Why PM Trudeau And The Liberal Party HATE FEDERAL ELECTIONS

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Did you hear the one about the fake democracy in Canada? 

Here it is— how many days per year does our country function as a true democratic nation? The answer is zero days per year.

How many days every four years does Canada function as a democracy?

Citizens influence governance one day every four years—federal voting day.

The remainder of the time, the Canadian public couldn’t have an influence upon government if they were the reincarnation of Clark Kent’s Superman. Degree of exposure from mainstream media— nothing.

Here is the point: while media work the will of the Liberal government, they perpetually omit one idea: 

Within Liberal PM Justin Trudeau’s “post-modern” Canada, there remains only a single tenet of true democracy— the right to vote.

Beyond this, it is “control freak” time in Canada. For CAP, Justin Trudeau is a quasi-dictator, and his Liberal Cabinet are pseudo-socialists.

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In fact, the Trudeau family in general has life-long problems with democratic governance. Insiders would argue that multiculturalism founder Pierre Trudeau hates the process.

And from son Justin Trudeau, we have the response he gave when media asked him which countries of the world he admired.

“China” is the response on record— this is indisputable. What about the brother CBC never write about—Alexandre Trudeau?  He is ardent supporter of communist ideology. Like dad, he admires China in a big way— so much so he wrote a book on the Far East nation which praised their communist society in no-uncertain terms.

Why do the Trudeau’s hate Canada’s democratic form of governance? And even more annoying, why do CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star hide away every element of this political dynamic?

Observing the Liberal-Trudeau government from 2015-2020, a single word bubbles to the top of our beer glass: Arrogance.

Nowhere is this “personality trait’ more active than when it comes to trashing Canadian history. According to Justin Trudeau, Anglophone Canada are racists, bigots, xenophobes, and homophobes.

This we validate by way of King Justin’s plethora of grovelling apologies to Canada’s Sikh community, as well as Chinese, Muslim, First Nations, Jewish and homosexual communities.

Apart from immigrant voters from the Third World, PM Trudeau doesn’t care much for Canadians. In particular, English Canada and its Anglophone peoples have been perpetually shunned, vilified and marginalized by this bizarre “inversion” of a national leader.

How to verify? Simple as pie— this person has been prime minister for nearly five years. During this entire time period the man has not made a single verbal reference to English Canada, or Anglophone-Canadians. Nor has he ever alluded to our Christian communities.

As for concern for democratic principles — there are none. This involves the “little people”— meaning the little Old Stock Canadian community. Not that we don’t have a critical role to play.

This comes in the form of what Cultural Action Party refer to as PM Trudeau’s “tax-payer piggy bank.” 

He doesn’t want hear from citizens, but  Trudeau sure wants our tax dollars—  to give away to Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Nigeria, Chad, Pakistan and dozens of other 3rd world nations.

Degree of media analysis in this regard: nada, zip, nothing. For CAP, this is the true essence of Mr. Trudeau’s “post-modern” society.

 CAP believe our PM and Cabinet could easily do without them. And guess what, fellow patriots—this may well be coming Canada’s way in the future.

How so? By importing so many 3rd World Liberal voters that over time—say by 2038every federal riding will be controlled by a Liberal MP. Fact is, new arrivals tend to vote for the party in power at the time they arrive in the fading “Great White North.”

The long-term goal? To trans-ition all the Conservative-held ridings to the Liberals. This way, democratic process becomes a moot point–the exact point for Trudeau and his “Great Reset” planners.

 The prototype ALREADY exists—in the GTA region of Ontario, where 3rd World populations electing 3rd World MP’s is the standard.

— Brad Salzberg, Founder Of CAP(est. 2016)

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