards have been around for decades. Blacks and Aboriginals have been racist, blaming and hateful towards Caucasians/Whites and believe it is okay but should a Caucasian/White get fed up and speak up – well — it is like the world has come to an end for the ones who have been and still are the mot racist!!!


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