Why Media Presentation Of Justin Trudeau Is A GIANT DECEPTION

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In Canada, our media works in mysterious ways. As an example, compare the presentation of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to that of Conservative Party leader, Erin OToole.

Whenever PM Trudeau experiences one of his countless “public transgressions”—  most recently a refusal to brand China’s mass murder of Muslims as a genocide– a coinciding trashing of Conservative leader Erin O’Toole is sure to follow.

The Conservatives are pandering to the “alt-right.” The party is jam-packed with racists. They must drop their “Trump-like” pretensions. The result is not a surge in popularity for Trudeau, but rather that the Conservatives sink in popularity relative to our PM.

Equally interesting is how this methodology applies to O’Toole’s predecessors. Turns out that Andrew Scheer, as well as former Conservative PM Stephen Harper, were hit up with the very same media demonization.

For Cultural Action Party, all mainstream media roads lead to a single outcome– comprehensive support for a “Great Reset” agenda. If properly positioned, most citizens would understand  that freedom and democracy in Canada are under serious attack. 

In fact, the parallels with historical dictatorships are a sight to behold. Immigration policy as communist-derived social engineering. “Systemic racism” ideology as vilification of Anglophone Canada.

Covid 19 as draconian social control measures. Assisted dying “euthanasia” policy and mass abortion as tools of demographic manipulation. Yet, due to obfuscation from the Globe & Mail and Toronto Star, these social realities do not penetrate the consciousness of our citizenship.

What we have here is a post-modern integration of government and media. This format functions as a winning combination of public deception. The outcome is a fundamental of Marxist-derived methodology– by the time the general public come to comprehend their seduction, it is too late to do anything to prevent it.

Note these two consistent elements of establishment media output:

Firstly, they almost never write about the past--the development of our nation beginning in 1867, and subsequent historical developments. Fact is, the only time Justin Trudeau references Canadian history is when he is grinding Old Stock Canada into the dirt as racists and bigots. For Trudeau, there is nothing good about the heritage of the nation he was elected to lead.

Secondly, media never write about the future of Canada. All opinions on the state of society over the next 50 years are strictly off-limits.

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Conclusion? Canada has no past, and no future. Why would this be? If the goal of a prime minister is national transformation, does this not keep citizens focused on the present-day, and nothing more?

Here we begin to see how media are facilitating the Trudeau government’s agenda of a transition into a pseudo-communist society. There is no doubt in CAP’s mind that our days of democracy are numbered. In terms of looking to the future, our best guess is that Canada has just two or three decades remaining as a democratic society.

How will this transpire? Try massive immigration for the next 30 years–98% of new arrivals being Liberal Party voters. The result is a succession of Liberal victories– for example, six consecutive wins in a row.

As a result, 90% of Canadians come to agree with government that elections are pointless and futile. Why hold them when one party controls 95% of seats in Parliament?

Result: Goodbye democracy, hello “one party state.” With CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and the rest locked into position to obscure the process, Canada is thereby transformed into a dictatorship.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)

3 thoughts on “Why Media Presentation Of Justin Trudeau Is A GIANT DECEPTION”

  1. Not sure where you get your information from Brad but it is spot on.

    With MSM (outside of Covid news which has become mostly puff pieces as they say in the profession, just to keep the fear narrative alive) we are left with transgenderism and multi-genderism, pronouns, equality in every form however fabricated, mass migration, counter-culturalism, reverse racism, BLM and Antifa.

    The death of small business and entrepreneurship, the continuing rise of multinational, multi-billion dollar corporations and their ultra-rich oligarchs and an unrelenting drive towards the Great Reset and SDGs (they’ve told us what they plan but citizens are deaf) whose implications are not even known to the social-engineers at the China-controlled UN.

  2. By n’ large , the lamestream media is here to Molly-coddle you to death … until the fit hits the shan , the rats flee the sinking ship , which implies that someone has to stay after school i.e
    take the blame(s) , and that’s when the ” real politik ” lugenpress media is unleashed onto thee like a pack of rabid pitbulls …


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