Why Poilievre Must Win Trudeau’s 3rd World-Dominated Urban Ridings

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Intentionally obscured by media, the Greater Toronto Area[GTA] electoral region may well hold the key to federal election victory in Canada.

The reason for it is found in an unexposed element of Liberal party politics– a near-obsessive drive to leverage “racialized” communities for the purpose of politically dominating the Greater Toronto Area region.

The method by which the Liberals have historically dominated this piece of political geography is poorly understood. Mainstream media have never divulged the details. The methodology consists of matching up 3rd World-dominated constituencies with Liberal MP candidates of the “racialized” variety.

To do so, Liberal backroom strategists selected a series of half-citizens and new arrival migrants to win the day for the Trudeau government. The success rate has surpassed expectations. Half-citizen Liberal MP Iqra Khalid, founder of the M103 “Islamophobia” motion, has won her Mississauga-Erin Mills riding three times in succession. This, while the MP claims to have received over 50,000 pieces of “hate mail” from Canadian citizens.

Liberal MP Ahmed Hussen, half-citizen of Somalia, has also won three times consecutively. Long-time Liberal stalwart Omar Alghabra, half-citizen of Syria, won four terms straight in the riding of Mississauga Centre.

Triple-citizen Salma Zahid— Pakistan, Canada, U.K.–  is a multi-term winner in the riding of Scarborough Centre. Although removed from her perch, it took ex-Liberal MP Maryam Monsef branding the Taliban terrorist organization “her brothers” for her to lose in the 2021 election.

Every bit of this information has been sublimated by Canadian media. Perhaps they are fearful of being branded racist. More probable is a tacit agreement with the ruling Liberals not to divulge a critical aspect of federal election victory in Canada.

Capture the 3rd World vote, and win the federal election? For what other reason would PM Justin Trudeau spend eight-years on bended knee pandering to ethnic non-profit organizations. See Justin go Bollywood to capture the Sikh-Canadian vote.

His spells must have really worked. CAP anticipate that most Canadians are aware of a critical fact.

“Of the 338 federal ridings in Parliament, 41 have populations where visible minorities form the majority, compared with 33 five years earlier.”

This was in 2017. By now, the numbers have swelled significantly. Conservatively speaking, let us estimate that 45 out of a total of 338 ridings are today minority white constituencies.

Number of times this has been referenced by media? Try zero, and continue downhill from there. Know what Cultural Action Party think of this? It’s an intentional deception which should be understood by Canadians of all backgrounds. It isn’t, because media work for the Liberal Party, not “the people.”

Back in Brampton, diversity pundits speak of the beauty of multiculturalism. Current MP’s in the riding:

Sonia Sidhu, Liberal. Kamal Khera, Liberal. Ruby Sahota, Liberal. Shafqat Ali, Liberal. Maninder Sidhu, Liberal.

Notice anything missing? There are no white or Conservative MPs in Brampton, and few within the GTA as a whole. Over a period of three decades, Liberal Party strategists silently captured the Brampton riding in perpetuity. Besides that, the situation isn’t even “multicultural.”  It’s more like mono-cultural, a fact that media naturally eschew, if they go there at all.

In 2019, the government of Australia slammed the door shut on permission for dual-citizens to be elected to political office. CBC and corporate media in Canada uttered not a word regarding the about-face.

CAP can see why:

“At least 56 foreign-born members, 22 with dual or triple citizenship, hold seats in House of Commons, Senate.”

Leave it to woke evangelist Justin Trudeau to maximize the head count. Then, leave it to establishment media to bury the truth of the matter.

Our advice to Pierre Poilievre and the Conservatives, should they overcome the global powerhouse of Liberal political domination in Canada: cancel dual citizenship in Parliament.

Not that the Liberals are currently on a roll in terms of popularity in the polls. Conservative MP Michelle Ferreri— who took over from Taliban-lover Maryam Monsef in Peterborough-Kawartha— has quietly led a petition for the removal of PM Trudeau from office.

Know why we choose the word “quietly?” Because legacy media have not written one sentence about it. Currently, the petition includes 143,000 signatures. But you won’t be hearing about it from Globe & Mail or Toronto Star.

Our media are simply doing their job. The Feds pump them up with billions of dollars in media subsidies, and the press stay quiet regarding anti-Trudeau political developments.

That the entire structure exists within a Liberal government-mainstream media bubble is one of Canada’s greatest disgraces. Voters want to understand the reality of circumstances affecting their voting choices. It’s what occurs within nations that exist as authentic democracies.

Justin Trudeau has no interest. He and his backgroom strategists prefer to deal in the darkness of political deception. As for Pierre Poilievre, he has a tough task ahead of him.

Bound to be branded racist, white supremacist and homophobic until election day, the candidate must deal with the prickly affair of attempted media assassination.

Time does not exist in a vacuum. In no manner should citizens expect pure benevolence from Canada’s controlling institutions. The irritating thing about the Liberals is their comprehensive dedication to schematics. Manipulation, subterfuge, propaganda, media distortion and omission of fact.

It’s all so insulting to the people of Canada, but one must keep in mind a vital truth. Unless it fits their ideological leanings– LGBT, Islam, Euthanasia, Abortion, Climate Change, Quebec— Trudeau and the Liberals couldn’t give a flying fig about Canada’s “little people.”

Could Pierre Poilievre serve as an effective antidote to the woke liberal madness? It remains to be seen. If he and his party can effectively overcome the monstrosity that is Trudeau-brand Liberalism, perhaps freedom and democracy in Canada have a reasonable chance of survival.

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