Why Media Remain Silent On The Demise Of English Canada

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A wise man once stated a truism relevant to the plight of Canadian society, and our Anglo-European communities in particular:

“A people without knowledge of their past history, origin, and culture is like a tree without roots. Trees that are not firmly rooted in rich, fertile soil do not grow, do not bear fruit, they cannot withstand strong wind, or bear heavy loads.”

Canadians concerned about the degeneration of society by way of PM Justin Trudeau’s woke socialist revolution should take heed. Metaphorically speaking, our present PM is tilling Canadian soil for an unspoken-of purpose.

The first step deals with the past. Or more succinctly, an erasure of it.

‘With Roots Dating Back To 1800s, April Is Sikh Heritage Month In Canada’

No doubt there were a few immigrants from South Asia roaming Canadian streets back in the day. Yet, in truth, Sikh heritage had zero impact on the formation of Canada. All fundamentals of our nascent nation came from Anglophone, Francophone and European sources.

Some would call this an attempt at historical revisionism, and some would be correct. What we have here is nothing less than a twisting of historical reality for political purposes.

“The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) proudly recognizes Somali Heritage Month during the month of October. The TDSB has been marking Somali Heritage Month since June 2016, and we continue to expand on the selected theme Educate. Elevate. Excel.”

If Sikh heritage is dubious at best, then Somali Heritage is a total fabrication. Canada has no Somalian heritage. But only the naive would believe it will stop government and media from transitioning our national history to something it never was.

Political correctness is the silver bullet; woke liberalism the ideological weaponry. We begin to recognise the sullying of Canadian soil– a systemic revision of history to suit a forward-looking agenda. Justin Trudeau and his merry gang of globalists are gunning to destroy the fertile ground that once was Canadian society.

“Trees that are not firmly rooted in rich, fertile soil do not grow.”

Enter communism, Karl Marx-style. Marxist philosophy preaches an erasure of historical identity to prepare the way for socialist revolution. The cutting down of the Canadiana tree being integral to the long-term agenda of our Liberal-NDP Socialist Coalition Government.

“October is Islamic History Month. It gives us an opportunity to learn about the diversity of people who follow the Islamic faith, recognize their contributions, and honour the rich history of Islam.”

That the “rich history” of Islam never occurred on Canadian soil is conveniently omitted from government messaging.

Heritage, noun: “something transmitted by or acquired from a predecessor.”

At the time of Canada’s founding in 1867, the 1871 Canadian Census found 13 Muslims among the population. Last time CAP checked, 13 citizens doth not make a heritage. Not to worry, says Minister of Multiculturalism MP Ahmed Hussen. We’ll just make it up as we go.

We consider the fundamentals of Canadian governance. From Parliamentary structure to legal systems,not one speck of  the foundation for our country came from Islam, Sikhism, or Somalia. MP Hussen, a Somali-Canadian dual citizen, couldn’t give a care. And neither does Justin Trudeau, or the media propagandists he is funding to facilitate his globalist-inspired woke revolution

The roots of Canada die. In 2016, Mr. Trudeau even said so. Canada is a society with “no core identity,” bellowed our World Economic Forum-inspired woke prophet. Ours is “post-modern” nation, stated the PM in 2017.

Thereby setting up Canada for its future status. Astute citizens know of it– it’s the very thing that mainstream media refuse to speculate upon. Intended outcome: Canadians don’t know our past, nor do we comprehend our future.

This, fellow patriots, is fully calculated, as manifest in a leveraging of socialist-communist ideology so admired by the Trudeau family. Media say nothing. Nor do they reference the following. In 2022, the following 10 countries were the top sources for immigration to Canada, in order:

India, China, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Philippines, France, Pakistan, Iran, USA, Syria.

Let us ponder this for a moment. Just one out of 1o can be considered an English-speaking country. France is the one European outlier, a non-English speaking nation.

All the rest are the future of Canada. Non-English speaking, non-white, non-Christian. Media say nothing. After which we recognize one of the great ironies of modern Canadian society:

Canada’s leading media publishers, editors and leading journalists are 90% of Anglo-European heritage. Yet, for reasons not properly understood, they refuse to inform society of a future demographic inevitability.

White Canadians will transition to a minority community within 30 years. Enjoying the silence, Mr. CBC? Cat got your tongue, She/Her/They from the Toronto Star. Are you out to deceive the people of Canada, or what?

More probable is that the directive is not found in the editorial rooms at the offices of the Globe & Mail. The true driver of the agenda is Justin Trudeau and his neo-communist Liberal government.

Silence is golden. Our past is being obfuscated, our future is not being speculated upon. It takes effort to understand where our nation is heading. With a bit of elbow grease, a Canadian can uncover the truth of the Trudeau government agenda.

Meaning that those who take a cursory view of government and their political agenda will not understand where our country is headed. What percentage fall into this category? CAP go with 90%.

The hoodwinking of a nation hangs in the balance. Now for the bad news. Considering government, media and academia’s attitude toward Anglophones, not only will white Canadians be transitioned to a minority community. Likely it is that in addition, we will also be a persecuted minority. Incredible, eh? One must understand the manner in which the woke globalists work.

“Accuse your enemy of that which you indulge in” is a paraphrase of a statement made by a famous European fascist of the 20th century.

“Canadians are racist against Sikhs,” says New Democratic Party leader, Jagmeet Singh.

Yes, Mr. Singh– but let us tell you something far worse: the Liberal Government of Canada are prejudiced against Anglophones and Christians. So much so that they are eroding our populations, and have been doing so for decades.

With the rise of 3rd World dominance comes the rise of 3rd World political power. As we speak, both the Liberals and Conservative Party are gunning like mad to recruit as many political candidates from our Chinese, Sikh and Muslim communities.

Why do they do so? Because the path to success is found in an unspoken method of attaining victory: matching the ethnic identity of the candidate with the major ethnic identity of a political riding.

In this capacity, the Liberals are way out front. In an attempt to capture market share, opposition parties are following suit. In this dynamic is found the future of our nation.

Fast forward to 2048: White Canadians comprise 10% of the national population, and occupy 10% of our top political positions.

Game over, Anglophone Canada. Media say nothing because they are being paid by government to keep their collective mouths shut. Canadian academia, for decades racist against Anglophones via the colonialism narrative, are pleased-as-punch.

“A people without knowledge of their past history, origin, and culture is like a tree without roots.”

And what happens to a tree without roots? It dies. RIP  English Canada, 1867-2015. Founder, Pierre Trudeau– Francophone. Facilitator, Justin Trudeau— Francophone.

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  1. You can probably blame the civil servants for that, too. Their ranks have exploded since Skippy came in, and he’s not about to put on the brakes.

  2. Turd and his commie loving media love 3rd world shit holes. So welcome to Canada where everything is freeeee!


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