Why Media Overlook Trudeau’s Mistreatment Of Anglophone Canadians

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As CAP followers understand, our organization is not a fan of Justin Trudeau— nor any member of his Liberal Cabinet. To deliver all the reasons why would require a lifetime. We speak of one that stands at the top of the totem pole.

It is a most glaring, obvious example–  one never referenced by Canadian media. During Justin Trudeau’s near seven-year reign over Canadian society, it would take Stephen Hawking to calculate how many times our PM has gone to bat for “3rd World’ Canada.

Praising, promoting, protecting– you name it, and Mr. Trudeau does it. Does this imply that there is something inherently wrong with these citizens? No, it does not. However, when juxtaposed with our PM’s treatment towards “Old Stock” Canadians, the contrast is striking.

What is an “Old Stock” Canadian, anyway? Former Conservative PM Stephen Harper  introduced the term. Over the next 50 years or less, Canada will transition to a society in which a once-dominant Canadian-born majority shift to a minority community. Media say nothing of the sort. Fair to define these people as Anglophone, Francophone and citizens of European heritage. From a faith perspective, most are secular or religious Christian-affiliated citizens.

CAP note a provocative fact: during Trudeau’s six-plus years as prime minister, he has not once made public reference to Anglophone communities. As in, not a single sentence. As opposed to Sikh, Muslim, Chinese and various 3rd World communities, which the PM has fallen all over incessantly.

What gives, fellow patriots? Is it some kind of random occurrence, or does something more calculated exist behind the curtain? Whatever our conclusion, it is one of Trudeau’s most odd-ball indulgences. The leader of a pluralist society like Canada does not shun a major community– unless a purpose exists for doing so.

To rub salt in the wound, not only have Anglo-Christian communities been wholly ignored, they have been on a receiving end of punitive damages. Theirs is a racist community. Recalling government’s “Summer Job Grant” measures, churches, bible camps and other Christian institutions were refused grant money if they did not adhere to Canada’s abortion policies.

We contrast the approach with Trudeau’s personal claim– he considers himself a “practicing” Christian. As such, it would be interesting to know why the PM has since day one shunned  mass murder of Christians in the Middle East and Africa.  

Naturally, support for all-things Francophone is a given– including within Cabinet. Trudeau is Francophone. When it comes to retention of Quebecois culture, our PM is there with blue and white bells on. Proud, proud, proud he is– until the topic turns to English Canada. In an instant, our national leader begins to pontificate about systemic racism in society.

All of it augmented by never-ending support for Canada’s Sikh, Muslim and Chinese communities. Ladies and Gents, meet Justin Trudeau’s Permanent Policy: “Everyone But The Anglophones.”

What’s up with this? Nothing that Canadian media will reference– despite the fact that the majority of controlling media figures are of Anglo-European extraction. What reason can exist for a social paradox of this kind? Based on its non-organic nature, there has to be one. When in doubt, best to default to money. For example, the $1.2 Billion big ones that PM Trudeau transfers to the CBC each year. 

Perhaps a reason exists beyond the understanding of the general public. Something that only the most privileged within the Woke Liberal movement are aware of.

The media mystery endures. So too the mystery of blatant favouritism from government regarding identifiable communities in society. What government are up to may be hard to fathom, but one conclusion is fair game:

Whatever it is, it isn’t to the benefit of Canada’s largest identifiable community.

5 thoughts on “Why Media Overlook Trudeau’s Mistreatment Of Anglophone Canadians”

  1. There are two kinds of indoctrinated people by the Liberal communism:

    1- Those who are sheep followers without knowing.

    2- Those who know exactly what they do for their own bellies.

    The most racist person I ever met in my life was like Justin Trudeau. A white person anti-whites for his own belly. This will answer your questions about why the Canadian medias prefer to remain silent.

  2. “he considers himself a “practicing” Christian”.

    This is likely another convenient lie. He prays and preaches in mosques. Being a Christian, he is seen as an infidel. Infidels are NOT allowed to preach or pray in any mosque. That tells me he is a CINO, a Christian in Name Only. A fake. A liar. I might be wrong.

    The Koran demands the death of infidels. Why is he allowed to live? There is something wrong here.

  3. All of it augmented by never-ending support for Canada’s Sikh, Muslim and Chinese communities. Ladies and Gents, meet Justin Trudeau’s Permanent Policy: “Everyone But The Anglophones.”

    One day I asked a Jamaican friend about how comes some white persons are crushing down other whites. Could you explain this to me?

    That was the answer of my friend to my question: “It’s an old mentality.”

    YES PEOPLE! The Trudeau era is the ”old communist mentality” from a long time.
    The LIBERALS are the real old stock destroying Canadians. Time to emancipate.

    Trudeau must go!

  4. Most people don’t even know what is really going on. They only see what MSM media is dishing out. They either don’t care and are satisfied with the status quo. Leaflets dropped from a plane to get the true facts out might wake the sheep up. Who knows.


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