Why Media Bury The Idea That COVID-19 Is A Program Of BIOLOGICAL WARFARE

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After more than 70 countries have been infected from deadly COVID-19 Virus, fear and anxiety has gripped across the globe. According to a news story done by The Guardian, Iran is to mobilize 300,000 soldiers and volunteers as 23 MPs  are infected.

Now, on the “flip-side” kindly review this article headline from CTV News:

“Canadian health officials stress COVID-19 risk remains low as case load rises”

Rather incongruous, no?  Of course it is. Within “post-modern” Canada, our establishment media function as a “deliverer of the will of government” — just as they do in Justin Trudeau’s hero-nation of China.

Talk about a “study in contrasts.” Yet, in reality, what else would common sense, non-snowflake Old Stock Canadians conclude?

CAP Theory: Take it or leave it, but we say that the Covid-19 virus export is pre-meditated, calculated biological warfare. Getting ever more caustic, we also state the following:

The reason Canada has not been more greatly impacted by the former Coronavirus(beer sales were down) is because our nation has the penultimate communist China butt-kisser  for national leader. Indeed, this Trudeau character is China’s “b*tch.

Because of King Justin’s finest political skill– prostrating himself before communist, totalitarian and theocratic despots, Canada may have a few less deaths than would otherwise  occur.

Looks as if PM Trudeau may finally–after nearly five years controlling the destiny of the dying Great White North, has inadvertently done a “good turn” for Old Stock Canada. There’s always a first-time, one may presume.

“The premise that the present outbreak can be a possible Biological weapon cannot be ruled out.

Has it not been “ruled out” by way of CBC, Toronto Star and National Post? Not one peep related to Covid-19 as germ warfare has been suggested or alluded to by a single establishment media outlet in Canada.

“It has all the prerequisites like it is a micro-organismic in nature, has wreaked havoc, caused death of people in many countries, has arisen from a simple hoax to the actual damage it caused. The welfare of number of nations who have limited healthcare is at stake and can render them in a state  of isolation as well as to cause them incapacitation or death to thousands of citizens.”

Ah, yes–the most salient topic of China’s lethal viruses as weapons of mass destruction. And to think of all the other related virus which spin off from China’s post-modern warfare:

Number one on the charts, of course, is the “JustinTrudeauVirus.” 

Talk about a killer! This domestic pandemic is gunning to destroy everything Canada has stood for since our nation’s founding in 1867. There are others–something called the “GeorgeSorosGlobalistVirus.”

This sucker is pure evil, comprised of a globalist banking assault upon western democracies, open border promotion, LGBT- fascism and mass 3rd World refugee intake.

TRENDING UPWARD: George Soros, Justin Trudeau, Tides Foundation And The DEMISE OF DEMOCRACY In Canada

Enough  social and economic power to destroy a democratic nation like Canada. As it happens, CAP theory states that Justin Trudeau works for George Soros’ “global socialist army”— after all, every major decision Trudeau makes is 100% in-line with the political ideology of the George Soros’ national border-erosion program.

“Going by news reports in major news organizations like Washington Times, New York Post, Asia Times,  their articles claimed that the virus’ outbreak could be linked to a military lab in Wuhan.”

“The suspicion grows even more strong that in China, there is only one Level 4 microbiology lab that is equipped to handle deadly corona viruses. The lab is located in the part of the Wuhan that just happens to be the epicentre of the epidemic.”

Okay–so Canadians may not know the truth regarding the development and dissemination of Covid-19, but there is one thing we do know:

Justin Trudeau is the designated Canadian conduit for the globalist undoing of our society. Every move he makes falls in-line with a international agenda of attack upon the fundamentals of a western democratic nation.








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  1. Trudeau and his Liberal country killers HAVE TO GO before we end up with this pandemic decimating our citizens, mortally and financially. We need a non-confidence vote that will kick the Liberal party out of Canadian politics. That way we can have a concerned and responsible government making decisions like shut down immigration and borders until this pandemic is under control and not put Canadians at risk any further.

  2. I can’t post these long foul mouthed diatribes! If they were one fact concise points they could be shared easier. Please help us to help Canada!


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