Why Media Overlook The Mental Illness Of Margaret Trudeau

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In April 2020, Canadian news sources wrote up a story about a fire that broke out in a  building which houses the mother of current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The former Margaret Sinclair was said to be in good physical condition after the event. All of which prompted Cultural Action Party to recall the well-worn idiom “where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

What a shame that such a concept has never been applied to the mental cognition of Canada’s 22nd prime minister.

For the past 40 years, establishment media in Canada have refused to entertain myriad examples of intrigue and oddities related to the family Trudeau. The communist proclivities of Alexandre Trudeau. The intriguing, mysterious death of youngest son, Michel Trudeau.

In addition to the mental condition of the mother of our prime minister, Margaret Trudeau. The former Margaret Sinclair is the ex-wife of a three-term prime minister of Canada. She is the mother of three-term PM Justin Trudeau. What fascinates arrives in the degree of nonchalance awarded to Ms. Margaret by media in terms of mental health issues.

Margaret Trudeau:

“I had to rebuild myself. I had an intervention. I had the police take me to the hospital   finally strapped down because I was so resistant and so ill, but I didn’t know it,” she said.

According to reports,  Mrs. Trudeau was put in a part of the hospital normally populated by men with erectile dysfunction. “Being in the psychiatric hospital  and being a prime minister’s wife are similar,” she commented.

What Media Has Never Alluded To:

Like alcoholism, mental illness is often hereditary. On this basis, it’s reasonable to state that Ms. Trudeau’s three children—Justin, Alexandre and Michel(deceased) may have inherited some of mother’s mental condition.

Ms. Trudeau is a self-admitted “manic depressive.” Science informs us that “bi-polar” disorder can be passed from parent to child.

“Bipolar disorder is frequently inherited, with genetic factors accounting for approximately 80% of the cause of the condition. Bipolar disorder is the most likely psychiatric disorder to be passed down from family.”

Is this condition manifest in the character of first-born son Justin Trudeau?

Let us offer an example: “the tweet that changed a nation.” In 2018, our PM sent out a tweet—spontaneously delivered on the internet— encouraging illegal refugees residing in the United States to cross the border into Canada.

After 30 days in Canada, the illegals began to receive taxpayer-funded welfare checks. The more children they bring, the more money they receive. A well thought-out decision on the part of our prime minister? Can such a move be attributed to a form of “mania” inherent in the personality of Justin Trudeau?

“Roughly 39,000 people seeking protection arrived in Quebec from Roxham Road in 2022 alone. According to the latest federal government statistics, another 4,875 people crossed at Roxham Road this past January.”

Thank you, Justin. Your spontaneous gesture of goodwill panned out for you. As we know, 90% of these federally-funded illegals will eventually vote for the Liberal Party of Canada. A job well done, eh?

For what purpose would our press treat the mental illness of Margaret Trudeau as so much water under the media bridge? Because they have instructed by the Liberal Party to do so?

“Margaret Trudeau — the mother of one Prime Minister of Canada and the former wife of another — will perform over Mother’s Day weekend. But not in Canada. In Chicago. In the UP Comedy Club at Second City. Where she will be alone on the stage.”

Margaret Trudeau, comedy act. Interesting it is to note how Canadian media has for decades presented mother in a jocular manner. And yet, all around her, media remain vigilant regarding the danger of mental illness. Why an exception for this particular lady?

Erika Penner, co-director of advocacy with the British Columbia Psychological Association, says it’s “unbelievably difficult” to find a psychologist in the city.

“I can’t find a psychologist who doesn’t have a six-month to one-year waitlist,” she told CTVNews.

Serious business it is. Yet, when it comes to the Trudeau family, mental illness remains a non-factor. Is Justin Trudeau a chip off the old cognitive block? His fervent, unwavering dedication to his pet causes– climate change, LGBT, Carbon Taxation- suggest it may be true. Once locked into a concept, the PM never wavers– even in the face of an incident as dramatic as Chinese election interference.

Over the years, rumours abound. Margaret Trudeau dancing madly at Studio 54. Time spent partying with members of the Rolling Stones.

At a mental health conference in 2007, Ms. Trudeau stated that “her battle with mental illness involved completely giving up marijuana, which she started smoking at a young age.

“Substance abuse and mental illness go together like this,” she said. Good to know her bi-polar condition has been exacerbated by smoking too much weed.

“Scientific research over the last 15 years has established that the human brain continues to develop into a person’s early 20s. Concern is rising that exposure to cannabis during this important developmental period causes greater adverse effects in adolescents compared with older adults, whose brains are fully developed.”

Canadian media take a permanent pass. How fortuitous is has been for the Trudeaus. When it comes to Canada’s first family of politics, a plethora of oddities are perpetually overlooked by establishment media in Canada.

Has Justin Trudeau inherited a form of mental illness from mother Margaret Trudeau? Has a wall of media protection existed around the Trudeau family for the past 40 years?

Between so-called father and son, a Trudeau family member has held the position of Canadian prime minister for a total of 23 years. Has media been protecting their legacy the entire time?

8 thoughts on “Why Media Overlook The Mental Illness Of Margaret Trudeau”

  1. Jigged this quote before. Hard to resist. [Justine] Trudeau: “I had to rebuild myself. I had an intervention. I had the police take me to the hospital finally strapped down because I was so resistant and so ]mentally] ill, but I didn’t know it,” [he] said.” “Being in the psychiatric hospital and being [Woke]… are similar,” [he] commented.”

  2. “Margaret Trudeau — the mother of one Prime Minister of Canada and the former wife of another — will perform over Mother’s Day weekend. But not in Canada. In Chicago. In the UP Comedy Club at Second City. Where she will be alone on the stage.” Maybe not! Perhaps a surprise visit by J. Turdeau? A mother and son “comedy” duo. Chicago; city of daily gangland slayings galore. Why not host the buffoon who slew Canada? Yuk yuk. He’s got a million of ’em. This stooge certainly gives his Chinese masters some good laughs. Remember this gem? https://youtu.be/fwooCb_syhE

  3. I’ve been saying from the minute he got in that he definitely needs a psychiatric evaluation. He’s not normal, he’s dangerous ….period.

  4. I remember when he angrily marched down from his perch in gov’t to elbow a woman. How is that even remotely normal behavior for a so called pm?

  5. Thanks, Brad, for bringing this to light, which a lot of us have been convinced of for some time, but no one in the media dare say. I had brought it up here a short time ago opining turdeau as a ‘narcissistic sociopath’ in need of professional treatment. That said, he is, without a doubt, unfit to be running this country. Great article.


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