Why Media Won’t Connect Pierre & Justin Trudeau’s Communist Politics

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“I wouldn’t be prepared to think I would be successful in arguing that Communism is right for Canada at the present time. But such times might come, who knows?”

Pierre Trudeau

“There’s a level of admiration I actually have for China. Their basic dictatorship is actually allowing them to turn their economy around on a dime.”

 Justin Trudeau

And still it’s not enough. In fact, nothing ever is. Cultural Action Party speak of what should have been apparent to Canadians when Trudeau the younger seized control of Canada:

So-called father and so-called son are ideologically aligned in political orientation. How can media fail to recognize this? Or can it be that CBC and the rest do recognize the affinities, but are prohibited from writing about them.

Maclean’s: ‘The Trudeau Family’s Love Of Tyrants’

Back in what seems like ancient political history(2016), Canadian media actually wrote about  such things. It was, of course, previous to Justin Trudeau’s purchase of mainstream media. In 2022, we see nothing of this sort in domestic media.

Why not? The communist affinities of the Trudeau boys is obvious as heck. Why, even so-called brother Alexandre Trudeau is in on the action:

“I find stories that are disgusting[regarding China], but in a way I’m harsher on Canada.
Alexandre Trudeau, brother of PM Justin Trudeau.
And still Globe & Mail won’t go there. Does this constitute deliberate obfuscation of an obvious fact? It certainly does for CAP. Legacy media don’t write about it because our federal government do not want to expose the truth on the Trudeaus.
It’s a clear case of protectionism by way of the press. How much more smoothly will Canada’s degeneration into a neo-communist state go if citizens remain unaware of the dynamics at play. With media’s free ride out of responsibility, CAP attempt to fill in the blanks:
Both men admire former Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro. Both venerate Chinese revolutionary, Chairman Mao Tse Tung.
Pierre Trudeau is the founder of abortion-on-demand in Canada. Justin Trudeau is the founder of assisted dying-on demand(MAid).
Pierre Trudeau brought China to Canada; Justin Trudeau imported Iran, Syria, Pakistan and Afghanistan.
And still it isn’t enough to shake the foundations of media.
Trudeau Sr. founded the anti-Anglophone policy of Multiculturalism. Trudeau Sr. claims that “diversity is our strength.” 
Pierre altered immigration law, resulting in a transition from European-based migration to 3rd World migration. Justin raised immigration quotas to the highest level in Canadian history.
And still it’s not enough. Why not? CAP offer our thoughts:
If the association became public knowledge, Canadians might come to view our social and political transformation in an historical context. Say no-go on this one. To do so is to open a giant-size can of worms. In no way does government want us to comprehend the high-level, long term political picture. To circumvent this, they keep us running ragged with pandemics and panic over inflation, et al.
Every bit of it has a side-effect. Canadians are too busy to bother with the globalist seduction on society. While media distract us from recognizing truth, Justin Trudeau continues to eliminate personal freedoms citizens were privy to for decades.
A tangible connection between so-called father and son would bust open the doors of media deception. Canadians become enlightened on a political truism:
In terms of Canada’s morphing into an authoritarian state, an awakening could result. Imagine a light-bulb going off in the collective minds of Canadians. Yes, there could be pre-ordained plot at hand to seduce our society.
Establishment media obscure the connection as Justin Trudeau’s Woke Revolution continues to motor through Canadian society.
What a wicked game they play. Together, government and media preserve the globalist goals of Trudeau and his behind-the-curtain globalist backers.
CAP hate it when this kind of thing happens. Unfortunately for freedom-loving Canadians, it happens every day. Gun confiscation, Internet Censorship, Frozen Bank Accounts, Digital ID.
Witness as our society morphs into the deepest dreams of the Trudeau family. Has communism come to Canada?
“Having a soft spot for tyrants prompts multiple blind spots,whether on democracy, the economy or, more recently, on the environment. All have been on display in the Trudeau family’s ongoing infatuation with tyrannies and autocracies.” 

“We see evidence of the Trudeau family’s long love affair with the world’s autocrats and tyrants.  But the problem started with Pierre.”

As published in the year 2016. Never to be in print again. Can it be that the family Trudeau are the worst thing that ever happened to Canadian politics?

No doubt in CAP’s mind that this is the stone-cold truth.

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