Why Media Are HIDING Trudeau’s Suspension of Democracy In Canada

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George Orwell, visionary  genius , put it best when he innovated the term “Wordspeak” to describe a totalitarian takeover of a nation.

For CAP, CBC and corporate media have taken this to heart. Take the word “proroging”— utilized by media to describe Justin Trudeau’s cancellation of a sitting Parliament in Canada.

The proper term is “suspension”— a termination, perhaps permanently— of  Canada’s democratic traditions stretching back to our country’s founding in 1867.

CBC point out that “it has happened before”— which CAP brand yet another obfuscation of the truth: NOTHING Trudeau has done has actually “happened before.” His entire agenda is unprecedented. It is establishment media’s job to cover this up.

Fact is, PM Trudeau has leveraged China’s Covid-19 dissemination in order to block all opposition to his agenda. Can the WE Charity investigation occur when the doors of Parliament are shut? NO, it cannot–it is hereby cancelled. This takes both mother Margaret Trudeau, and communist brother Alexandre Trudeau “off the hook.”

Beyond this is found the true nature of the dictatorial personality of King Justin of Canada: utilize the public’s misery— the Covid Effect-–  to consolidate even MORE power in society.

A move not unlike Fidel Castro, Chairman Mao and various other historical despotic rulers made in their time? Of course it is. Just because National Post, Toronto Star and Calgary Herald do not admit as much does not make the claim a falsehood.

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CAP Opinion: Covid-19 is a form of a “weapon of mass destruction.” Its purpose is to place non-communist western nations under the thumb of the Trudeau Dynasty’s hero-nation, communist China.

Justin Trudeau is puppet in the play. He knows where Canada is headed–because he is leading Canadian society to this inevitable fate. A traitor to democracy–as well as freedom of speech and our country’s Anglophone communities— Justin Trudeau is an automaton of national decimation within a dying Great White North.

— BRAD SALZBERG, CAP Founder(est. 2016).






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