Why Media BURY Trudeau’s Transition Of Canada To An ANTI-CHRISTIAN Society

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Some CAP readers may recall the saying “The Greatest Story Ever Told.” This has often been used to describe the life and death of Jesus Christ.

Taking liberties here, CAP will morph the phrase into something appropriate for Christian Canada— the “Greatest Story Never Told.”

Yes, CAP has told the tale on myriad occasions–meaning some 50,000 Canadians have tuned into the messaging. Then, we have mainstream Canadian media. No surprise, CBC and the rest have never once focused in on Justin Trudeau’s treatment of Christian-Canada as PM of Canada.

CAP can see why–the treatment oscillates between awful, and terrible. Then, it gets worse. There exists an “unknown journey” within the world of Christian Canada. The journey began the day Justin Trudeau was elected prime minister in 2015. Since this day, CBC, CTV and the rest have HIDDEN away a fundamental truth:

Justin Trudeau’s Canada is a anti-Christian, pro-Islamic society. This, despite the fact that PM Justin claims to be a “practising Christian.” If true, then Osama bin Laden should have been appointed Pope.

For every issue which affects believing– as well as secular Christians in Canada– Trudeau has made punitive decisions toward our Christian communities.

Abortion on demand, as well as “no term limit” abortion. LGBT promotion-  including the sordid affair that is transgender therapy and surgery.   See Trudeau pull government funding for Christian Bible Camps because they do not buy our ruling government’s “no restrictions apply” Abortion policy.


Truth is, from 2015-2019, Justin Trudeau went “hog-wild” over homosexuality and transgenderism. Today, in 2020, he no longer breathes a word about these topics. Ever see media point out the extreme “about-face” King Trudeau pulled in this regard? Never– right?

 Now, let CAP roll on to the “flip-side”–  Trudeau’s approach to non-Christian faiths. No common sense Canadian alive could deny our PM’s holistic dedication to the Nation of Islam. Even with CBC obscuring his devotion, most Canadians can see the contrast.

PM Trudeau is fully dedicated to Islam. His Liberals have been delivering hundreds of thousands of dollars to  Islamic non-profit organizations annually. The government donations to Middle Eastern and African nations number over $10 BILLION dollars.

Degree of criticism from Globe & Mail, National Post and Toronto Star? Nothing–not a darn word. How do we know? Because establishment media in Canada have buried the entire 3rd World financing program of the Liberal government.

How fully dedicated Trudeau is to 3rd World Canada while disparaging Anglophone and Christian Canada is one of the great disgraces of 21st century Canada. No wonder CBC do not breath a single word about the situation.

For Cultural Action Party, Canada in 2020 is an anti-Christian nation. Makes sense, because in 2020 our nation has an anti-Christian ruling government.

And now, presenting the “irony of the century.” Canadian media are not–at least on the surface— controlled by Iran, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, or Chad. The publishers, editors and leading journalists from Globe & Mail and the rest are 90% Canadians of Anglophone and Christian heritage.

Why then do these Canadians– born and raised as Christians— side with Trudeau’s hatred of Christianity? Why would a seemingly Anglo-Christian mainstream media fully support government’s Christian-bashing political nature?

It makes no sense, right? Therefore, the root cause must be connected to the ruling Liberal government of Canada. Do they hate Christianity, and love Islam? Not exactly. The directive comes from “on high”— as in, from the shadowy globalist cabal currently pulling the puppet strings of Justin Trudeau.

It’s a sad, sad state-of-affairs as government media slaves back Canada’s transformation of Canada into a Christian-hating society. For as long as Justin Trudeau remains “national leader” of Canada, this punitive structure shall remain written-in-stone.

— BRAD SALZBERG, CAP Founder(est. 2016)





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